OMF V9C168 The Future Is Long

Zheng Yin also couldn’t think of anybody so, in the end, he just agreed and the two of them went to rest up. After all, there was still some research to be done later on, and then the preparation tomorrow morning before they started treating Xin Lan’s face in the evening. They would hardly have time in-between so it was better to take some time now to regain their strength before they continued.

Meanwhile, in the room next door, Jing Yi was sitting at the table, sighing faintly. “You know, seeing the ingredients and all that, I can’t help but think back to the time when I used to study alchemy.”

Qiu Ling had been working on some documents but he looked up when he heard that. “You know, you don’t have to stop.”

Jing Yi nodded for a short moment but then shook his head. “I know that. It’s just that … so much else is going on. I don’t think I have the space of mind to really focus on that now.”

“Well, just because you can’t now doesn’t mean you won’t at another time. The future is long. I’m sure there’ll be an opportunity.”

“Maybe. Anyway, the time I’d need to catch up to those two … it’s more than a couple of lifetimes I guess.”

Qiu Ling put the brush to the side and leaned back, giving a faint smile. “Jinde is a dragon and much older than me. And I already count as somewhat old. Regarding Zheng Yin, I don’t know the details but he is a spiritual beast. It is likely that he is quite a few years older than you as well. Not to mention that he likely received more help than you. I’m not completely sure of this but I think his standing in his tribe is pretty high.”

Jing Yi gave a hum and then went over to Qiu Ling’s side of the table, leaning down to embrace his neck and give him a kiss. “Thank you.”

Qiu Ling faintly raised his brows and reached out, encircling his waist. “I’m not quite sure what for but I’m glad you’re happy with me.”

Jing Yi looked at him, not sure what to say for a moment. Actually, he had no reason to be unhappy with Qiu Ling. In fact, Qiu Ling was probably too soft on him. After everything he had done, he still treated him sincerely, advising him in matters like this and motivating him. Who else could boast of such a partner?

It really made him feel that he was … lacking. Yes, in all this time, what had he done for Qiu Ling? It really wasn’t much. In fact, there might be nothing. At most, it could be said that he had been at his side, spending time with him. And, well, there had been that one time when he went into Qiu Ling’s inner self to get him out of there. But even then, other than giving him a reminder that it was about time to come out, he hadn’t done anything. It had all been Qiu Ling himself.

Come to think of it, if, at that time, he hadn’t made it, his cultivation likely would have stagnated after that and he would have died after a mortal lifetime. Then Jing He would’ve come back and helped Qiu Ling wake up. Because surely, Jing He wouldn’t have had any difficulty with that. For him, Qiu Ling could do anything.

If that really had been how his life went, it would have caused a lot less trouble. Looking back now, he naturally realized this. His expression turned downcast and he sighed.

Qiu Ling looked at him with worry. “Are you that eager to learn? If you are, then don’t worry. By now, I’m already doing better. As soon as this matter with Xin Lan is done, Jinde will also be free. He could probably teach you. He is … a master in refinement. If he were to help you out a bit, you’d make progress by leaps and bounds. That Grandelder of the Yun Zou Sect back then couldn’t compare at all.”

Jing Yi nodded and leaned down to give Qiu Ling another kiss. “I know. It’s not that. I was just …” He shook his head, not sure what to say. “Anyway, it’s really just a bit much. But I’ll think about it after this is over.”

Qiu Ling nodded and then couldn’t help but frown after a moment. “That … After this matter with Xin Lan, Jinde and Leng Jin Yu want to go out to find the shell necessary to have a child. They asked me to come with them. You wouldn’t mind staying here alone, right?”

Jing Yi raised his brows in surprise, not having expected that. “Well, why would I? Anyway, I can just go and have a chat with Xiao Dong. Or maybe I’ll go and ask Zheng Yin for some pointers if he is staying here for a while longer.” He didn’t know Zheng Yin that well but they had at least met once in the mortal realm. So this was something he could try even though he wasn’t sure if it would be appropriate.

Qiu Ling didn’t think that there was a problem with either of the two ideas so he nodded. “That sounds good. Well, they will probably only go in a few days. Jinde might have said that it won’t take too much energy to help me today but after this and then Xin Lan’s matter, I think he will want to restore some strength first before doing this. Going out to find the shell they need won’t be difficult but actually starting to have a child is different. He won’t want to take any chances.”

Jing Yi nodded but didn’t ask about it any further. When it came to having a child, that wasn’t a topic he and Qiu Ling should touch upon. Anyway, clearly, it would just lead to disagreements.

Qiu Ling also realized that this wasn’t a good thing to bring up so he finally cleared his throat. “Anyway, what do you want to do now? We probably won’t be needed over there any longer and I guess it’s going to get a bit stuffy if you are just in here all the time.”

Jing Yi nodded but then motioned at the documents in front of Qiu Ling. “Well, that might be but you are the king of the dragon race. I also understand that that means that there will be some times when I can’t expect your full attention. You just work on that. I … I’ll find something to do myself.”

Qiu Ling slowly raised his brows. “Are you sure of that?”

Jing Yi nodded. “Of course! I’m not a child anymore. I can keep myself busy for a while. When you’re back, then we can spend more time together.”

Qiu Ling nodded even though he was afraid that by the time Jinde and Leng Jin Yu would be done with choosing their shell, it would already be evening. They had waited for so long to have a child, after all, most likely, they’d make sure to find the perfect one.

By then, new work also might have accumulated again. Ah, with everything going on recently, there really was too much to do. And with three of his advisers being occupied with other tasks, he didn’t have as much help anymore. This was probably retribution for the years he had shirked his responsibility and had these guys work on his behalf. Well, he’d try to slowly make up for it.

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