OMF V9C112 He Had Missed This

Xin Lan shot a glance at the guy that was still standing awkwardly next to the fence but then just ignored him. Anyway, there clearly wasn’t anything going on between those two if Zheng Yin was willing to just come with him.

Well, this was just right. He definitely didn’t want to have a repeat of that matter with Hua Lin Yu and Xiao Li. No, for once, it would be nice if there was one person just for him. He didn’t mind what had happened since he left or what would happen after he and Xiao Yu got back together but for the time that he was with Zheng Yin, he wanted this person to only be his.

Thinking of that, he carried him over to the house, pushed open the door, and then kicked it shut behind them, shutting out the world outside. Glancing around the inside of the hut, he couldn’t help but smile. “Things still look like they did the day I left.”

Zheng Yin had been observing his expression and only gave a faint hum. In any case, he wasn’t really attached to this place. Originally, it had only been an end to a mean, and then, the only reason he had stayed later on was that he wanted to give Xin Lan the opportunity to come back to him. Why would he bother investing much time into this place?

Thus, the house still looked the very same way it had looked the day he arrived at the Hei Dian Sect, complete with the tree stump and the broken wall outside. The only thing he had done was to tidy up a space next to it and turn it into a small field for spiritual herbs. There was a bigger garden elsewhere but he liked to have some of them close by.

This way, he also wouldn’t be disturbed as much. Although the latter had become a bit ineffective in recent years with some of the senior martial brothers having taken to trying to woo him and running over to his house to do so. Well, with Xin Lan’s return, he didn’t think that they would try for much longer.

When Zheng Yin didn’t react much, Xin Lan also didn’t bother about making small talk anymore and carried him over to the bed, gently putting him down. He gave him a deep look, his gaze brushing over the dark hair that he liked to wear open contrary to those humans, the willowy eyebrows, that thin pair of lips … Zheng Yin was beautiful and now, after years had passed, he couldn’t help but change his opinion: He actually was his type.

Yes, a couple of years ago, what had attracted him to this person had been his defiance, not his looks. After all, when it came to men, he didn’t like those young and cute ones who seemed soft all around. No, he had had a different type. But after spending so much time with Hua Lin Yu, after waking up next to him pretty much every single day and falling in love over time, that had already changed.

Now, Zheng Yin was perfect for him. Even more so because with him, he didn’t need to think about unnecessary matters. This was just a question of having some fun without any lasting consequences and he would enjoy every bit of it. It had been much too long since he was able to do that.

Just imagining how it would be, Xin Lan’s couldn’t help but narrow. “You know, I’ve missed this.” He smiled, his fingers tracing the contours of Zheng Yin’s face, then traveling down his throat and chest, finally reaching his belt.

Zheng Yin gave a faint smile in return. That sentence really said it all, didn’t it? He had missed ‘this’, not him. Who knew what Xin Lan had been up to for this millennium? Or who he had been with. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to know but most likely, he should ask. “A millennium really is a long time. What were you up to?”

Xin Lan lowered his gaze, not having any intention of answering that question. Anyway, he didn’t want to think about that right now. No, there was something he would much rather do. He just needed to convince Zheng Yin of the same.

He leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss, his lips lingering right next to his ear. “Does it matter?” His hands already opened the belt, throwing the fabric aside.

Zhen Yin sighed but then reached up, helping Xin Lan out of his robe. Really, that was a good question. Did it matter? Probably not. Because no matter what the answer was, the outcome would still be the same.

He just … he didn’t know how to say no to him. Even if Xin Lan told him that he had spent every single one of those days and nights with the person he actually liked and had only come here because that one currently wasn’t available, it wouldn’t change a thing.

While he would be incredibly hurt, he’d still go ahead with this just on the off-chance that Xin Lan would see how well they fit together, how much pleasure he could derive from being with him, or whatever else it was he needed to show him so that things might work out between them. Not that he thought that likely.

Seeing him not pry any further, Xin Lan was satisfied. This was precisely what he liked about Zheng Yin: He wasn’t one to make trouble. He wouldn’t ask if he realized that he didn’t want to talk, he wouldn’t even glance at other men while he was around, and he would give in to every whim of his. That was exactly what he needed right now.

He gave him a kiss as a reward and then pulled off the dark robe of the Hei Dian Sect, his hands roaming over the small frame. This should have been how things went with Hua Lin Yu. Just taking off his robe and doing what he wanted to. Unfortunately …

He pushed the thought away and instead leaned down, taking possession of Zheng Yin’s lips while his hands already moved to push him up so he could seize his body as well.

Zheng Yin sighed and reached up, his fingers brushing through that silvery hair while he just clung to him. With the familiarity between them that had been born in the years they were together, it felt as if it had only been a week since their last time.

Everything was still just like in his memories: The soft feeling of those strands of hair while he buried his fingers in them or when they fell down to brush over his shoulders, the slightly rough traces of the scars left on his body from a time long past that he would sometimes brush if he held onto his shoulders instead, the warmth of his skin that soon turned into a heat threatening to burn him, and the way Xin Lan’s muscles moved while he did his best to once again drive him crazy with passion.

Zheng Yin forced himself to stop thinking about how bad of an idea this was and closed his eyes, just giving himself into the sensation, moving together with Xin Lan and relishing in the feeling. In any case, he had no idea how long it would last this time.

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