OMF V9C87 The Dream of Every Seamster

Needless to say, the seamstress was ecstatic at the thought of being able to make a set of robes for the king and his lover.

She didn’t know where exactly the king normally got his robes but he was known for being one of the most handsome men in the immortal realms. In fact, if you were to ask a dragon, then everyone would tell you that he was the most handsome man in the immortal realms without a doubt. He also happened to be one that was always immaculately dressed.

From the little she had heard about his lover, the same was true for him. He was supposed to be a beauty that would make people feel breathless at a glance. And just like their king, he would not step outside with even a hair out of place, always adequately dressed for his status. These two were the dream of every seamster!

She couldn’t help but feel a little curious and turned to Jing Yi to take a look at that Son of Heaven. Seeing him, she couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. He was … well, he wasn’t looking bad but he was not the beauty she had imagined. He seemed quite average, maybe on the cuter side, but not the sophisticated crown prince who could awe a stranger with a single glance or gesture without needing to mention his status. He absolutely wasn’t what she had imagined.

She looked at him for a moment longer and then hastily turned back to the king, just focusing on the fact that no matter how his lover looked, she would still be the one who would get to make a set of robes for him and the king. “That won’t be a problem at all, Your Majesty! Maybe you would like to take a look at the fabrics and colors I have in stock? I can also order others if you have something different in mind.” She motioned to the door in the back, hastily leading the way when Qiu Ling nodded.

Meanwhile, Duan Ming and Lan Ling hung back a little, turning to each other.

“A pair of red robes sounds a lot like a pair of wedding robes.”

Duan Ming nodded, his brows furrowing together. From what he was seeing, he wasn’t sure if it had been a good idea to come here. Was Jing Yi really so unapologetic that he would go to have a pair of wedding robes made the day that he had tried to assassinate his lover’s fiance? In fact, how could the dragon king go along with this since he and the crown prince were already an item? Or did he regard that as a matter of the past?

No matter how he thought about it, he wasn’t happy. But still, this was their private matter. The only thing that wasn’t was the assassination attempt. Thus, for now, he motioned for Lan Ling to stay back in the main room, letting the other three people hash out everything regarding that set of robes.

In the back of the building, Qiu Ling and the seamstress looked through the types of fabrics that she had there, as well as the colors they were available in.

Qiu Ling wasn’t a stranger to how robes were made. In the time after his parent’s death when he had been living alone, he had started to make all of his own clothes himself and while they had been crooked and barely wearable at first, his skill had grown with time. In fact, he probably wasn’t worse than any of the professional seamsters in the capital city. Thus, looking through the fabrics and talking about his vision for the wedding robes turned into quite an easy process.

The seamstress couldn’t help but look at him with glimmering eyes. There were male seamsters in the capital city and not just a few but she wouldn’t have thought that the king of all people was so well-versed in their trade. Realizing this, she felt incredibly flattered. After all, this clearly had to mean that he attached enough importance to their art that he had taken the time to learn despite how busy he had to be. How was this not a compliment paid to all seamsters? She really felt like running over to the others and telling them immediately!

Meanwhile, Jing Yi hung around, feeling a little lost. He knew that compared to Qiu Ling, he lacked a lot of experience in all types of situations but he wouldn’t have thought that this extended to dress-making. No, he had thought that this would be something where they equally lacked in knowledge and would have to rely on the seamstress a lot.

Now, he actually found out that he couldn’t have been more wrong. Qiu Ling and the seamstress were talking so spiritedly, he felt like he was intruding into a talk between peers as a layman. He couldn’t help but feel a bit odd. But anyway, it was good that Qiu Ling was able to organize everything. This way, he wouldn’t have to fumble around to make this possible.

Maybe half an hour had passed when Qiu Ling was already satisfied. To him, it had also been nice to have somebody who understood what he wanted so well. He absolutely wouldn’t mind making those robes himself but with everything else going on, that just didn’t seem like a good idea. Anyway, it was good that things had worked out this way.

He turned to the seamstress and nodded. “Very well. Let’s go with that then. You don’t need to rush this order as we don’t need them immediately. In fact, I would estimate that the shortest time would probably be about a quarter of a year. Maybe slightly longer.”

He didn’t know what else needed to be organized for the wedding itself and also, there was the matter with Leng Jin Yu and Jinde and the child, as well as the matter with him and the curse, Jing He’s trial, and on top of all of that, he still had those kingly duties that he shouldn’t renege on. So no matter what, he would be a busy man for the time being.

For the wedding, it would be nice to have a few free days to take care of everything. Thus, he didn’t want to rush matters. While the wedding might help with his condition, it also shouldn’t be something that they did too casually. That just wouldn’t do.

The seamstress nodded, even though she was sure that she would immediately get to it. Then again, with all the specifications that the dragon king wanted, and since she couldn’t allow for even a single mistake on these robes, this would take quite a bit of time. “I will start as soon as I can and then inform the palace when I have finished the first part so we can alter the details as necessary.”

Qiu Ling nodded, feeling that this was to be expected. “Yes, please do so. For now, we will leave you to your matters again. Please don’t feel the need to put anything else aside just because of my identity though. There will be more than enough time.”

The seamstress nodded and then accompanied them to the door, sighing deeply when the four people finally left. Ah, to think that the king himself had come to her small store and actually ordered a pair of robes … she still couldn’t believe her luck.

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