OMF V9C169 A Side He’d Like to See

With everyone being busy in the dragon realm, the day soon ended and the next one began. It happened to be one that would bring about quite a few changes in the near and far future, the first of which was surely because of the talk that An Bai and Ye Yang were currently having regarding the latter’s return to the demon realm.

Hearing that the way to open the array that Jin Ling wanted to know about was utilizing a soul, Ye Yang couldn’t help but tightly furrow his brows. “A soul? Just … any soul?” Because he didn’t think that this would be a problem for Jin Ling.

No, knowing him, he would have no problem sacrificing a person and stealing their soul to open an array. In fact, he would happily sacrifice a hundred or a thousand if it served his own goals. He might not usually be a cruel person but demons had their obsessions. And clearly, this array had something to do with his. This meant that whatever bottom line he usually had, it might be crossed when it concerned this.

An Bai immediately shook his head. “No, he doesn’t even need to try that. The key is specifically the soul of the person inside. So there is no way for him to enter. The realm can only be opened by that person and that person alone.”

In fact, this was a lie. After all, there was still Leng Jin Yu. But it was true that the key was specifically Jinde’s soul. It just so happened that his partner had a part of that soul thanks to the unique circumstances of his life. But that wasn’t something that he needed to tell him. In any case, it would just give Jin Ling ideas and that wasn’t something they wanted to happen.

Ye Yang still frowned, not happy with this. “That is to say that while there theoretically is a way to get inside, we cannot use it because currently, the only person with the key is inside the realm the array leads to?” This really was too tricky! And it definitely wasn’t something Ye Yang wanted to report back to Jin Ling.

An Bai noticed his expression and turned more careful. This question was quite loaded. In fact, Jinde wasn’t in that realm at all but outside. But then, that was also something that Jin Ling didn’t need to know. He just couldn’t let Ye Yang catch on.

Unfortunately, that was something that was easier said than done. Ye Yang was somebody who might respond to the smallest detail if he said too much. This man’s intellect couldn’t be underestimated. If he didn’t want to give anything away, he should deflect. “I told you from the beginning that this was the case. There is no way to open this array. It was specifically designed to be that way. Your king will have to live with that.”

Still occupied with his own thoughts, Ye Yang didn’t catch onto the fact that An Bai was evading the question, and just shook his head. “He won’t like that.”

An Bai gave a faint smile in return. “I bet that he won’t like that. But it can’t be changed and also, doesn’t he have more important things to worry about? The fight for the demon realm’s throne is still ongoing. If he doesn’t start to focus on that soon …” He shook his head. “So if you want to keep Jin Ling on his seat, you should go back, tell him about this, and advise him to focus on what truly matters.”

Ye Yang didn’t answer immediately. He just sat quietly, his thoughts churning. Finally, he couldn’t help but look back up at An Bai. “The person in there, who are they?” Jin Ling had never given him a straightforward answer to that question and by now, he couldn’t help but be curious. Somebody who was able to hold Jin Ling’s attention for so long … that should be somebody very special. After all, even though demons might get obsessed with a person, they usually didn’t without cause.

An Bai gave a noncommittal smile in return. “You don’t need to know. It’s enough if Jin Ling knows himself. Anyway, are you going to go back now?”

Ye Yang gave a hum and got up. Before he left though, he gave An Bai a deep look. “You know, this isn’t the end. Between the two of us, I mean. After this has been dealt with, we will see each other again.”

An Bai faintly raised his brows, wondering if he should tell him that he was not looking forward to that. In the end, he kept quiet. Anyway, this first needed to be solved and then, they’d still have to see if this Ye Yang was even still interested. He might just forget about him in the meantime. That would be a good turn of events.

Ye Yang had hoped that he would say something, but then again, despite his frequent visits before, An Bai hadn’t really opened up much. In fact, maybe it was wrong to say that he had opened up to him at all.

No, most of his behavior could probably be attributed to the fact that he was a polite person who didn’t like to throw others out. Well, that, and also because he had shamelessly used the fact that things weren’t going too well in the demon realm right now to pretend that it would be a good idea to have a link to them. So really, An Bai may just not dare to break off the relationship completely. Not in the current situation at least.

He sighed to himself and then walked out, quietly leaving the Nine Heavens under the cover of the last twilight hours, returning to the demon realm.

Inwardly, he couldn’t help but think that after he sorted out this matter with Jin Ling and the throne and could return to An Bai’s side to continue in his quest of gaining his heart, An Bai wouldn’t need to take other things into consideration anymore. Maybe by then, that little dragon would fiercely fight back.

Ah, now that he thought about it, maybe that was something he wanted to see. An Bai was so quiet, it was a bit eerie sometimes. While he liked himself a mature person, he also felt that a bit of fire wasn’t bad. And he really couldn’t help but wonder if An Bai had any of that fire. That would be a side of him that he’s like to see.

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