OMF V9C111 The Same Beautiful Lies

Being pulled up by a man and suddenly kissed, Zheng Yin wanted to push the person away until the familiar feeling hit him. It had been more than a thousand years since they saw each other but he hadn’t forgotten the feeling of Xin Lan’s embrace, the strong hands on his waist, or the soft feeling of Xin Lan’s lips on his.

The hand that had just wanted to push the other person away suddenly stayed where they were, even faintly curling around the fabric of his robe. He had thought that he would never see him again. And for the longest time, that had seemed to be the case. But now, Xin Lan had surprised him.

When Xin Lan finally let go of his lips, Zheng Yin pulled back a little, lowering his head. “I didn’t think you would ever come back.”

Xin Lan gave a hum and looked at the other man’s face, appreciating his looks. “What would make you believe so? I had something to do so I left. Now, I’m back.” He reached up and brushed his cheek, not quite sure how to feel. Zheng Yin was … well, he was beautiful and he knew from experience that the two of them were a very good fit. But on the other hand, this was not Hua Lin Yu. While he was able to stay with him for a while to make time fly faster, this wasn’t something for forever. But then, he didn’t need to say that, did he?

Zheng Yin finally raised his head, looking into Xin Lan’s eyes. He knew that Xin Lan was just telling him some beautiful words that weren’t worth a single piece of paper. He had already known that when they met. Just like he had known that there was another person, somebody that Xin Lan’s heart was actually beating for. And after they had stayed together for several years back then, he had also known that he would never be able to take that person’s place. And yet … he had fallen for him. No matter how much he cautioned himself, he hadn’t been able to keep his feelings in check. With time, it had just naturally happened.

Maybe part of this fatal attraction was the relationship between the spiritual beasts and the dragons. Maybe part of what made Xin Lan so charming was the difference in age and experience between them. And, of course, the fact that Xin Lan could be rather tenacious when it came to pursuing somebody had a lot to do with that as well. If every day, you were complimented, showered with affection, and made to feel that you were the most beautiful, the most precious person in the world, then how long could you really keep in mind that all of that was just lies to make you amenable?

Actually, thinking back now, he was surprised he had even managed to hold on for so long. But he knew that even though Xin Lan was about to tell him the same lies once again, he was still powerless to reject him. Because even though a millennium had passed, his feelings for this man still hadn’t died.

He knew it was stupid to hold onto them but he couldn’t help himself. Anyway, wasn’t that why he had finally stayed in the human realm instead of returning to the spiritual beasts’ territory?

Yes, back then, he could have returned with Wu Ya. And originally, he had said that he would. After the matters of their people had been solved and after finishing with some further studies that he was interested in, he had wanted to go back. But by the time those studies were finished, he had already been entangled with Xin Lan. And by the time that Xin Lan left, he hadn’t been willing to leave the only place where he could be sure that Xin Lan would be able to come and find him.

Now, he didn’t know if it had been the right decision. For sure, it had indeed enabled Xin Lan to find him. But maybe it would have been better if that hadn’t been the case. If he had stayed in the spiritual beasts’ territory instead, he wouldn’t have to deal with this now. He wouldn’t have to fall into the same trap once again, just deepening his own feelings while Xin Lan just … well, did whatever it was that he did. Amuse himself, probably.

Xin Lan could see that Zheng Yin was a little reluctant. Seeing this, he wasn’t too happy. He still remembered how it had needed some time to woo this person before he was finally willing to give himself to him.

Right now, he really wasn’t up to the task. No, he wanted something simple. He wanted to swoop in and continue right where they had left off. He didn’t want to have to answer any questions or tell him anything. No, he just wanted to relax for a while. “You’re looking at me as if you weren’t happy that I’m back. Do you want me to leave again?”

Zheng Yin’s fingers immediately curled more tightly around the fabric of Xin Lan’s robe, quietly giving away his true feelings. He closed his eyes and then slowly leaned forward until he was lying in Xin Lan’s embrace. Letting go of his robe, he instead hugged his waist, feeling the familiar muscles beneath his fingertips, the faint memories of those days emerging. “That’s not it. I just … could not help but think of the past now that I saw you again. It seems so long ago but I probably shouldn’t be surprised. It really hasn’t been a short time.”

Xin Lan looked down at the youth in his arms and then reached up, brushing through his black hair that looked so very much like Hua Lin Yu’s. “And yet, it seems that you remember quite well. I’d say that’s worth to be celebrated.” Saying so, he finally picked him up and gave him a lazy smile. “I assume you won’t mind going inside, will you?”

Zheng Yin held onto his shoulders, giving him another look before finally, he nodded. Heaven help him, but he really could not resist this man.

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