RMN C357 Adorable

When Yun Bei Fen woke up several hours later, he blinked his eyes, stretched, and turned around, checking whether Mei Chao Bing was still there. Seeing him, his expression immediately lit up and he inched closer, hugging his waist.

This was the kind of moment he was looking forward to all the time. Unfortunately, since the moment they had come to this town in the border region, there hadn’t been many chances to spend time like this. Now, he finally had him all to himself. It was just a pity that Mei Chao Bing was currently asleep.

Although, then again, maybe it also wasn’t. Anyway, it had been a long night and Mei Chao Bing had been doing a lot of things recently so it was good if he got some rest. And looking at his sleeping face also wasn’t too bad.

Yun Bei Fen continued to stare at him with a smile, finally making Mei Chao Bing crack open his eyes. Even a normal person would probably be able to realize when they were fixated like that, not to mention a cultivator of his level.

Seeing Yun Bei Fen’s adorable expression, he smiled as well and reached out, rubbing the back of his head. “I would say good morning but it’s probably a little late for that. How do you feel? Still tired?” He still remembered how Yun Bei Fen had looked as if he was about to fall over the next moment.

At that moment, he had been worried. He understood that Yun Bei Fen was worried about his third senior martial brother and wanted to stay up but he really wished that he wouldn’t have to be in that kind of situation in the first place. It just … it wasn’t the life he should lead.

Yun Bei Fen shook his head, not having any idea about what Mei Chao Bing was thinking. “Not tired! Actually, since you’re awake as well, can we take a look at third senior martial brother?” While he really wanted to stay with Mei Chao Bing, he also really wanted to know how his third senior martial brother was doing. After all, after Mei Chao Bing, his three senior martial brothers were the most important people in his life.

Mei Chao Bing nodded, glad that he hadn’t pretended to sleep longer to humor Yun Bei Fen. Of course, Yun Bei Fen would be worried and wanted to check on his senior martial brother. He shouldn’t let him worry for too long. The sooner he saw that his senior martial brother was doing alright, the better.

Mei Chao Bing sat up and looked over the edge of the bed where Da Hei and Xiao Hui were sleeping as if they couldn’t be bothered with anything. These two hadn’t been up at night with them so there really was no reason to be lying around lazily like this but he also figured that there was no reason to say anything. Anyway, there was more than enough to do in the border region. Might as well rest when they could.

Thinking of that, he turned around, picked up his outer robe while grabbing Yun Bei Fen’s at the same time and handing it to him.

The two of them got dressed and Mei Chao Bing walked over to the door, waiting for Yun Bei Fen to step out. Just when he wanted to follow him, Yun Bei Fen suddenly stiffened and ran back inside, grabbing his spiritual beast.

Mei Chao Bing raised his brows, not quite sure what to make of this. “Didn’t we just want to go to see your senior martial brother? What do you need Xiao Hui for?”

Yun Bei Fen pressed the spiritual beast to his chest while he pursed his lips, looking a little down. “Well, if I don’t constantly take him with me, I’ll forget where he is.”

Mei Chao Bing stared at his fiance, not sure what to say about that. He had never seen somebody this irresponsible. But at the same time, he couldn’t even be angry about it because this was the person he loved. And even though he knew that he shouldn’t indulge this kind of behavior, he also couldn’t help but find it adorable.

He rubbed his forehead and then motioned outside. “Well, take him along then.” At the very least, Yun Bei Fen was trying hard. Who knew? After having Xiao Hui with him for a while longer, he might grow used to it and thus pay more attention. In any case, this here was already better than before when he didn’t think of Xiao Hui at all.

The two of them went over to the door of the room where Shen Lei and Luo Lin were resting. Yun Bei Fen immediately wanted to poke his head in.

Mei Chao Bing hurriedly reached out and knocked first, hoping to give the two inside at least a little bit of a warning. After all, one of them had been recently injured while the other had gotten afflicted with some kind of condition that had suddenly occurred without warning, making everyone worry if he’d make it through the night or not. And anyway, they were a couple, about to get married from what he had gathered this morning. That was not the type of people you should barge in on. Not that you should on anyone.

Inside, Shen Lei and Luo Lin had actually been resting. The two of them both cracked their eyes open, glancing at the door, only to see it open already and a fuzzy head emerging, looking at them with worried eyes.

Seeing this, Luo Lin couldn’t help but smile. “What’s our little bunny doing here? Shouldn’t you still be asleep?”

Yun Bei Fen hastily shook his head and then rushed in, sitting down on the edge of the bed, his expression still tangled. “I was so worried about you, third senior martial brother! How are you doing now?”

Luo Lin smiled and turned to glance at Shen Lei before he faced Yun Bei Fen again. “Better, I guess.” Anyway, he was alive, Shen Lei was alive, and they still had a shot at a future together. He really didn’t think that bad luck would continue following them around.

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