OMF V9C103 A Proposal to Consider

Xiao Li had a bad feeling about the situation. Hua Lin Yu had just left and suddenly, he was called to the Sect Master’s palace. If there wasn’t some kind of deeper thought behind this timing, it would really be strange. Most likely, Sect Master Fei had finally decided to deal with who she deemed to be an eyesore.

He smiled faintly when he walked into the palace, and then cupped his fists and bowed in greeting to the Sect Master. “Greetings, Sect Master Fei, I hurried over as soon as I was informed you wanted to see me.”

Fei Bai Mu looked at him, her gaze severe. Xiao Li, she really didn’t know what to think of him. Whenever she saw him, there was a faint smile on his lips. His expression seemed open and aboveboard, and there really wasn’t anything wrong with his demeanor.

It was just … She didn’t even know what it was, but she couldn’t help but feel suspicious of him. She wasn’t sure if this was her intuition alerting her to something that shouldn’t be there, or if maybe this was just her picking up on the demon blood in his body.

In any case, even though she was a cultivator on the path to immortality, at the end of the day, she was still just a regular human. It wasn’t strange to feel some instinctive fear when it came to the gods, dragons, or demons. And while that effect might be a lot less strong when it came to people with just half the blood of one of these races like Xiao Li, she didn’t doubt that it was still there. So maybe that was interfering with her judgment.

After a while, she sighed. “Xiao Li, that relationship with my disciple, how long has it been going on?”

Xiao Li lowered his hands, his smile brightening. So he had been right. This really was about Xiao Yu. “To answer the Sect Master, it should have been some months. I can’t quite put a date on it as between meeting and making any decisions, quite some time passed.”

Fei Bai Mu nodded, but her expression didn’t change at all. “Well, Xiao Yu has just left on a mission. He won’t return that soon. Keeping that in mind, Xiao Li, have you ever thought of leaving the sect?”

Xiao Li raised his brows, a little surprised she would be this straightforward. In any case, of course, he couldn’t say yes to this question. No, this was the moment to play dumb. “I am not sure if I understand what the Sect Master means. Recently, I haven’t been going on missions as often. I was thinking of taking some time while Xiao Yu was gone to go out as well and take part in a few more. I just want to make sure that I will return before he comes back. I promised him that I would be here when he returns to greet him as soon as possible.”

Fei Bai Mu gave a hum, but still just continued to look at him.

Xiao Li looked back at her, wondering what exactly she was waiting for. Clearly, telling her about what he had promised her disciple should work out well, shouldn’t it? Unless that really wasn’t what she wanted to hear. No, she definitely had some other plans in mind, hadn’t she?

Finally, Fei Bai Mu sighed. “Actually, as a disciple of the Jian Yi Sect, you haven’t done anything wrong. Being a half-demon, you also haven’t committed any of the crimes that your demonic ancestors are feared for. Really, wherever I look, you aren’t a bad person.

“But Xiao Yu was already promised to somebody else. And even if, right now, he refuses to talk to Xin Lan, I’ve seen the two of them together before. And I know that they can be happy. If I asked you, would you leave the sect and not come back? I would make it worth your while.”

Xiao Li wasn’t too surprised. In any case, he hadn’t really expected her to call him for anything else. And the introduction to the matter had also seemed like it could only lead to this. The fact that she had at least offered him something in return wasn’t too bad either.

He lowered his head, pondering. He could probably ask for anything, couldn’t he? And the Jian Yi Sect had a lot of resources. The possibilities were boundless. A high-grade weapon, something to strengthen his demonic side, a place where he could cultivate for hundreds or even thousands of years without being bothered … it could all be in the palm of his hand with just a few words.

The temptation was great, and for a while, he couldn’t help but ponder what would benefit him the most. Actually, maybe he could ask for not just one thing but two. Considering how important this seemed to the Sect Master, she might agree.

Just when he wanted to speak up, Xiao Li narrowed his eyes.

The temptation was indeed great but the greatest benefit wasn’t to get something now. No, Fei Bai Mu would give him a one-time reward, something that he could take and vanish with, never to be seen again. All just for the sake of leaving her disciple alone.

Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be a bad deal. But … he was already a disciple of the Jian Yi Sect. And Hua Lin Yu was the youngest disciple of the Sect Master. In the future, while he might not be able to take over her seat, one of his seniors would for sure.

A disciple that was close to the Sect Master, and who was, in fact, also the youngest son of one of the premier cultivation families of this world, why would he throw him away? No, even if this opportunity was good, staying with Hua Lin Yu was even better. The benefits he could gain through their relationship both in the sect and the Hua family … they were endless.

Making up his mind, Xiao Li looked up, giving the same breezy smile that he had shown at the beginning. “Sect Master Fei, I know that you’re just saying this because you want what is best for Xiao Yu. Really, I’m the same.

“But you see, even if he was promised to somebody else before, clearly, those feelings aren’t there anymore. Why force him into something that he doesn’t want? I might not be as good as that dragon, but I’m still a disciple of the Jian Yi Sect. I promise that I will treat him well in the future.”

Fei Bai Mu looked at him, her eyes narrowing faintly. He might be saying that, but he had taken quite some time to consider her proposal. If he really loved Hua Lin Yu, wouldn’t he have rejected this offer immediately? She was sure that Xin Lan would have. He would have cursed her out at the very least.

At this moment, she really couldn’t help but fear that this man might be an even worse influence on her disciples than she had thought before. But clearly, it was already too late. Because this answer, Hua Lin Yu would see it as a profession of Xiao Li’s love, unable to see the hidden layer beneath.

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