RMN C364 Not Just an Individual Part

For a while, neither of them knew what to say. What Elder Baili had said was true: They needed to figure out the end goal. But how to do that was still a question difficult to answer.

In any case, even finding out how Feng Bai Xiao wanted to achieve that goal was something they had more or less stumbled upon accidentally. And they couldn’t really hope to have even more luck in the future, could they? No, neither of them thought so. Luck was not a reliable means in this situation.

The three cultivators tried to think of something but drew a blank. In any case, yes, what was there to do with the four abilities?

Elder Xing shook his head, feeling that there was only one answer to that question. “Thinking about what one would be able to do with the abilities, I think that if somebody was able to use all four of them together, it would make them almost invincible in a fight.

“To know what the enemy will do, to be able to follow them anywhere, and to give yourself advantages in the battle like being less easily injured and able to heal yourself … What is there that you can’t do? In fact, the guardians have never spoken about how well their abilities can be used together but I would assume that there might be more to it than anyone knows. There should be some well-kept secrets.”

Elder Baili raised his brows, feeling as if Elder Xing was insinuating something specific. “What do you mean?”

Elder Xing sighed. “Well, the four righteous sects are an alliance but they are also separate entities and we tend to think of the guardians as a person of a specific sect first and foremost. Originally though, when they developed these abilities, they did so as a group of friends, not as disciples of their own sects.

“I’m pretty sure that the guardians won’t tell their sect everything. There might be some hidden secrets that they’ve kept to themselves. And one thing that I could easily think of is that these abilities aren’t actually just meant to be used by themselves but together.

“This guess might sound rather random but isn’t it curious how there are apparently two abilities that complement each other? There is the ability to strengthen oneself which can be used to protect others. It coincides with the ability to heal others in case they get injured. Or maybe the red priest’s ability could have been a trump card if the white jade got injured after all.

“On the other hand, we have the ability to receive visions of the future and another one that allows the carrier to travel through visionary means. They seem to be related, no?”

Elder Baili’s gaze turned grim. “With related, you mean … there might be a chance of actually traveling to the future?” That seemed like a rather outlandish guess but then, he also never would have thought that the abilities of the guardians could be passed on just like that. He probably needed to rethink some ideas.

Elder Xing raised his brows as well and tilted his head. He thought for a moment but finally nodded. “At the very least, there is such a chance. But the only ones who could tell us about that would be the guardians themselves and I’m not too sure if they would be willing to do so.

“At the very least, if this was true but kept a secret until now, they might not want the truth to get out. And also, if they do admit it, that might also be a disadvantage if this information falls into the wrong hands. In any case, we might be lucky and Feng Bai Xiao hasn’t discovered this even if he has both abilities gathered already.”

Mei Chao Bing looked from one Elder to the other, feeling as if he didn’t have any right to interrupt them. But he couldn’t help but think that they were wasting too much time here. In the end, he finally couldn’t help himself. “We might not be able to find anything out from the other guardians, but what about our Teng Yong Sect’s black warrior? Surely, he should want to help our sect. At the very least, he could tell us if there is such a possibility.”

The Elders exchanged a glanced and nodded.

“You aren’t wrong. At the very least, we should give it try. I’m just afraid that it won’t be enough. Also, even if we know, it won’t get us any closer to solving this issue regarding your Master. That’s what we need to figure out first.”

Mei Chao Bing furrowed his brows and lowered his head, trying to think of something. If not to defeat them, then what was this for? His Master didn’t strike him as the person who would have any kind of emotional reason. To be the strongest, to be above everyone else, yes, someone as cold as Feng Bai Xiao would pursue such a goal. He really couldn’t see another reason. “What if it is only to defeat us?”

Elder Baili sighed. “Well, if that was the case, then we would just need to find a way to stop him from acquiring the last one or two abilities and then figure out how they got them in the first place. After that, we could see if there is a way to counterattack. I’m just afraid that doing so will also require the help of the other guardians.”

Elder Xing nodded. “In that case, it is probably about time to meet up with the other sects again. There hasn’t been any news yet regarding the arrays they wanted to create though. I’m afraid we’ll need to travel there on sword.”

Elder Baili nodded but didn’t answer immediately. He couldn’t help but feel strange. Something still did not want to fit. But for the time being, he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Elder Xing saw that there was something but since Baili Chao still seemed to think about it, he didn’t want to urge him. Instead, he considered how to get in touch with the other three sects and the black warrior. “That matter with Young Shen and his group clearly shows that it is dangerous to travel outside. In fact, even if it was the two of us, I’m not sure if we could rush back to the sect. I’m afraid that it will be risky.”

Mei Chao Bing furrowed his brows at that and then got up, cupping his fists and bowing toward the Elders. “Please, let me go.”

Yes, this was something that he needed to do. Unfortunately, actually doing it still relied on whether the Elders would agree or not, and considering how his original offer to go to the demonic sects as a spy had also been shot down, he wasn’t sure if it was something that he could expect their approval on.

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