OMF V9C146 Searching for a Demon

For a moment, An Bai didn’t really know where to start. This matter with Ye Yang, it wasn’t all that complicated but it still was strange to talk about. He hesitated but then went to sit at the table again, giving a sigh. “You might remember how the Son of Heaven’s reincarnation was caught by the demon king a while ago. I offered up myself in exchange and spent some time in the dungeons of the demon king’s palace.

“That is where we met. He was searching for some information for the demon king as far as I’m aware. We kept it from him to keep them occupied with other things but now, that doesn’t seem like a good idea so His Majesty seems to want to switch tactics Anyway, even after he gains the information, it won’t help him so I’m not worried about this.

“In any case, since that time in the dungeon and after my escape from there, he’s been continuing to appear in front of me. Both when I was still in the dragon realm and also here in the Nine Heavens now. It is an opportunity that we can make use of I guess.”

Shun Tao gave a faint nod but then stayed quiet. Something told him that he really didn’t want to get involved in this kind of crazy situation any further than he already was. It was better to leave this to the dragons themselves or maybe the Palace of War if it was necessary for the gods to become involved.

On the other hand, the senior official furrowed his brows, having some doubts in his mind. “Telling him this will make him leave you alone, won’t it?”

An Bai inclined his head. “Very likely, yes. As a demon, I doubt his interest in me is sincere. So as soon as he obtains the information he needs, he should go and tell the demon king about it. From my understanding, with his help — even if it can’t completely turn the tides — the demon king will indeed benefit to some degree.”

The senior official nodded, his expression smoothing out. “Yes, the plan does sound good. I think the success will mostly hinge on how the demon king will react to the news though and not too much on this person who is more or less just playing the messenger before getting back to his old role. If this is something that the demon king has been after for some time, can you really be sure of the outcome?”

An Bai shook his head and picked up his brush again. “We can’t, but it is the best bet that we currently have. In any case, I will go and look for him after we finish. He is unlikely to turn up in the middle of the day.”

In any case, before he left, Xiang Yong had informed the Heavenly guards that there was a demon roaming about. Considering the relationship between their races, the guards naturally hadn’t taken this lightly. After all, this meant that that person had managed to sneak past them.

It was still acceptable if the person doing that was the dragon king, considering that he was the leader of their allies, but a random demon was really where they drew the line. That just couldn’t be allowed. If it continued like this, wouldn’t they be deemed useless? They felt that they weren’t but looking at their track record … they were indeed a bit worried about this.

An Bai shook his head and then looked up at Shun Tao. “Well, Fate’s Scribe, why don’t we continue then?”

Shun Tao faintly raised his brows and glanced at the senior official before he nodded and unfurled the scroll of fate again. “Now, where were we?” Then, he found the spot again where he had left off and continued to go through what had happened in this mortal’s life.

The next few hours were once again spent like this. When it turned dark outside though, An Bai put down his brush and looked from Shun Tao to the senior official. “Well, considering my king’s task, I’m afraid I will have to stop you for today.”

“So you’re going to try and see the demon now?”

An Bai nodded and got up, smoothing out his robe. “Yes, the sooner we take care of this, the better. His Majesty is right in that we definitely can’t let demon king Jin Ling lose his throne. That wouldn’t be beneficial to either of our races.”

The senior official nodded, stored away his things, and got up as well. “I will accompany you. Since this is a demon, we can’t trust him. It is better if there are two of us.” He might not be a guard but he also knew how to fight to a certain degree.

An Bai raised his brows. He didn’t think that he actually needed the help of one of the gods, but since they were working together, he might as well. “Well, let’s go then. Fate’s Scribe.” He inclined his head toward Shun Tao and then walked out first, the senior official directly following behind.

An Bai kept quiet, just looking around on the way back to his palace. Actually, he had no idea where Ye Yang was these days. He hadn’t seen him since the last time they spoke, so it could actually be that he had already gone somewhere else or even returned to the demon realm.

Right now, he hoped that this wasn’t the case though. Because then, not only wouldn’t he be able to tell him what his king had asked him to, it would also mean that his presence in the demon realm wouldn’t be able to make any difference. That wasn’t an outcome he wanted to see.

The senior official looked around as well, his gaze dark. “To think that there was a demon in the capital city all along … it does make one wonder if the Heavenly guards are actually doing their job.”

Although, to be honest, part of this might also be the fault of their Court of Justice. While they were usually in charge of things inside of their race, not threats from the outside, they were also trained to react to something like this. After all, a traitor that infiltrated their people might also be dealt with according to their laws. And they should be more vigilant at spotting someone like that. He should bring this up to the God of Justice later.

An Bai refrained from responding to that, not wanting to make trouble between the palaces. “Well, let’s hope that we will be able to find him fast. I’m not sure where he is right now though. This could prove to be a little difficult.”

In fact, he couldn’t help but wonder if Ye Yang would actually appear if there was an official from the Court of Justice next to him. After all, the last time he had appeared, it had been in his private quarters where he had expected him to be alone. With somebody else in tow … maybe things would be different.

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