OMF V9C102 Time to Say Goodbye

With the difference in time, while everyone was slowly investigating in the immortal realms, matters were changing quickly in the mortal realm.

A few days after Fei Bai Mu had proposed to test Xiao Li, Hua Lin Yu had indeed started to prepare to go on a mission. Every day, other than making sure that he went through the plans for the mission with the martial brothers and sisters that were involved, as well as organizing how they would transport the younger disciples, or packing the allocations from his Master and the sect, he was mostly grumbling to Xiao Li about how unfair it was that he wouldn’t be allowed to come with him.

He really wasn’t happy about this idea of doing a test. But then, if it could make his Master change her mind about Xiao Hui, it would be worth it. He didn’t have a single doubt in his mind that Xiao Li would manage to pass this test. In any case, Xin Lan was just proposing these preposterous things because he was jealous. He … Well, he couldn’t completely fault him for that considering their history, but it still wasn’t right to treat Xiao Li like this. He had never done anything wrong!

Xiao Li actually didn’t mind that his so-called lover was going to leave for a stretch of time. In any case, he was only with Hua Lin Yu for the benefits. Not having to see him for a while would actually make things easier for him. There wouldn’t constantly be somebody clinging to him and he could instead focus on other matters. But of course, these thoughts couldn’t be mentioned out loud.

Instead, he merely tried to persuade him gently. “Don’t think too much. In any case, your Master wants you to gain more experience. You haven’t been outside much, so of course, going on a few missions is good. But if you always go with somebody strong that is close to you, then how will you be able to learn? I might not be as good as that Xin Lan, but I’m still a half-demon. I have additional means to save you out there, but knowing that might impede your growth. It’s really not that strange that your Master has forbidden that.”

Hua Lin Yu pursed his lips, feeling that Xiao Li was really too good. He just couldn’t understand why his Master wasn’t able to trust him. Clearly, Xiao Li was always considering his good and could even find a reason to speak up for his Master even when she was so biased to him. How was this a person that just wanted to take advantage? He could already see the truth, what did he need a test for? But since his Master had proposed this, he also didn’t dare to let anything slip.

Two weeks later, everything had been taken care of and Hua Lin Yu and Xiao Li walked to the junk that would transport the disciples to the starting point of their mission. The two of them stood beside the ship, holding each other’s hands.

“We’ll see each other again soon.”

Xiao Li nodded and leaned down, giving him a quick kiss. “Don’t rush and don’t let yourself be distracted. I know that this is a good thing for you. So make the most out of it. I’ll patiently wait for you here at the sect. The day I see the junk arrive again at the horizon, I will come out so we can reunite as fast as possible.”

Hua Lin Yu smiled brightly and hugged his neck again before stepping back. “You’re so sweet! Anyway, I’ll go then. We’ll see each other again soon enough.” With that, he turned around and rushed onto the ship, going to hide out of sight at first before rushing back to the railing and looking at Xiao Li who was still standing below. Really, hearing those words, he still couldn’t believe that his Master doubted this person. But soon enough, she would see the same truth he had realized and come to understand.

Xiao Li continued to stand on the ground and watched as the other disciples slowly boarded the junk as well. Finally, the older disciples imbued their spiritual energy into the crystals that were inlaid at the sides and the bottom of the ship, making them light up, and the vessel slowly rise into the air.

He waved at Hua Lin Yu, and then sighed when the ship slowly left and finally couldn’t be seen anymore. Only then did he turn around and go back to his own room. Now, Hua Lin Yu was gone. That was a good time to brush up on the good feelings of some other people.

When Xiao Yu returned, he might’ve stabilized his position in the sect so that it would be easier to keep it in the future. After all, he hadn’t forgotten that there was still that dragon hanging around. If that guy saw an opportunity, he would definitely try to break them up. He had to work hard now to make sure that that couldn’t happen.

With Hua Lin Yu around, it was a bit difficult to take care of such things since he usually monopolized a lot of his time. Actually, he should take on a few missions himself. Nothing worked better to get people’s trust than going through some tough situations with them. With his heritage, he wouldn’t have to fear anything and if he managed to save a few people every now and then and helped them when they were at their lowest, then his reputation would soon be much better. Who could still say something against him then and doubt the sincerity of his relationship with the Sect Master’s youngest disciple?

Xiao Li smiled when he thought of that, and then went outside, wanting to go and get a mission for himself that wouldn’t take too long and have him return before Hua Lin Yu could come back. But just when he had made his way over to the pavilion to receive a task, a disciple approached him, telling him to go to Sect Master Fei’s palace since she wanted to talk to him.

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