OMF V9C124 Not Getting His Hopes Up

Leng Jin Yu thought for a moment and then nodded. “That sounds like a good plan. I will go and talk to Qiu Ling first so he knows this might be an option and then talk to Jinde when he takes a break later on.”

Xin Lan gave a hum but didn’t bother about it any further. He just watched as Leng Jin Yu left and then couldn’t help but glance at the door to the chamber where Jinde and Zheng Yin were currently working.

He wondered if he should go over but something told him that him coming in wouldn’t be appreciated. He knew just how serious Jinde was about refinement and Zheng Yin wasn’t that much different. When he was busy with his studies, it was one of the rare moments where he would completely ignore him.

Well, it couldn’t be helped and right now, they were also doing this for his own benefit. Unfortunately, this also meant that he was incredibly bored and these days, being bored had the bad side effect of thinking about Hua Lin Yu.

He closed his eyes and rubbed his face, finally getting up and pacing up and down in the room. Xiao Yu … He wondered what he was doing right now. While he was in the immortal realms, a lot of time would pass in the mortal realm.

Maybe this wasn’t too bad. Originally, he hadn’t wanted to leave because he had hoped that Hua Lin Yu would break up with Xiao Li soon enough. But he also knew that this was a faint hope that was unlikely to come true. No, staying here for a few days would be the better choice.

By the time he returned with his face hopefully healed, years would’ve passed in the mortal realm. So Xiao Yu would have had time to figure out just how much of a bastard that Xiao Li really was. Then, they could rekindle their relationship. At the very least, that was what he hoped for.

He stopped and stared at the door to the courtyard, wondering what he was supposed to do if it didn’t work out. What if, even after that time, Hua Lin Yu would still be with Xiao Li? What if at that time, he’d just look at him and tell him that he still wasn’t willing to spend his life with him? He wasn’t sure if he would be able to take that.

He might not be like the other dragons in that he could only fall in love once, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt to be rejected by the person he loved. No, if he could, he wanted to get back together immediately. But he also knew that this wasn’t his choice. He could only wait. He could only show that he had the patience and the tenacity to still be there when one day, these two broke up. He just hoped that that day would come a little sooner.

While Xin Lan was worrying about his future love life, Leng Jin Yu went to knock on Qiu Ling’s door. The one who answered him wasn’t Qiu Ling though but Zhong Jing Yi.

Leng Jin Yu opened the door and poked his head in, wanting to ask where Qiu Ling was. As a result, he actually found him sprawled on the table, Jing Yi sitting right in front of him, holding onto his hand. Leng Jin Yu raised his brows and stepped in completely, closing the door behind him. “What happened?”

Jing Yi looked at Qiu Ling for a moment before he turned back to Leng Jin Yu, his expression complicated. “I guess he’s just exhausted. I don’t think he slept much in the last few days.”

Leng Jin Yu went over to sit down and took a closer look at Qiu Ling, realizing that Jing Yi was probably right. Actually, Jing Yi himself didn’t look much better. He probably hadn’t slept much either. No wonder. “Well, it’s not an easy situation. No wonder he’s like this.”

Yes, come to think of it, he really wasn’t that surprised. When it came to the immortal races, they were able to forgo eating and sleeping for quite some time without breaking down as long as they took in enough spiritual energy from their surroundings. It still came at a cost and there was a limit to how long they could do this.

Usually, a few days wouldn’t even come close to that limit, especially not for a dragon of Qiu Ling’s age and strength. But he was in a bad situation where he was worried about Jing Yi, worried about Jing He, worried about his own future, and had to govern the dragon realm at the same time.

All of this had contributed to him being like this. So finally, his body had just given out and shut down for a moment. It seemed that this matter was something that really had to be dealt with as fast as possible.

Leng Jin Yu’s expression smoothed out and he sighed, leaning back and looking up at Jing Yi before he gave a faint smile. “I might have a way to help him. I will first make sure of it and then I’ll come back. Maybe if we’re lucky, then in a couple of days, things will already have changed for the better.” He couldn’t guarantee it but even though his personal opinion of Xin Lan was a little ambivalent thanks to their past, he wouldn’t deny that he was experienced. If he said this could be done, that likely was the case.

There was a hint of hope in Jing Yi’s eyes but he didn’t ask any further. Clearly, Leng Jin Yu wasn’t completely sure yet so he didn’t want to pin his hopes on this. It was better to let him go and figure this out completely before he asked more questions and got his hopes further up. “Before you go, can you get somebody else to come here? I didn’t want to leave to get somebody myself in case he …” He smiled wryly, not even wanting to mention it.

Leng Jin Yu nodded and got up, giving Qiu Ling another look before he bid farewell to Jing Yi and the left.

Going over to the room that Fu Min and Fu Heng had moved into, he wasn’t able to find either of them. It also seemed like Xiang Yong had gone out to do something else too, so he wasn’t quite sure what to do. He considered asking Xin Lan for a favor for a moment but seeing how he and Qiu Ling didn’t seem to be too fond of each other, he finally reconsidered and walked in the other direction instead, knocking on Bai Mu’s door.

Anyway, while Bai Mu wasn’t of the dragon race, he was Qiu Ling’s cousin-in-law and the two of them were actually getting along rather well. He was pretty sure that this was the best person to ask in the current situation.

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