OMF V9C148 Not Playing Games

The two of them spent the whole night going from guesthouse to guesthouse, asking about somebody of Ye Yang’s appearance coming by to ask for a room in the last couple of days. An Bai took the lead in the questioning, hoping that if he was the one asking, and Ye Yang was close by to realize that he was looking for him, he might come out on his own.

Unfortunately, their plan didn’t work out. Ye Yang didn’t appear and, in fact, they didn’t have luck with questioning any of the guesthouses. It was as if Ye Yang had never asked for lodgings anywhere in the capital city.

Walking out of the last guesthouse, whether it was An Bai or the senior official, they both tightly furrowed their brows.

“Maybe Scholar An Bai misunderstood his way of doing things?”

An Bai gave a hum, feeling that this was the most likely explanation as of now. “It might be. Although … it could also be that he is just being very careful. Maybe the heavenly guards got closer to the truth than he liked.

“Anyway, I suggest we stop here for tonight. In the morning, we should have a talk with the heavenly guards and see if they have any news on him. Maybe we can figure something out based on when and where he was last seen.”

The senior official nodded slowly and then couldn’t help but glance at the sky. “Well, it isn’t long anymore until then.” In the distance, the night sky was already turning to a dark gray, announcing the arrival of the morning light.

An Bai sighed when he realized the same and nodded. “Yes, we should go and catch a few hours of sleep. It’s better to be well-rested when we continue work.”

For the immortal races, they didn’t necessarily need to sleep. As long as they ate and supplemented that with some spiritual energy, they could still be up to their optimal state. But no matter what, doing so over a long period of time also wouldn’t be good. Especially in this kind of situation where there was much to do every day and the situation might turn even worse at a moment’s notice. Neither of them wanted to risk being the one to let their superiors down. If they had the opportunity to catch a few hours of sleep, it was best to make use of that.

The two of them bid farewell and then returned to their own places.

Walking into the palace, An Bai couldn’t help but sigh and rubbed his forehead. Ye Yang … he wasn’t necessarily keen on seeing that demon on a normal day but, right now, it would really be helpful. Unfortunately, after his guess with the guesthouses had turned out to be wrong, he couldn’t help but be a little unsure.

Maybe he didn’t understand this man as well as he had thought he did. It might be best to rely on the heavenly guards or the heavenly officials for this. Just based on numbers, they would have an easier time finding out something about Ye Yang’s current location than he had based on his faulty guesses.

He went directly to his room and opened the door before suddenly stopping when he was just about to pass the doorstep.

Ye Yang … wouldn’t mistreat himself but the heavenly guards were after him and he knew. In that case, could he even go and find a room in a guesthouse? That seemed unlikely. After all, that should be where the guards would’ve looked for him first. In that case …

An Bai turned around and pulled the door shut behind him. He hesitated for a moment and then slowly walked the few steps to the door of the room next to his. With a strange gaze, he raised his hand and knocked.

There was no answer and thanks to the arrays that separated the rooms from each other, he also couldn’t hear any sounds from inside to judge whether somebody was in there. In the end, he couldn’t help but check.

He grabbed the door and pushed it open, staring at the table on the opposite side of the room. Just as he had thought, the chair over there was occupied. “You really were hiding here.”

Ye Yang raised his brows at him and then couldn’t help but glance behind An Bai. Seeing that he was alone, his expression softened and he even smiled faintly. “Why, were you looking for me?”

An Bai stared at him and then stepped into the room, closing the door behind him. He leaned against it, making sure that he could rush out if necessary. “To be honest, I was.”

At that, Ye Yang’s brows shot up again. He might have asked but he had only been teasing him. He hadn’t expected him to answer, much less in this way. He wanted to joke about it at first but then reconsidered. Judging from An Bai’s expression, something serious was up.

For a moment, he pondered what it might be. Knowing this little dragon, it wouldn’t be about personal matters but something more important. He didn’t have more clues than that so he decided to just be straightforward about it. “So, what happened? I guess if you came to me, it should be that you want me to do something for you.” Something that only a demon could do, maybe. After all, in An Bai’s eyes, he clearly didn’t hold much personal value as much as admitting that hurt his self-esteem.

An Bai looked at him and couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that this man was pretty smart. He knew how to act according to the situation. In that case, maybe it wasn’t too late yet to make this work. He might indeed agree to help them out.

He hesitated for a moment longer, trying to order his thoughts before he walked over to the table and sat down opposite Ye Yang. Giving the demon a deep look, he didn’t skirt around the topic either. “The reason you approached me, it was because of that array in the mortal realm’s Yun Zou Sect, was it not?”

Ye Yang’s expression shifted a little, but he finally nodded. Clearly, An Bai was not here to play games. “That is what my king would like to know.”

“If I tell you, will you return to his side?”

Ye Yang kept quiet for a moment but then inclined his head. “I’ll return to tell him, yes.”

“And after that? What will you do?”

This question, Ye Yang had much more difficulty answering. What would he do? Well, a lot of that would depend on what Jin Ling wanted, wouldn’t it? And then, there was also the little dragon opposite him. Thinking of these two people definitely made him wonder what he wanted to do afterward. Somehow, the answer to that question didn’t seem as straightforward anymore as it still had a couple of weeks ago.

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