RMN C382 Scope Confirmed

With Yan Hong Min’s thoughts going in that direction, he urged the other two to speed up slightly, staring at the device in his hands. This might be the key to solving the trouble in the border region. He should do his best to modify this as well as possible so nothing would go wrong with Mei Chao Bing’s plan.

While looking at the two spots at the side slowly distancing themselves further from the middle, he already started to think about what else he could do to make this work better.

Actually, the ideas they had had so far were quite good. If he managed to change the device accordingly, he was pretty sure that it would work out well enough. But getting this done without making the device clunky was a bit of a problem. Because right now, the most important was to get a detailed view, even at a certain distance.

He stared at the two bright spots at the side, and then looked at the table in front of him. When they had had the objects right here, and even now that they were moving, he couldn’t distinguish between one or the other. And actually, while different colors might make it easier, if there were many people, that wouldn’t be easy anymore.

No, he had to do something to make this easier. After all, who knew what the situation in the border region would be like? Not just for this plan that Mei Chao Bing had come up with, but also for the rest. After all, he didn’t think that after talking to that Mu Qing, everything else would be solved. No, after they had talked to him and hopefully gained some information, they would come up with new plans to do new things. This device might come in handy for many of them.

As such, he needed to plan ahead. He needed to anticipate what it was that Mei Chao Bing and the others would need in the border region. Actually, it was a bit of a pity that he didn’t go out more often or he would have a better understanding of this now. But then, things couldn’t be changed.

Yan Hong Min held the device with one hand and then took off his spiritual bag from his belt, putting it on the table and rifling through it with the other hand. He started to look at the materials he had there, giving a dissatisfied hum every now and then.

Zhang Guan Yu had tried to talk to him a few more times in between, but Yan Hong Min hadn’t really been responsive. Now that he heard the sounds coming from the other side, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows. “Young Yan, what is going on on your side?”

Once again, he didn’t get any response. Yan Hong Min was completely absorbed in looking through his options, not even bothering about the fact that he was currently using the Sect Master’s study for this instead of his own.

Zhang Guan Yu sighed, feeling that working with this guy was really difficult. Had he just forgotten that they were here? In fact, was he even still paying attention to the device in his hand?

Mei Chao Bing also realized that something was going on and couldn’t help but look around. “I should be about three-quarters through the sect grounds now. Senior martial brother Yan, can you still see us on the device?”

There was finally a question that should be answered, so Yan Hong Min actually bothered to look at his device again and gave a hum. “Still clear but you’re getting closer to the edge.”

Mei Chao Bing gave a hum as well and then accelerated his steps again, dashing a little ahead before he slowed down again so that Yan Hong Min would be able to somewhat keep track of where he was.

Soon, he reached the border of the sect grounds, stopping a couple of steps away from the gate, and drawing the eyes of the two disciples guarding there.

He gave a faint smile and raised the hand with the paper duck, feeling that he needed to give an explanation. “We’re testing something.” Saying so, he turned back to the paper duck. “Senior martial brother Yan, I reached the edge of the sect grounds. Can you still see me now?”

Yan Hong Min spared another look from where he had been organizing his materials and then gave a drawn-out hum. “I can still see some light but not the whole dot anymore. I’d say that is about as far as it can go then. Sect Master Zhang, what about your side?”

In front of Mei Chao Bing, the two disciples couldn’t help but look at the contraption in his hand a little strangely. It looked like a big paper crane that was folded a bit awkwardly but there was actually a voice coming from it.

They had never seen something like this but, at the very least, this gave some legitimacy to what Mei Chao Bing had just said. With that, they could at least guard the gate without needing to worry. Otherwise, it would really be strange if a disciple suddenly approached the gate in the middle of the night.

Sect Master Zhang had been walking slowly and was a bit surprised that Mei Chao Bing had actually reached the other side of the sect already. Clearly, that boy had cheated just now!

He also accelerated his steps, soon reaching the other side of the sect grounds as well. “Well, I’m here now too.”

Yan Hong Min nodded and then gave a hum. “Alright, I see. You can come back then. I think I have what I need.” With that, he went back to organizing his materials, not saying anything else. In any case, the scope had been confirmed. What was most important right now was to finish up his device soon. He didn’t want to lose even a single second.

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