OMF V9C110 Something Uncomplicated

Before the three of them could actually go and look for the shell, the matter with Xin Lan still needed to be dealt with. After all, Jinde was very much aware that he would need to expend quite a bit of strength to heal his face. That was something that couldn’t be done with just a wave of his sleeve.

As such, the actual time to go would depend on how fast he finished with his research, and then on how well the actual process went. If he needed more rest, then he would take that. After all, he did not want to take any chances when actually creating the child. For that, spiritual energy was also required and he wouldn’t risk not having enough to sustain this child he had waited for so long.

As for the person that was about to get the good news, it could be said that his current mood wasn’t the best.

While he might have told Hua Lin Yu that he would wait for him to finally realize that Xiao Li was not the right partner for him and that he would be there when that time came, that didn’t mean that it didn’t affect him at all. No, rather than that, he was incredibly angry.

It had been Xiang Yu who asked him to be his lover in this life. That fallen god had reincarnated with the express intention to have a good trial of love, to have a lover that would care for him. And really, he felt like he hadn’t just fulfilled that expectation, he had outperformed himself in that regard.

Yes, he hadn’t just been going through the motions anymore. No, he had really fallen in love and treated him just as well as he had treated Jinde back then. And despite that, this guy still went out and got with somebody else! To say that he wasn’t furious would be a lie.

Of course, he couldn’t show that in front of Hua Lin Yu. It was one of the reasons why he had left without saying anything else. Now though, he was outside, Hua Lin Yu couldn’t see anymore and the oppressive feeling of rage was still there.

If this had been in the immortal realms, he probably would’ve gone to kill something. There were always some beasts to hunt in the outer regions of the realm after all. Well, he could even go to the demon realm and make some trouble. Even though he wasn’t up-to-date anymore, that Jin Ling was probably up to some kind of nefarious plan to find out what was going on what had happened to Jinde as usual.

But then, he was reluctant to leave the mortal realm. Yes, logically, he knew that it would probably be best to do so. Just a few days out there to get rid of this anger, and in the meantime, several years would pass in the mortal realm.

If that was the case, the likelihood of him returning and finding out that there was already serious trouble between Hua Lin Yu and Xiao Li was quite high. Much higher than if he spent a few days in the mortal realm.

No, here, it would indeed be years before he could expect that to happen. After all, thanks to the fallen god’s obsession, Hua Lin Yu would have a hard time seeing Xiao Li for what he was. Most likely, that guy would have to very, very seriously overstep for Hua Lin Yu to not be able to find any kind of excuse for him anymore.

But even though he knew that, there was a faint hope that he was wrong. That maybe after having that confrontation and then having to spend a week without him, Hua Lin Yu would realize how much he missed him. And that maybe, he would immediately contact him and rush to where he was.

It was just something that he’d love to believe in. And even though he knew that it likely wouldn’t happen, he just couldn’t help himself and wanted to stay.

Xin Lan stopped not too far away from the Jian Yi Sect, wondering where he should go. Maybe he should go and explain to the Hua family. Or maybe he should go to that place he still had over there. But then, it seemed quite awkward to go to what was technically his ex-fiance’s family. So no, he couldn’t bring himself to do that. His pride had already been bruised badly enough. He didn’t need to add insult to injury himself.

Trying to think of a place to stay, his thoughts finally couldn’t help but wonder to another person in the mortal realms that he knew. Actually, this didn’t seem to be such a bad idea.

He narrowed his eyes and then pushed off the ground, rushing towards the Hei Dian Sect. He was pretty sure that he would still be there. And anyway, since Hua Lin Yu currently didn’t want to be with him, why shouldn’t he spend his time with somebody else? Yes, this was for the best.

Arriving at the top of the chasm in which the Hei Dian Sect was built, Xin Lan couldn’t help but smile to himself. Yes, it would be nice to have something uncomplicated again for just some time. There had really been way too many things cropping up with Xiao Yu. Now, he just wanted to relax for once.

Thinking of that, he jumped down and then walked toward the disciples guarding the entrance who gave him a vigilant look. Xin Lan just gave them a lazy glance in return but didn’t even stop. “Relax. I’m just here to pay your sect’s Zheng Yin a visit. Maybe stay for a few days.”

The disciples were able to recognize that they had no chance against him and since he did know the name of one of their disciples, they finally decided to let it go. Still, as soon as he was out of sight, they sent the message inside just in case this was a lie so that the Elders would be forewarned if trouble came up.

Xin Lan had hadn’t expected them to do anything else but didn’t bother about it. He still remembered the place where Zheng Yin was supposed to live. He went right over, finding him in the field behind that house, tending to his spiritual herbs. His gaze lit up a little when he saw the youth. The only bothersome issue was the fact that there was once again a pesky fly buzzing about, trying to ruin his day once again. Well, this time, he wouldn’t just let that happen.

With that thought, Xin Lan walked right over, pulling Zheng Yin up and into his arms, his lips lowering onto his, sealing them in a heated kiss.

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