OMF V9C104 You Can’t Go Back on Your Word!

Just as Fei Bai Mu had thought, Hua Lin Yu wasn’t able to distinguish lies from truth. When he heard that Xiao Li had proclaimed his love, even against the pressure of his Master, his eyes glittered and he didn’t even bother to give Xin Lan a gloating look. He just rushed out immediately, throwing himself onto Xiao Li’s back and hugging him tightly.

Xiao Li was startled and looked back, only now noticing the person that had previously been hidden. Staring at Hua Lin Yu’s bright features, he felt cold all over.

So it was like this. All of this had been a set-up. One where the Sect Master would propose for him to leave in exchange for a reward and would let Xiao Yu witness everything in secret. Depending on how he answered, this relationship would be over and whether he would get anything out of it would’ve been a big question. After all, while Fei Bai Mu might be an honest woman normally, who knew if that wouldn’t change where her disciple was concerned? She had already been willing to test him, so who could say if she wouldn’t have other thoughts when giving out a reward for actually following through?

Thinking of everything that could have gone wrong, he gulped and then turned around, gently hugging Hua Lin Yu. “Xiao Yu, why …?”

Hua Lin Yu looked up and then reached up to encircle his neck, kissing him passionately.

Xiao Li pretended to just let everything happen, not knowing what was going on. Of course, he had already figured it out but he definitely couldn’t let Hua Lin Yu catch onto that.

When Hua Lin Yu pulled back, there was a layer of tears in his eyes. “Master still refused to accept the two of us. So … she decided that she wanted to test you to see if you’re really honest about loving me. She said that if you were to pass, she would not oppose us anymore. I’m sorry about having tricked you!”

Xiao Li raised his brows, surprised Hua Lin Yu had known about this. He would have thought his Master would have only lured him here in time to witness the whole act. But thinking back now, maybe that was why he had been complaining incessantly in the last few weeks. Part of that had surely been because they would have to separate, but a part of it might have also been because he hated that his Master still didn’t see things his way. It really fit.

He hesitated for a moment but then hugged him back. “It’s alright, I don’t mind. Anyway …” He glanced at Sect Master Fei and inclined his head. “To be honest, I can understand why Sect Master Fei was being cautious. I am half demon, a normal disciple of the sect who hasn’t even been here for that long, and you are the youngest disciple of the Sect Master. I will admit that looking at things from the outside, it doesn’t look very good for me. It really looks as if I was just trying to take advantage of you. So this kind of matter, I can understand that your Master wants to make sure. Don’t be angry at her for my sake.”

Hua Lin Yu’s eyes seemed to brighten even more. “You’re so good, Xiao Li. I really can’t understand why anyone would think that you were just using me. You’ve never shown any indication of that. Clearly, you love me very much. I’m sure Master has also realized now.”

He glanced at her but before Fei Bai Mu could say anything, there were already steps sounding from behind.

“Why are you so sure about this? Have you ever considered that he realized that something was up? Maybe you’ve given something away in the last few weeks.”

Xiao Li glanced over and couldn’t help but become a little guarded. In any case, the other person was still a dragon. Stealing their partners from them was usually not advisable. If not because he knew that Xin Lan wouldn’t dare to risk getting Hua Lin Yu hurt in the process, he probably also would have taken a step back. But now, it was too late to regret anyway so he could only keep going.

While Xiao Li was still busy worrying about himself, Hua Lin Yu was already getting enraged again. “What are you even talking about? I didn’t give away anything! And you agreed to let matters rest after Xiao Li passed this test. He has passed it, you can’t just go back on your word now!”

Xin Lan stared at him, his gaze dark. “To be honest, I don’t remember giving my word. I believe it was your Master who did. In any case, this man, he is not honest with you. Haven’t you seen how long he thought about things? Clearly, he was considering which reward to pick until he realized that there was a chance you were listening in.”

At that, Xiao Li looked up, putting on an expression of righteousness. “Senior, please don’t slander me like that. For a moment, I was indeed considering Sect Master Fei’s words, but not because of any reward she promised me.

“I just don’t want Xiao Yu to regret anything. And I can indeed see that, compared with you, I’m not as good. I will not be able to protect him the way that you could, or help him advance in his cultivation as you could, I can’t give him the life that you could.

“I admit to all of that. So for a moment, I was indeed considering that it might be the honorable thing to step back and let him have the better prospects in life at your side instead of being selfish and having him stay with me.

“But on second thought, I believe that all these things are worthless if you can’t be with the person you love. Because that is how it would be for me: No matter what rewards Sect Master Fei gave me, I would not be able to find true happiness without the one I want at my side.” Saying so, he tightly hugged Hua Lin Yu to his chest and then gave a faint smile. In any case, clearly, that dragon had obviously seen right through him. Why would he not provoke him a little? As long as Hua Lin Yu stood between them, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

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