OMF V9C147 Not One to Mistreat Himself

The two of them made their way over to the palace where the dragons were currently living, feeling that this was the most likely place for Ye Yang to turn up. Unfortunately, even when they reached the gate of the palace, nothing could be seen of the demon.

The senior official furrowed his brows, feeling that their chances of actually finding him were quite low. “It doesn’t seem like he is around.”

An Bai looked at him, once again wondering if the fact that another person was there was making Ye Yang reluctant to come out. Then again, Ye Yang didn’t even know that he was looking for him, so why should he come out in the first place?

He pondered for a moment and then motioned to the sides of the palace. “Let’s walk around and see if we can find him on either side. We won’t be too far away in case something happens and can react a bit faster.”

The senior official had some doubts but, in the end, he still nodded. An Bai was the one who knew the situation more closely. He had only gotten a summary so it was best to default to what An Bai suggested. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help in case something happens.”

An Bai gave a faint smile, wondering if this man had forgotten that he was a dragon. In any case, even if the other person was a demon, he could hold his own. While he was mostly known as a scholar, his skin was still thick. Even if Ye Yang sneak attacked him — which he honestly didn’t assume would happen — his scales would bear the brunt of the attack. And right now, he didn’t really need to worry about that either, did he?

He thought of Jinde and everything he had read about him, especially about what he had been able to do in terms of refinement, and figured that even healing grievous wounds shouldn’t be a problem. Even though he himself was reassured, there were many things that he couldn’t tell this person. As such, it was best to reassure him. “I will be careful.”

The senior official nodded and the two of them went in different ways, looking around for Ye Yang.

An Bai only walked slowly, looking in both directions while trying to figure out if there were any places to hide. Actually, the further he walked, the more he wondered if they weren’t going about this wrong.

He didn’t know too much about Ye Yang’s background. Just that he was probably old, at least as old as their own king was, maybe even older than that. A person like that … while he might be currying favor with the current demon king for whatever reason, he wasn’t one to mistreat himself.

Would he really be lingering around on some random street? No, he would’ve gotten some actual lodgings. So maybe it would be better to take a short trip through the guesthouses in the capital city. There were more than just a few. He was sure of that. While the king and they as his advisers were able to get a palace of their own, the same wasn’t the case for travelers.

Looking at Ye Yang’s appearance with the colorful hair and eyes, he was likely pretending to be a dragon. That might be how he had gotten inside and was likely also how he had managed to get a place to stay. If they went around with his description, inquiring a little here and there, they might have better chances of finding him.

Before he reached the other side of the palace, the senior official already walked around the corner and raised his brows.

“I couldn’t find him.”

An Bai looked around and slowly nodded. “Me neither. To be honest, I was thinking just now that hiding out here might not be the kind of thing he would do. He might have mixed in with the visitors to the city and is currently staying in some kind of guest house. We should probably look there.”

The senior official pondered for a moment but then inclined his head. “That sounds sensible. Should I get some officials from our Court of Justice to join the search?”

An Bai shook his head and couldn’t help but give a sigh. “Originally, that might not have been a problem. But because we alerted the heavenly guards, I’m afraid he would get suspicious if he saw the officials of the Court of Justice approach.

“If it is just you coming with me, I don’t think he would mind as much, but if it was others and I wasn’t around, he might think differently. I’d suggest we go together or maybe I should even go alone.”

The senior official pondered for a moment and finally motioned down the street. “I’m afraid I’m not comfortable letting Scholar An Bai go alone. It’s better to go together. Anyway, I do know where all the guesthouses in the city are. We regularly have to check because of incidents that happen there. I can lead you through the city on the fastest route.”

An Bai smiled and then turned around, following him. This matter, an official’s help would really make it easier. Well, as long as they didn’t storm in with their weapons drawn and asking too much, they might be able to find Ye Yang.

If not … he would have to contact his king or maybe Xiang Yong again to figure out another way to go about this. He wouldn’t give up easily. Not when there was something theoretically easy to do that he could help his king with. Messing up was not acceptable.

In this way, the two of them started their tour around the Nine Heavens’ capital city, going to one guesthouse after the other. Outside, the last sunlight had already faded, replaced by pale moonlight and it became later and later. It really made one wonder if they would even be able to finish this task tonight.

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