SML V4C51 A Bit Uncomfortable

It wasn’t too difficult to be swept up in the festive atmosphere with the decorations that had been put up, the music sounding from all around them, people chattering and laughing, and Yao Ai constantly rushing ahead and then coming back to excitedly tell them what she had found and dragging them over immediately to take a look themselves. Even just looking around was a joy.

Li Ming forgot all about worrying about the future or the past and just started to focus on what was around them. He was glad that he had asked his mother for a suggestion and that this was what she had finally come up with. He could definitely see why people liked going here.

And really, this wasn’t just a place for younger folks like Duan Zhi Hao had made it sound. No, actually, he was having fun himself. What was the big deal about enjoying yourself just because you got a bit older?

No, this was something that was enjoyable for all ages. Even if you didn’t want to queue up for any of the actual attractions and just wanted to look around, that was also something you could pass time with rather easily.

Personally, when the opportunity came, Li Ming didn’t mind being dragged over to try some new things out though. He happily followed Yao Ai, clearly to the dismay of Duan Zhi Hao who was grumbling every now and then, probably having some trouble keeping up.

Yao Ai didn’t even seem to notice because of how excited she was. Right now, she was standing in front of a roller coaster, her eyes shining brightly. “We definitely have to queue up here. I won’t let you get away with saying no!”

Li Ming glanced up, not quite sure what to think of this. He didn’t have anything against roller coasters but he did know that quite a few people had. He glanced at Duan Zhi Hao first and then at Yao Ai and raised his brows. “Well, I hope that neither of you has a weak stomach then.”

Yao Ai patted hers while she smiled brightly. “Definitely not! Also, I tried some of your food and it was awesome, so I’d better not lose any of it. As for brother Duan, I guess it doesn’t matter.”

The person in question gave her a grumpy look but just motioned to the queue. “Don’t talk, just do it. We’ll see just who has a weak stomach.” He marched forward, getting in line, and then gave them a wry smile.

Li Ming couldn’t help but worry a little. Inching closer, he lowered his voice. “Brother Duan, if you can’t take it, it’s alright to sit this one out. Just because sister Yao is putting pressure on you, you don’t have to force yourself. It’s not good for your health either.”

Duan Zhi Hao gave a huff. “What are you talking about? I don’t have any problem.” Anyway, even if he had, the blow to his pride would be bigger than the one to his health. But then, he wasn’t about to argue that point.

Glancing up at the roller coaster, he at least figured that there were no loops, so he was at least safe from that. To be honest, he wasn’t much of a roller coaster person. It wasn’t that he really disliked them, it was just that … Well, he wasn’t quite sure why people insisted on doing something insane like driving a vehicle without a roof at a high speed and that even overhead for parts of the way.

It really didn’t seem like a smart decision to him. Whenever he thought of it, he couldn’t help imagine how the whole thing would crash down and they’d die a miserable death. That image could kill the mood. But, well, since this wasn’t one of those torture machines, he’d reluctantly agree to it.

Li Ming didn’t quite believe him when he saw his expression, but he also knew that he couldn’t force him to step back. Since Duan Zhi Hao had said that he could take it, he just had to accept it. He did however look around to try and find a spot where they could take care of matters in case he wasn’t able to take it as well as he thought he would. Just in case of an emergency.

The queue for the roller coaster was pretty long. As such, it took a good half an hour for them to finally make it to the front of the line.

By this time, Duan Zhi Hao had indeed turned a bit nervous. “This better be worth it!”

Yao Ai was still just as excited as she had been when she originally spotted the place. “Of course! Actually, we should probably queue up again right after.”

Duan Zhi Hao gave a very unenthusiastic hum in response and then didn’t say anything else.

Li Ming also smiled wryly, feeling that this might become troublesome. He took a closer look at the roller coaster and then couldn’t help but lean around Duan Zhi Hao’s side, raising his brows at Yao Ai. “Sister Yao, there are only two seats next to each other. Is it alright with you if I sit with brother Duan?”

Yao Ai raised her brows and then glanced at the group of girls behind them who also seemed to be missing one person. “Well, looks like this’ll work out. Anyway, you’d better make sure he doesn’t have any accidents. You’re in front of us, after all.”


Li Ming reached out and patted Duan Zhi Hao’s shoulder, feeling that he should be used to this by now. Anyway, these two were teasing each other the whole time as if they really were siblings. He couldn’t help but feel that this kind of reaction from her was just to be expected even though he had to admit that it had gone slightly too far, seeing how Duan Zhi Hao really was uncomfortable. Right now wasn’t the moment to discuss that though. “Just let it go. Anyway, it’s only some more minutes.”

Duan Zhi Hao nodded and then took a deep breath, definitely not looking as calm as he probably should.

Unfortunately, by now, it was a bit too late to go back. And then, just as Li Ming had said, it really was only one more moment before the group before them got off and they took their seats, Duan Zhi Hao looking more than just a little uncomfortable.

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