OMF V9C125 A Workable Idea

Bai Mu’s expression turned into one of worry when Leng Jin Yu turned up on his doorstep. As Qiu Ling’s cousin-in-law, he had also been told about what had happened even though nobody had expected him to help out just yet. Now, he couldn’t help but worry when he was approached by one of the people closest to Qiu Ling. These days, that just seemed to imply that there was further trouble. “Did something happen with Qiu Ling?”

Leng Jin Yu faintly shook his head. “Nothing bad. He just fell asleep in the middle of the day. He’s probably exhausted. Anyway, there’s something I have to do in the Nine Heavens and Qiu Ling’s advisers are currently out so I wanted to ask if you could go over and help keep an eye on him. Jing Yi is there but he is exhausted himself so it would probably be good if there was at least one more person there.”

Bai Mu nodded. This wasn’t a big ask, especially not when it was about his very own family member. “I’ll just tell Nie Huang and then go over.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and already wanted to turn around but finally motioned at the door to his room. “In case you need help, Xin Lan is currently over here and my husband is also in. They are currently busy with their research but you can always go and ask.”

Bai Mu nodded and then headed inside to tell Nie Huang before he rushed over to Qiu Ling’s room.

Leng Jin Yu didn’t wait around any longer and left the palace to go over to the Nine Heavens instead, going straight to the God of War’s palace. Anyway, when it came to the people in the Nine Heavens he could ask for help, then Qiang Yan would always be the first person he thought of.

The guards at the gate actually remembered him from the fight that he had had with Qiang Yan and they immediately went on to show him in.

At that moment, Qiang Yan was sitting in his study, working on some documents. Hearing that somebody had come to see him, he looked up with some surprise. He hadn’t expected anyone so either something had happened or it was one of the usual people who would come to bother him. Seeing Leng Jin Yu, he was afraid it might be the former. “Did something happen with Qiu Ling?”

Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help himself and laughed. “You know, when I left, Bai Mu asked me the same, using these exact words.” Saying so, he went over and took a seat opposite him, his expression turning serious again. “To answer your question, no, nothing has happened. At the very least, nothing that would be worse than what happened before. Qiu Ling was exhausted and kind of passed out. It’s not good but not too dramatic. I asked Bai Mu to keep an eye on him while I came here.”

Qiang Yan nodded, not quite sure how relieved he should be to hear that Qiu Ling was exhausted enough to pass out. For an immortal being — and especially so for a dragon — that really wasn’t a good sign. But then, in this situation, that was still better than whatever else could have happened. Leng Jin Yu was right with that. “Well, I guess you still have your reasons for coming here. This probably isn’t just a courtesy call.”

Leng Jin Yu inclined his head at that. “Xin Lan came over to see Jinde and I told him about what is going on with Qiu Ling. He was in the mortal realm for quite some time so he wasn’t aware yet. As a result, he mentioned something that sounded like it might be a viable option to me but I would like your thoughts on this.”

Qiang Yan raised his brows and motioned for him to go ahead. “Please, don’t hold back. If there is anything we can do to solve this matter, I would be more than grateful.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and gave him a short recap of what Xin Lan had said. “To me, it does sound plausible. It is not something that could solve the issue for real but it would at least buy us time. And right now, that might be what we need the most.

“So personally, I would say that we could give this a try at least. I realize though that I don’t know enough about the water from the River of Forgetfulness to be sure that there wouldn’t be any negative side effects.”

Qiang Yan slowly nodded. “To be honest, I could also see this working out. It’s … a bit unconventional maybe but that doesn’t have to be bad. So far, it’s definitely the best idea anyone has had. And I trust that Xin Lan has some knowledge of these things.

“I mean he has been around much longer than anybody else.” He pondered for a bit, drumming on top of the table with his fingertips, and narrowed his eyes. “I don’t really see any issue. I think the crux of the matter still lies in whether your husband will be able to shroud only this specific memory. That doesn’t sound like it would be an easy thing to do.”

Leng Jin Yu inclined his head. “That’s what I thought. But he’s also rather knowledgeable and his relationship with Qiu Ling is close. I think it might still be possible.”

Qiang Yan had to agree with that. If there was a person that Qiu Ling could trust, then it was definitely his predecessor. If it was anybody else, the situation would be different. “I guess there isn’t much doubt that your husband will do this, right? In that case, I would suggest going to the River of Forgetfulness to get some of the water immediately. Well, we do have to inform the God of Justice.”

Leng Jin Yu got up, not minding that at all. “We might also need to inform the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress, right? If not because they absolutely need to know this, then maybe at least because the Heavenly Empress will feel a bit better knowing that there’s a chance to help Qiu Ling for now.”

Qiang Yan inclined his head and led the way out of the palace. “I would say that for now, we should probably just talk to Li Yin. As for my sister and her husband, while we should indeed inform them, I wouldn’t do so immediately. There’s been so much going on recently, I think it might be best to wait a little longer until we know for sure if this will work out or not.”

Leng Jin Yu gave a hum, not arguing that point. If Qiang Yan felt that it was better for his sister not to know yet, then that was certainly the case. And anyway, he also didn’t want to delay much longer. The sooner they were able to help Qiu Ling, the better.

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