RMN C356 We Had Some History

Luo Lin had no idea what to make of this but if his fiance said so, then he naturally wouldn’t doubt it. He still reached out and looked his arm over, realizing that he also couldn’t find anything. “Seems like it healed already. Could that be because of the potion you gave me yesterday?” Shen Lei had suddenly done better after the kiss so maybe there had been some residue left on his lips? That seemed like the only plausible explanation.

Shen Lei shook his head. “No … that potion … it was for calming spiritual energy, not for healing, since there wasn’t any wound on you. I’m really not sure.” It had still hurt before the kiss. In fact, because of everything that had happened tonight, it had been worse than when he originally woke up. To suddenly have it stop … there had to be more to it.

Luo Lin still gently rubbed his arm as if to reassure himself that it was alright. “What about your leg? Does that still hurt?”

Shen Lei looked down and rubbed his leg, his brows furrowing in another way this time. “Yes, that still hurts.” Pretty badly, actually, but he wasn’t about to tell Luo Lin that. Anyway, things were bad enough as they were. He didn’t need him to worry about him on top of that.

Luo Lin indeed looked worried, but he knew that Shen Lei wouldn’t be happy about that so he didn’t say anything and just gently rubbed his arm again before giving a faint smile. “Well, at the very least, that is one injury less. No matter why it happened, I’m happy that you’re doing better. Soon enough, you will be back on your feet completely.”

Shen Lei nodded, even though there was still some worry in his mind. This wasn’t normal and while he tried not to consciously think about it, he had a rough guess just why this might have happened just now. After all, this had happened right after kissing Luo Lin or, more precisely, giving him a kiss on his blood-stained lips. He was afraid that it had to do with that but he didn’t dare to think about it more deeply. Not now anyway.

Instead, he wrapped his arms around his fiance’s waist again and pulled him closer, snuggling up to him. “Well, no matter what, I think that we should sleep some more now. I’m sorry I woke you up before. You need more rest.”

Luo Lin just smiled and then reached up, burying his fingers in Shen Lei’s hair. “Actually, I don’t want to sleep at all right now.”

Shen Lei requited his gaze but, right now, he really couldn’t bring himself to initiate anything. It just seemed like it wasn’t the best time for that. Not that he wouldn’t enjoy himself but it was just that he felt that Luo Lin needed more rest. “You know, my leg still hurts.”

“That doesn’t need to be a hindrance.”

Shen Lei gave a hum and brushed through Luo Lin’s hair before giving him a kiss on the cheek. “My leg still hurts and you just got better. Let’s wait a few more hours just to make sure, alright?”

Luo Lin sighed but he didn’t push the issue. Anyway, Shen Lei had promised to marry him. So soon enough, he would have this man for the rest of his life. What was the rush? “Well, then let’s just sleep. Although I’m not sure if I can. So much has happened. I … I’m afraid of what’s to come. I’m not really up-to-date on what’s going on here but I guess things aren’t looking that good if you were that gravely injured.”

Shen Lei nodded, giving a sigh as well. “No, they’re not looking good. We’re also not much further than we were before.”

Luo Lin nodded. “Well, at least my junior martial brother’s fiance managed to kill that Qu Yijun who attacked you. That is at least one thing even if it can’t change anything about the general situation.”

Shen Lei nodded, his eyes narrowing when he heard of Qu Yijun’s death again. Luo Lin had told him a little last night after he woke up originally but their thoughts had been elsewhere for the most part. Now, he couldn’t help but dwell on it a little further.

He continued to brush through Luo Lin’s hair, his gaze turning worried. “Actually, I’d prefer if you were still in the sect instead of here where something can happen any moment. I … I’m afraid they’ll target you.”

“What for? Anyway, we’re on different sides but everybody has the same risk to bear.”

Shen Lei couldn’t help but shake his head. “I’m not sure if I believe that. You know, Qu Yijun and I … we had some history. So I honestly think that maybe there was more to him attacking me like that. I think that this was payback.” Payback and Qu Yijun wanting to prove that he was able to win over him.

Luo Lin looked at him but he wasn’t sure what Shen Lei was referring to. “I didn’t know you knew each other.”

Shen Lei gave a hum but didn’t explain. Anyway, this was something he probably shouldn’t even mention in front of Luo Lin. After all, the link between them was precisely this person: Originally, Luo Lin had been with Qu Yijun. That had only changed after he went and challenged the other man, winning over him in a fight before going to woo Luo Lin.

He hadn’t thought too much about it back then, thinking that no matter what, they were disciples of the same sect and even if Qu Yijun was angry, there would never be any retaliation that would be too hard to bear. Who could have known that a few years later, Qu Yijun would vanish and then reappear on the other side?

Now, whether it was seriously hurting him or killing him, it wasn’t out of the question anyway. In fact, it was something that would probably bring him satisfaction.

So yes, Qu Yijun’s role in the ambush hadn’t surprised him at all. If somebody wanted to kill him, Qu Yijun was pretty high up on that list. But the reason for that … yes, this was something that he shouldn’t say out loud. No, it was better to keep that in his heart so as to not worry Luo Lin further.

Not that there was much to worry about left. After all, Mei Chao Bing had already killed Qu Yijun and he didn’t think that any of the other disciples of Elder Feng’s would want to avenge him. After all, they had never been close, had they? But then again, he also wouldn’t have thought that Qu Yijun would have felt that strongly for Luo Lin. But obviously, that had been the case after all.

He had already misjudged these people once. He shouldn’t be too sure that he wouldn’t do so again. Thus, in the future, he needed to be more careful, both for his sake but also for Luo Lin’s. That included making sure that nobody would try to take revenge on him by targeting Luo Lin. That was something that he would never be able to forgive himself for.

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