OMF V9C86 A Pair of Red Robes

Just when the two of them had finally found another house of a seamstress and were going over, they spotted two familiar figures coming toward him then.

Qiu Ling and Jing Yi stopped in front of the door and stared at Lan Ling and Duan Ming. The other two had noticed them as well and everyone exchanged a glance before the two gods walked over.

“Longjun, brother Zhong.” Duan Ming greeted them while Lan Ling looked around to see if Leng Jin Yu and his husband were close by. When he couldn’t spot them, he already wanted to ask but Duan Ming shook his head at him.

Qiu Ling watched them and could imagine what was going on. He wasn’t too sure if Jinde would be happy to see these two, but in any case, having some more people around that could help wouldn’t be too bad either. And anyway, having somebody come over who knew Leng Jin Yu from the Nine Heavens might also help with spreading the right story.

Thinking of that, he gave a faint smile. “It seems that you came to visit your friends. What I said before about being welcome in my palace still stands. You can go right over there if you wish to.”

Duan Ming nodded, feeling that this was quite nice considering the circumstances. Still, that wasn’t what he wanted right now. “To be honest, first of all, we wanted to have a talk with brother Zhong. I’m not sure if you would be available?” He turned from Qiu Ling to Jing Yi, giving him a questioning look. Right now, he wasn’t quite sure how to deal with him. But then, this conversation would probably clear that up.

Jing Yi looked at Qiu Ling instead of responding, not sure what to say either. He knew that Duan Ming and Lan Ling had likely already heard what he had done so considering that it was their crown prince he had tried to kill, that was more than awkward. Also, they were currently out in public. That really wasn’t the place to talk about this.

Seeing the situation, Qiu Ling motioned to the house they had stopped in front of. “There’s one matter we still need to take care of. How about you come inside with us and just wait. After that, we can return to the palace together. Then, we can have a talk.”

Duan Ming inclined his head, not failing to notice that the dragon king had included himself in that. “That would be very much appreciated. I hope that we aren’t making trouble for Longjun.”

Qiu Ling shook his head and then walked up to the door, stepping inside, Jing Yi and the other two gods right behind him.

The proprietress was sitting to the side, working on finishing up an order when she heard steps coming in. “I’ll be there in a minute!”

Qiu Ling smiled, quite happy that he was treated like a normal customer. “Please take your time. We’ll have a look around.”

The woman nodded without even looking up, continuing to work on the embroidery she was currently doing.

Qiu Ling didn’t mind and just turned away, indeed taking a look around.

There were some fabrics displayed at the side, probably for the customers to choose from. She also had a few small objects like bags or belts on display in the middle of the room, and a whole outfit on the other side, that looked like it might be her proudest creation yet that she wanted to show off to her potential customers.

Seeing that, Qiu Ling smiled. He had often been called vain in the past. And to be honest, it was true. His appearance was something that he had always taken care of. He knew that this was mostly because he was trying to hide what was beneath.

Since he couldn’t change his blood, he at least wanted to make sure that he put his best foot forward when it came to his outer appearance. So really, he had a thing for well-made clothes. And seeing what she had here, he was sure that she would be able to do a good job with their wedding robes.

The woman finally finished her piece, and then got up, walking over to the four of them. “I’m sorry for having you wait. What may I do for you?”

Duan Ming and Lan Ling stood to the side, trying to not draw any attention while Jing Yi turned to look at Qiu Ling. He wasn’t even sure if ‘wedding robes’ were much of a thing in the dragon realm. Considering what he knew about how they got married, he actually doubted it. Thus, he wouldn’t know how to explain to her.

Qiu Ling turned around, giving the woman a smile. “Oh, my lover and I would like a set of robes, both red.”

Indeed, wedding robes like they were used in the human realm or among the gods weren’t a thing in the dragon realm. Or, rather than that, they weren’t the same in the dragon realm. The dragons did have traditional robes that were used around relationships, like signaling that you were looking for a spouse, to woo somebody, or to show that you were becoming a couple, but that was not the same thing as it was in the other realms. A pair of red robes wasn’t among those either.

The proprietress was frozen stiff when he turned around and didn’t even realize what he was saying. “Oh, my! Your Majesty! I’m sorry, I … I didn’t realize it was you.” She hastily inclined her head, feeling like kicking herself for wanting to finish the embroidery first. Seriously, couldn’t she have put it to the side for the time being and tended to these customers first? How often did it happen that the dragon king stepped into your business? Now, she didn’t know what to do.

Qiu Ling just smiled though and shook his head. “No need to apologize. I said it was alright and that we’d look around first. If we had been in a hurry, I would have mentioned it. Also, I do like what I saw. So, that pair of robes, would it be possible?”

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