OMF V9C108 What’s The Matter?

Duan Ming had looked up when the two of them had suddenly started to talk but immediately retracted his gaze when they leaned in, not wanting to disturb them. Instead, he buried his nose in one of the scrolls, trying to focus on that.

Meanwhile, Lan Ling was all ears when they finally weren’t looking at the books and really didn’t want to give up this easily. He looked from one person to the other, waiting for them to separate so he could get a word in as well, but it didn’t seem as if that would happen anytime soon.

Jinde’s hands wandered up on Leng Jin Yu’s arms, finally encircling his neck while he leaned even closer. Meanwhile, Leng Jin Yu also reached over, gently grasping his waist and deepening the kiss.

Lan Ling pursed his lips, feeling that this was really too much. Since he was married, Leng Jin Yu didn’t seem to have any time for his friends anymore. How could you do that kind of thing? He grumbled to himself, only for Duan Ming to give him a kick beneath the table. He looked up and wanted to complain but saw Duan Ming shake his head. In the end, Lan Ling could only pick up a book as well, starting to skim through it. Anyway, he didn’t have anything better to do.

After another minute or so, Leng Jin Yu and Jinde finally separated. They still stayed close though, looking into each other’s eyes. Since they had an audience, there were some things they couldn’t say but after knowing each other for so long, most of it could already be communicated just with their eyes.

Jinde was the one to let go first, slowly pulling down his hands until they came to lie on his husband’s chest. He gently patted it before he turned back to the book he had put down before, getting back to reading.

Leng Jin Yu continued to look at him, wondering how exactly he deserved this person. Despite all the time that they had spent together both in this life and his last, every now and then, he had that kind of thought. It just seemed … odd. As if it was really just a dream.

He knew that it was laughable to think like this. Clearly, the two of them had needed to go through a lot of heartache to get to the point where they were now. Surely, if this was a dream, things should have been easier. So this had to be real.

He finally retracted his gaze, and picked up his own book as well, trying to focus on the next page. His thoughts couldn’t help but drift though. To have a child, a bit of preparation was necessary. Right now, Qiu Ling and Jing Yi had long exchanged rooms with Fu Min and Fu Heng, so they didn’t need to worry about keeping their identities a secret or their child getting hurt. Also, their family members would be close by. So the organizational issues surrounding having their child were taken care of.

On the other hand, there was still the question of actually creating the child. For a couple like them that couldn’t do so with their own bodies, they still needed a vessel for the child to grow in. Usually, that would be a shell from the deep seas. Those were big enough to accommodate a child, and also sturdy enough to keep some harm from them. But that kind of shell first needed to be found.

Jinde glanced up when he realized that his husband hadn’t been moving and couldn’t help but reach out his foot, poking his leg. “What’s the matter?”

Leng Jin Yu was pulled out of his thoughts and looked over, smiling faintly. “Where do you want to go and look for the shell?”

Jinde gave a hum, his gaze turning thoughtful. “Well, the best spots are in the immortal realms. In the current situation, I wouldn’t want to go too far away. The Qishi sea should be a good choice?”

Leng Jin Yu thought for a moment and then nodded. “I guess it is close enough and the chances of finding a good one there aren’t bad. Yes, let’s do that then.” Leng Jin Yu turned back to the book in his hands but Jinde was still looking at him. Noticing this, Leng Jin Yu looked back up. “What’s the matter?”

Jinde’s smile brightened when his lover asked him the same question he had just asked and gave another hum. “I was wondering … do you want to take Qiu Ling along?”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows, not having thought of that before. In any case, it seemed as if Qiu Ling was looking forward to this but it still seemed a bit odd. “Is it normal to …” He glanced at the other two and then fell silent, knowing that he shouldn’t say this out loud.

Jinde also felt vexed that they couldn’t even speak normally about something like this, but he wasn’t about to just push this off until later. They hadn’t talked about their own matters for quite a bit of time now. If they didn’t now, when would they ever get around to it? There was always so much to do, he didn’t think that there would be a better opportunity anytime soon. “Well, he does seem to be looking forward to it. So I don’t see why not. Also, this might take some worries off him. At the very least, we should probably ask whether he wants to or not.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and then closed the book that he had been trying to read before getting up. “Let’s go immediately. Right now, I can’t really focus anyway.”

Jinde gave yet another hum and closed his book as well, gently patting his husband’s chest. “You’re doing exactly as well as I am then. I guess it just has been a bit much in the last few weeks. Every now and then, we will need to take a break. Otherwise, we won’t be able to hold on. Who knows how things will turn out in the future? It’s best not to overdo it.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and the two of them wanted to leave when they realized that Duan Ming and Lan Ling were still there. They exchanged a glance, not quite sure if they should ask them to come along, but in the end, Jinde just pulled his husband to the door.

Anyway, nobody had invited these two guys. And that was a private conversation with his stepson. Why should he have any extraneous people there when he was doing so? He really didn’t think it was necessary.

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