SML V4C30 Plan Something Special

Li Ming smiled, not feeling too pressured by that request. Anyway, he hadn’t needed to think about this for the last two weeks so it was probably about time that he also came up with something for the other two. “Actually, I guess I shouldn’t tell you beforehand and just make it a surprise. So if there’s one thing that you absolutely don’t want to do, you should tell me now or tomorrow at the latest.”

Yao Ai pursed her lips and thought for a moment before her expression lit up. “Then how about not doing something that involves a lot of walking? You know, I’ve always felt that it was bothersome while not being enough fun. I might change my mind though if there’s something really interesting to see.”

Li Ming nodded, feeling that this was something that he shouldn’t have trouble accommodating. “Very well, then I’ll be the judge of that. Anything on your no-go list, brother Duan?”

Duan Zhi Hao sighed. “Ah, just take into consideration that I’m an old man. You can’t do anything with me that’s too strenuous.”

Li Ming chuckled and shook his head at him. “I’m almost as old as you are.”

“Aiya, you can’t compare that! You’re a security guard. You’re supposed to be fit. Even ten years further into your career, you’ll still be fit. But I? I’m working in my office all day. Of course, I’ll be feeling like an old man.”

Li Ming just laughed but still nodded his head. “Well, then I wouldn’t want to overburden you. I’ll find something that won’t be too difficult to do for either of us. I’d suggest I’ll text you in the morning so you’ll know where we’ll meet up. How’s that?”

Duan Zhi Hao shrugged his shoulders and picked up his bottle again, not seeming bothered at all. “I’ll never mind surprises. Just tell me if there are any requirements like if I need to put on some good clothes or something.”

Li Ming smiled but he didn’t think that there would be any requirements like that. Anyway, while he had some savings, he wasn’t currently working, and Yao Ai was fresh out of school. He didn’t think that they should do anything where she would have to pay. So either Duan Zhi Hao and he split the cost for her between them or he had to find something that they could do for free.

Anyway, he didn’t think that it would be too difficult to find something fun to do for the three of them. Anyway, Shanghai was big and there were many activities to choose from.

Having made a plan for how to go about things on the weekend, the three of them pushed the thought of the next two days away completely, and just had some fun. Which … mostly turned out into turned into Yao Ai telling them stories about her friends, her life at school, and her family.

Li Ming couldn’t help but feel drawn in by how passionate she was about all of that. In fact, it made him wonder why she had such trouble finding something she wanted to do in the future. But then, if you went at everything you did with this kind of fire, then maybe it was indeed more difficult to find that one thing your heart was beating for. That could probably be some trouble in and of itself.

Meanwhile, Duan Zhi Hao looked at her as if he was indeed an old man who was currently reminiscing about a far, far away time when he, as well, had been young once. Seeing how he was in his early thirties, it was quite funny to watch.

Yao Ai didn’t seem to notice. In fact, she wasn’t paying much attention to Duan Zhi Hao either way and focused on Li Ming instead. Between the two of them, he seemed always more supportive of her. Why would she waste time on Duan Zhi Hao? He would just use the opportunity to tease her again!

Finally, Li Ming glanced at his phone, his brows raising. “Oh, looks like it got pretty late. Should we call it quits for today? Anyway, we still need to go to the course tomorrow. And I guess your parents also won’t like it if you get back late.”

Yao Ai pursed her lips, clearly not too happy about having to go home but she also realized that it would probably be better to do so. Otherwise, her parents would just nag her again. “Fine, then let’s stop here for today. But tomorrow, we’ll have to do something else!”

Li Ming and Duan Zhi Hao both raised their brows at her.

“Don’t you have that talk with teacher Linghu tomorrow after the course? You won’t have the time to go out with us either way.”

Yao Ai’s expression fell when she realized this. “Right! Ah, sheesh, then I guess that won’t work.”

Li Ming chuckled and just waved toward the door. “Don’t worry too much about it. Anyway, isn’t there still the weekend? I’m sure we’ll be able to make up for all the fun you’re going to lose out on tomorrow. And anyway, don’t you want to hear what teacher Linghu has to say? You were so excited about the idea yesterday.”

Yao Ai pursed her lips some more but finally nodded. “Well, I guess you’re right. You’d better choose something good for Saturday though! You basically need to put the fun of two days into one.”

“I’ll certainly do my best.”

The three of them left the bar and then went to the nearest station together before everyone went on their own way.

Li Ming went shopping for some groceries and then returned home, actually not thinking of Mo Fang for once while he made a late dinner. These days, there was so much happening around him, and he was confronted with so many new things, that he thought hadn’t crossed his mind even once. Even now, he himself didn’t even notice and just happily worked on making food, already eager to give it a try afterward.

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