RMN C380 Let’s Give It a Try

Yan Hong Min didn’t notice the Sect Master’s expression, completely focusing on the matter at hand. “Of course, we can hear you! Anyway, where exactly are you?”

“On the path in front of the palace, just a couple of meters away from the gate. I didn’t want to leave too far in case I might accidentally step out of the range. What should I do now?”

“Give me a moment to try with the device.” Yan Hong Min picked the cube back up and imbued his spiritual energy again, making two spots light up this time.

Zhang Guan Yu leaned over, finally not bothering with the duck anymore, and his gaze turned thoughtful. “So the spot further in the middle should be the object I still have, while the other one represents Mei Chao Bing’s objects. This means that we can’t actually distinguish between two objects or cultivators if they aren’t at least a few steps apart.”

Yan Hong Min looked up and grimaced. This was another thing that definitely needed to be adjusted. “Yes, although that might not be a problem anymore after I make them display as different colors. Then, we would be able to pick up on the difference.”

“Unless it was two people of the same sect.”

Yan Hong Min pursed his lips, not liking where this was going. But, well, this should be easy to deal with. Anyway, he only needed to find a way to let them take a closer look at a part of what was essentially a map. Yes, that should work.

He didn’t mention his thoughts yet and instead focused on Mei Chao Bing. “The objects we have are all of a similar level so they should all show up for the same range. I’m guessing that how far something can be traced will have to do with the level. Alright, let’s try this out: Walk down the path of the mountain. Stop when you reach the foot.”

“Alright.” Mei Chao Bing dashed down the mountain and then immediately stopped when he reached the junction down there. “I’m there now.”

Sect Master Zhang gave a satisfied hum. “He can still be seen clearly.”

Yan Hong Min nodded and then looked up at the Sect Master. “In that case, could you go down the other side?”

Zhang Guan Yu wasn’t happy that he would have to leave the study and couldn’t watch the process any longer, but he also knew that this was necessary so he nodded and immediately left, going around the palace and down the mountain in the other direction.

Standing at the foot of the mountain, he took out his own duck, and then looked for a clue as to how to use it as well. His expression when he found the cross on the forehead of the duck with the small line above it was pretty similar to Mei Chao Bing’s. “Seriously, this child, in general, his ideas are good but the execution seems to be a little lacking. I was right to be careful.”

Actually, being more careful might indeed be necessary. This paper duck and the device up there weren’t anything dangerous. But he knew from experience that Yan Hong Min could do things that were much more so.

So really, in the future, he should probably keep a closer eye on this boy. If he were left to his own devices all the time, he might start to make trouble. Not because he intended to do anything bad but because in his fervor to explore his ideas, he might just get something wrong one day. Having somebody keep him in check wouldn’t be the worst idea.

This thought was something that would have to wait for some time though. For now, he pushed it aside, and instead imbued his spiritual energy into the duck, telling Yan Hong Min that he had arrived at the foot of the mountain.

“Great!” Yan Hong Min pondered for a moment and then turned the two ducks on the table to each other, looking from one to the other. “Junior martial brother Mei, did you hear what the Sect Master said?”

At the foot of the mountain, Mei Chao Bing faintly furrowed his brows. “Yes, but it wasn’t quite clear.”

On the other side of the mountain, Zhang Guan Yu raised his brows. “Well, I’m hearing you loud and clear.”

Mei Chao Bing’s brows shot up as well. “That was clear to me as well.”

Yan Hong Min nodded to himself, feeling that this really was an interesting way to use the ducks. So far, he had never really had an opportunity to try them out so he was glad that they worked just as intended.

While he was able to hear what these two were saying, they could even hear each other as long as the ducks were turned in the right direction. Actually, it really made him wonder just how many spiritual ducks he could link together. They would probably be able to coordinate quite a few teams like this.

Yan Hong Min was amazed by his own genius but he still didn’t forget that he had a task at hand. “Well, seems like we don’t need to worry about this. In that case, might I ask you to continue forward? For now, just go straight ahead. Maybe stop halfway through the sect grounds so we can check in. The objects in the device should be able to support that.” He already wanted to leave it at that when he suddenly stopped and called out. “Wait! Don’t go too fast in case they don’t. What we need is the exact cut-off point. If you walk past that, it’ll become tedious to figure out where it was.”

The other two stayed silent for a moment before giving their agreement at the same time. Then, they slowly walked forward, both occupied with their own thoughts at that.

Needless to say, what the Sect Master was currently most interested in was the paper duck in his hands. As such, he couldn’t help but use the opportunity while he was just idly strolling through the sect to ask a little more about it.

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