OMF V9C174 No Time Wasted

When the group made their way over to the entrance of the demonic ancestor’s poisonous herb garden, Hua Lin Yu immediately rushed to the side of his senior martial sister. “First senior martial sister!” He hugged her, looking up at her with glittering eyes.

When it came to his seniors, he liked all of them. But his first senior martial sister was one of the most dependable ones. Also, he had to admit that she liked to spoil him a bit more than the others. Not that he wasn’t spoiled by pretty much everyone in the sect so that probably didn’t say too much.

Ao Wen laughed and hugged him back before looking at the rest of the group. “Second junior martial brother, you’ve been out pretty long with your group.”

She Fen straightforwardly nodded, feeling that there was no problem with that. Anyway, while he definitely had had the same thought as the other seniors that had accompanied the groups of younger disciples to this realm, he had been traveling with a group that wanted to take their time from the very beginning. And it wasn’t like they had been idling away either. No, rather than that, they had been actively exploring the whole time. “Greetings, first senior martial sister. I guess Master has sent you about that matter we discovered.” He didn’t explain himself, feeling that it wouldn’t be good to try. Ao Wen probably wouldn’t believe it when it came from him either and would just think he was trying to defend himself by inventing some excuses.

Ao Wen just looked at him, waiting for his confession, but she got none. Giving a hum, she instead turned to look at the youngsters that were all looking at her curiously, save for one disciple. Seeing his downcast expression, Ao Wen faintly raised her brows. “That young disciple over there, is something the matter?”

Zhu Zan pursed his lips, not sure what to say to that. In theory, something was indeed the matter, but he didn’t think that he could say that in front of this senior martial sister.

At the beginning of the mission, he was the one who had been making a bit of trouble, but the longer they were traveling, the less that was the case. Finding a purpose in this mission further than just gathering the herbs they needed, had actually helped him rein in his impatience.

Now, he’d rather spend more time exploring and finding secrets than to rush into the next adventure. Anyway, he hadn’t found anything at the palace yet but he was sure that there was something! How could he give up? But despite that, this was the Sect Master’s first direct disciple. How could he say something like that to her? After all, that would be like telling her that she should better stay away!

When Zhu Zan didn’t answer, Hua Lin Yu couldn’t help but chuckle and looked up at his senior martial sister. “First senior martial sister, don’t think too much about it. Junior martial brother Zhu is just sad because we had to leave the palace.”

Ao Wen raised her brows, not sure what to make of that. “The palace?” She thought for a moment and then remembered that in the middle of this realm, there was actually a big building. It had been a long time since she came here, so for a moment, it had slipped her mind. “Why that? Is the palace that interesting?”

Hua Lin Yu pondered for a moment but then nodded. “It’s not bad! Did you know, we actually found several hundred cultivation manuals! Even at our Jian Yi Sect, if you go to the reading pavilion, you won’t find that many. I really wonder what they were doing with all of them. I thought the realm was for cultivating herbs, not cultivating yourself. It seems a bit odd to me.”

Ao Wen looked at him and it suddenly dawned on her that her second junior martial brother might not have been as irresponsible as she had thought. Instead, it seemed that he had indeed been taking the juniors around to earnestly do their mission and then explore some more to gain experience. Well, that was good. At the very least, their time in here hadn’t been wasted.

“Well, I’m sure that there will be a chance in the future to look around there further. For now though, Master has sent us over to look at the other side of the realm that you found. I’m sure that there will be a lot more to see there.

“Since you were the ones who covered the entrance, you will naturally be allowed to come along. You will have to be careful though. We don’t know anything about that place so stick closely to your seniors.”

The disciples’ expressions lit up and even Zhu Zan wasn’t bothered about having to leave the palace anymore. Anyway, finding some hidden secrets in the palace would be great, but it would be even greater if he was able to find the secrets of the secret place that they had already managed to find! That definitely wouldn’t be the worst exchange.

Ao Wen laughed when the disciples were this happy, Then, she motioned at She Fen. “Well, lead the way then, second junior martial brother. I would like for everyone to take a look around that place to see what exactly is up with it while the juniors can rest a bit. Then, we’ll go over immediately. There’s no reason to waste any time. Depending on what is on the other side, we might’ve already waited too long.”

She Fen nodded and waved at everyone, leading the way to the small lake where Hua Lin Yu had originally spotted the array of passage. Reaching the place, he couldn’t help but faintly furrow his brows. Everything was the same save for the fact that the small black fox wasn’t lying on the boulder anymore. Somehow, he had a bad feeling about that.

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