SML V4C56 Planning Ahead

The three of them ate dinner and then walked a little more through the park. By now, it had gotten dark and the chains of light they had seen before were now lit, turning the already beautiful scenery into an even more breathtaking view.

Li Ming just looked around, following behind Yao Ai with Duan Zhi Hao while she once again decided the way. At night, things really seemed different. It was the same place but the looks changed. Even the corners that might not be as nice over the day seemed better at night. Just taking in the view made him once again feel that it had been the right decision to come here.

Next to him, Duan Zhi Hao took out his phone and clicked his tongue. “They’re going to close soon. We should slowly go to the exit. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck in the crowd.”

Li Ming nodded and finally paid some attention to the people around them. There weren’t as many as there had been around lunch but still enough that the exits might indeed become congested. If they didn’t want to have to wait too long, it would indeed be better to get to the exit sooner.

Yao Ai sighed but also nodded, looking around for a moment before she pointed in a direction. “We should head down there, then.”

The three of them made their way down the path, not bothering to hurry. There was still enough time before the park would close. As long as they were at the exits a couple of minutes before, it should be alright.

When they arrived, there were already quite a few people with the same idea but it still wasn’t too bad. They had to wait for a moment but then managed to make it to the car without trouble.

Duan Zhi Hao sat in the driver’s seat and sighed. “Ah, that was nice but also a super long day. My old bones will be aching all over tomorrow.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you going on about that again? You still seemed quite spirited back in there.”

Duan Zhi Hao shot him a glance through the rearview mirror and smiled. “Well, you know how it is: If you’re occupied with other things, you can forget about your pain for a while. If you’re taking a break, you realize all those little pains and aches.”

Li Ming shook his head and motioned at the steering wheel. “Better drive then. Don’t forget that neither sister Yao nor I can.”

Duan Zhi Hao clicked his tongue. “Maybe that’s something you should invest in. You know, driving a car is quite convenient. If you ever need to go somewhere, you’re free to drive over quickly. You don’t need to rely on public transportation or somebody else driving you. I honestly couldn’t imagine not knowing how to drive.”

Li Ming gave a hum and looked out of the window. To be honest, he couldn’t deny that sometimes, it was convenient. “I’ve never really needed it and in a city like Shanghai, there are usually ways to get around.”

Yao Ai looked from one person to the other and raised her brows. “I’m also old enough to get my license. Why am I not being advised?”

Duan Zhi Hao huffed. “Don’t you have parents to advise you? Also, for you, I thought it’d be a given. For brother Li though? He’s already in his mid-twenties, fast approaching thirty, and he still doesn’t have one. What is he going to do if he ever needs it? He’d better start soon! A young thing like you still has lots of time.”

Yao Ai mumbled something to herself and then just ignored him, turning to Li Ming instead. “Brother Li, have you decided yet what you’re going to do? Teacher Linghu gave me some tips on how I can prepare so I’ll start with something like that soon.”

Li Ming raised his brows. “Oh? You didn’t tell us much about how your talk with him went.” She had mentioned something here and there throughout the day but they hadn’t gotten the full story yet.

Yao Ai gave him a look though. “That’s not the answer to my question. Don’t tell me you haven’t decided yet?”

Li Ming smiled at that. “Are you worried? You don’t need to be though. I looked at several courses that are being offered in the next couple of months even before starting the one we did together. After all, I needed to plan a bit which ones I could take and which would overlap. Last week, I already decided on one.”

Yao Ai blinked her eyes and then reached out, hitting his arm. “You didn’t even tell us! What did you choose? Something fun?” Her eyes started glittering at that. She didn’t think that Duan Zhi Hao was much of an interesting person but Li Ming definitely was. If he had decided on something, she really wanted to know.

Li Ming laughed. “Well, I’m not sure if it’s fun. It’s about body language. I figured it fit the first course and might be helpful in my job as well.”

“Oh, wow, that really is fun! Then how long will it be?”

“Another two weeks. I didn’t want to take anything too long at first. Maybe I’ll already start looking for another job after this one. If not, I might take a longer one by then. There are a couple that seemed interesting.”

“Oh, you plan so much ahead.” She was a bit surprised but then, Li Ming really was somebody who seemed to think deeply about everything he did. Actually, she admired that a bit. Thankfully, she had met these two so they could help her a bit. Speaking to Teacher Linghu was something she probably wouldn’t have thought of and dared to do without their encouragement. Ah, it would be nice if she could give something back. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like Li Ming really needed anything she could give. Mn, she should also go and get some advice from a trusted person for that.

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