RMN C365 You Still Haven’t Given Up?

The two Elders exchanged a glance, indeed having some doubts about this. From the way that Mei Chao Bing had said this, it seemed that he intended to go alone. Especially with how dangerous everything was currently, that didn’t sound like a good idea.

But then, on second thought, maybe it would indeed be the best choice to do it like this. Anyway, if their conclusions so far were right, then Mei Chao Bing was the one person that Feng Bai Xiao wouldn’t be able to touch for fear of ruining his own plans. As such, he was the one disciple that could still move outside without them needing to worry about whether he would be able to come back.

The two of them thought of that at the same time and faintly nodded.

Turning back to Mei Chao Bing, Elder Xing pulled out a piece of paper. “Very well. From my side, this will be alright. We should write you a report that you can take back to the Sect Master. Other than that, you can tell him everything from your own perspective as well. He will make the necessary arrangements based on that.

“Oh, also, please ask about the array. Now, it will be even more important that it is finished soon. That way, we won’t have to worry about how to send someone again in the future.”

Mei Chao Bing inclined his head and turned to look at Elder Baili, wondering if he had other thoughts.

Elder Baili sighed and reached over, patting his shoulder. “I guess your Master can’t do anything to you but you should be careful nonetheless. Right now, even though all of this seems logical, there is still a certain chance that we are wrong. So don’t take any unnecessary risks. If you see somebody from the other side, run. Don’t engage in a fight if you don’t absolutely have to.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded, even though he knew that this was something that he couldn’t promise easily. Who knew what would happen? There were some people that he couldn’t just run away from as he had seen when he encountered Qu Yijun.

Well, he might’ve been able to just let him walk away but that wouldn’t have been a good idea. No, if there was an opportunity to win, even if he had to make use of circumstances, he would do it again. He didn’t regret what he had done in the underground palace. If he would be in the same situation now, he would once again make the same decision.

But, well, he still hoped that he wouldn’t have to. With Qu Yijun, things had been somewhat simple. After all, he had been able to make use of circumstances like his opponent not knowing his true strength and being able to take out some objects that could hurt him.

But by now, the other sight had certainly found out already that Qu Yijun was dead. And if they indeed had those three abilities already, they might even be able to tell who it was that had killed him. In that case, there would be no moment of surprise anymore, no sneakily attacking. So if he got into a similar situation with one of his other senior martial brothers were even his Master, he wouldn’t have a chance. Nascent soul stage or not, he lacked strength and experience compared to them.

He furrowed his brows when he thought of that and then looked back up at the Elders. “Seeing as we now know something, in case that I do encounter somebody and can’t walk away, do I have the Elders’ approval to engage and pretend to at least listen to them?”

Elder Baili’s brows shot up and after a moment, he realized what Mei Chao Bing meant. “You still haven’t given up on the plan of becoming a spy, have you?”

Mei Chao Bing took a deep breath and then sighed deeply. “This matter, even though I feel like we have gotten closer to the truth, there are still many answers missing. And while by now, there might be the chance to figure out more by ourselves, the easiest would still be to get the information right from the other side. And I still believe that I would be the person who could do that the most easily.

“I admit that there is a certain … risk involved in that. But if we are right, then my Master can’t achieve his final goal without me. So he can’t kill me outright. Even if he had doubts about my act, he would only take precautions but not kill me.

“So I think that the benefits would outweigh the risk. I won’t go up to them on my own but if it is inevitable and I can’t flee or fight, then I still think that this would be the most beneficial outcome no matter how you look at it.”

The Elders exchanged a glance, not quite sure if they really agreed with that. Especially with what Baili Chao had said before, Elder Xing really didn’t think that it was a good idea. But then, he also didn’t have a better one.

As for Baili Chao himself, his trust in Mei Chao Bing had always been high. He probably knew him better than any of the other Elders in the Teng Yong Sect. He had seen how tenacious he could be when it came to going after Yun Bei Fen. He had also seen just how much he had suffered because of his Master’s betrayal. And he knew how much Mei Chao Bing loved his disciple. So he didn’t have any fear that he would ever betray them.

However, he wasn’t sure if Feng Bai Xiao could be trusted. “If at that moment, you really believe that it is the right choice, then you should go for it. But Mei Chao Bing, don’t take any unnecessary risk. I know you haven’t been made to feel like it, but you are a member of our sect and you will always stay as such. You don’t have to sacrifice yourself to prove anything.

“One day, we will win over your Master, no matter how much time that might take and how we do it. We will. At that time, your reputation won’t be impacted by his betrayal any longer. I promise you that. Elder Xing and I will make sure of it.

“So, don’t do anything stupid. Fen’er … he will still be waiting for you to come back. As will everyone else that you have made friends with here in the border region. So just think of yourself a little when you are out there.”

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