RMN C355 Don’t Worry Anymore

Mei Chao Bing was not the only person who had trouble falling asleep. Over in one of the other rooms of the courtyard, Shen Lei was still looking at Luo Lin’s profile, wanting to make sure that he was doing alright.

Luo Lin had been awake for maybe half an hour before he fell asleep once again. There were no signs of pain in his features but, after what had happened, Shen Lei couldn’t help but be nervous. What if things got worse again? He just couldn’t help but be afraid.

Nothing had happened so far though so he cradled him in his arms, his own injuries be damned, and gently held him, trying to find back his calm. He knew he needed rest. Only this way could he get back on his feet soon and make sure that he would be able to protect Luo Lin out here. After all, since he had come here, it wouldn’t be good to let him leave again. Things were much too dangerous. Actually, thinking how Luo Lin must’ve come here alone, he felt a sense of dread.

When they had been attacked, there had been several people but they hadn’t been able to do anything. It had been more of a massacre than a fight. He knew that. And to think that maybe, Luo Lin could’ve gotten in a similar situation … he didn’t even want to think about it but the thought still assaulted him, strengthening his worries further.

He sighed, consciously trying to push that notion away. Anyway, nothing had happened. Not on Luo Lin’s way to this town and neither tonight. Even though things had looked dangerous for some time, Luo Lin seemed to have gotten through everything. Thus, he didn’t need to worry. He really didn’t.

Luo Lin stirred in his arms, his eyelids fluttering before he opened his eyes and turned to look at him. “Ah Lei, you’re awake?”

Shen Lei nodded and craned his neck, kissing Luo Lin’s temple. “I am. Did I wake you up? I’m sorry. I … I still can’t quite calm down. I was afraid for your life last night.”

Luo Lin nodded, able to imagine how he felt. After all, hadn’t he gone through pretty much the same before? Well, compared to Shen Lei, he had even been forced to look at his lover’s bloody body but not being able to see any injuries while still noticing the anguish the other person was in wasn’t much better. So really, he got the feeling.

He turned in his fiance’s arms, wrapping his arms around his waist, and then craned his neck as well, giving him a kiss on the lips. “Don’t worry anymore. I’m doing much better now. Just … just a little tired.”

Shen Lei nodded and then reached out, brushing over Luo Lin’s lower lip. “You’re bleeding.” At this, he felt his heart ache. Seeing Luo Lin injured was one of the things he hated the most. Thankfully, Luo Lin usually hadn’t ventured out of the sect often and if he did, they were usually together. He would always make it a point to take care of him and make sure that he would never get into a situation too dangerous, protecting him from as much harm as he could.

That was probably also why he had felt so helpless tonight. Usually, there had been something that he could do. But this time, he had been out of his depth, completely unable to figure out what exactly the issue was and how it could be confronted. He had needed to rely on others for that and while he was happy that there had been people there to help, it still made him anxious.

He knew that he wouldn’t do well as an alchemist so he didn’t even need to try and learn going forward. No, this was something that he would have to rely on others for in the future as well. But as soon as they got back from this mission and were in the sect again, he would absolutely use his accumulated merits to get a vial of whatever potions were available just to be prepared in the future.

He never wanted to be in a situation again where he couldn’t be sure to have whatever Luo Lin might need. And also, if they really were to get married, then he would need to take better care of himself as well. After all, he couldn’t make Luo Lin become a widower, could he? No, he would never be able to forgive himself if he died on him just like that.

Luo Lin reached up, cupping Shen Lei’s cheek and gently brushing over his skin with his fingertips. “It doesn’t hurt. Also, if you kiss me, it’ll heal in no time so there’s no need to worry.”

Shen Lei raised his brows but still lowered his head to follow through with what Luo Lin was asking for. “My kisses must be magical then.”

“Oh, they’ve always been.” Luo Lin went on to wrap an arm around his fiance’s neck, still smiling brightly. Right now, he didn’t want to think about what had happened last night. He didn’t quite understand either, to be honest, and it wasn’t important anyway. After all, he was doing better and so was Shen Lei. Soon enough, they would both be back to full health, and then, they could focus on other things. So really, he would just forget about it and enjoy himself.

Shen Lei cradled him in his arms, pulling him closer before suddenly, he stopped in his tracks, staring at Luo Lin with his eyes widened slightly.

Luo Lin also paused, wondering what was going on. “What’s the matter?”

Shen Lei pulled back his arm, looking at it with his brows furrowing together.

Luo Lin reached up, gently brushing over the bandage, trying to see if there was any blood seeping out but he couldn’t detect anything. It seemed that despite everything that had happened tonight, the splint was still in place. “Does it hurt?”

Shen Lei shook his head, still looking very much nonplussed. “No … it doesn’t hurt at all.” After a moment, he sat up, and reached out to the bandage, taking the splint off. Then, he moved his arm around, his brows furrowing further together. “It doesn’t hurt at all. As if … it hadn’t been broken in the first place.”

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