OMF V9C126 Holding Onto the Past

Hearing what Qiang Yan and Leng Jin Yu had to say, the God of Justice gave a hum and rose from his chair. “I don’t see anything speaking against this. In any case, the River of Forgetfulness isn’t reserved for the gods. If this can indeed solve the problem, we should head over immediately. The Heavenly Emperor has been informed?”

Qiang Yan shook his head and gave him a wry smile. “You know how he is. I figured it would be best to solve the matter first and then do the rest.”

Li Yin gave another hum but didn’t argue. Anyway, as he had said just now, there was no reason why the dragons shouldn’t take some of the water from the River of Forgetfulness. Informing the Heavenly Emperor was merely a formality, not something that was necessary to proceed. As such, he also didn’t mind. For now, he’d also rather see whether this could indeed get one matter off their plate.

The three of them made their way over, standing at the edge of the river for a moment.

Li Yin furrowed his brows and then took out a small vial, handing it to Leng Jin Yu. “I’m not sure how much will be necessary but these are the vials that we take for the trials. I would hope the amount stays the same.”

Leng Jin Yu accepted it but couldn’t help but give Li Yin a look. Usually, the trials were under the command of the Palace of Fate. So if the God of Justice was carrying one around, it wasn’t because of his duties, but because of something in his private life. It made him wonder if there was some story to this and if it really was alright to take this.

Li Yin glanced at him and then motioned ahead as if he did not care at all. Inwardly, he was at a bit of a loss though. This vial, what did it mean? There indeed was an inside story but that had been so long ago and he knew that it really didn’t matter.

That person, he did not exist anymore. Neither did the one that he had been in those days. And while they had met again, things weren’t the same anymore as they had been at that time.

This vial, it was his way of holding onto the past. And even though he knew that he shouldn’t do it, he couldn’t help himself. Giving it away might be the best thing he could do even if it pained him. The thought to never get it back … he wasn’t sure what to make of that.

Leng Jin Yu had no idea what was going through Li Yin’s mind but he still hesitated. He had never needed to go on a trial himself because he had not been born a god but a human. That life … it had been enough to make the experiences that Tian wanted the gods to. And even if he had been a trueborn god, after this whole matter with his past life and Jinde, he was pretty sure that he would already qualify for having finished his trials.

So, in the end, even though he had never had an actual trial, he could somewhat understand it. This attachment to something that was long past, to something that wasn’t even a part of your current life, he really got the sentiment behind it. And because of that, he knew he couldn’t do this.

He closed his eyes when he realized this and then handed the vial back when he opened them again. “My husband loves to do refinement. I should have some vials with me. As long as they don’t decrease the water’s efficacy, I’ll just take one of those.”

Li Yin did not say anything contrary so Leng Jin Yu indeed took out a vial he had in his spatial ring in case Jinde needed it. Now, he didn’t have anything to hesitate about so he crouched down and scooped up some of the water.

Looking at it, he felt a little odd. Could this really be the answer to helping Qiu Ling? Could just a few drops of this really be enough to solve a situation they had been agonizing over for days?

He shook his head at himself for even thinking about these useless questions and closed the vial before getting back up. He would find out soon enough if this water could indeed save Qiu Ling. He shouldn’t waste time here. “Alright. We have the water. We should go over immediately.”

The other two men nodded and then turned around, pushing off the ground and flying to the dragon realm.

Leng Jin Yu was surprised that the God of Justice was coming along, but he didn’t ask him not to do so. In any case, he had been involved in this matter for quite some time and while he was always worried when Jinde met somebody new, that was something he would need to get over at some point if they really wanted to openly live in the dragon realm and raise a child.

The three of them made their way to the dragon king’s palace. With Leng Jin Yu and his husband already having gotten pretty famous in the palace in the capital city thanks to Jinde’s looks, and with Qiang Yan being the uncle of the dragon king’s beloved, the three were let in without even as much as a single question.

Li Yin glanced at the guards, not quite sure what to think of this but then just followed behind the other two. Anyway, this lax attitude was something for the dragons to worry about. It definitely wasn’t his issue.

He pushed the thought away and just focused on what lay ahead. He had been to the dragon realm before and had also been in this palace in the past. Usually, he hadn’t taken the time to look around though, and had just gone about his official business. Now, when being led deeper into the palace, he couldn’t help but take a look around. This palace … it was quite different from those in the Nine Heavens.

Soon enough, they reached the corridor where the rooms of Qiu Ling and his advisers were and Leng Jin Yu hesitated for a moment. He hadn’t spoken about this with Jinde yet and he didn’t know either how Qiu Ling himself would react. Now, he wasn’t sure who to go to first.

Li Yin raised his brows. “What’s the matter? I thought you were living in the dragon realm by now. Shouldn’t you know where to go?”

Leng Jin Yu turned back and gave a wry smile. “That … isn’t it. I was just thinking that I didn’t tell Qiu Ling about this before I left. I’m not quite sure how he will react. But I guess we’re going to find out in a moment.” He turned back around and then went to knock on the door, opening as soon as there was a response on the other side.

This time, it was Qiu Ling’s voice that had answered him so it seemed that they really would find out in just a moment more.

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