OMF V9C83 You Also Know?!

The two husbands exchanged another glance before Fu Min rushed over the table, planting his butt on the chair opposite Xiang Yong.

“Did he tell you as well? How can you still be so calm!”

Xiang Yong looked at him, and inwardly felt a sense of relief. Thankfully, it seemed like they had still taken the news rather well considering the circumstances and were just freaked out by how sudden and unexpected everything had been. This didn’t mean that they were rejecting the king now.

He glanced at Fu Heng who had slowly walked over but was now standing behind his husband, just staring at him. Not wanting to look at him standing there the whole time, he motioned over to the other chair. “Why don’t you sit down as well? I could imagine that this will be a longer talk.”

Fu Heng didn’t necessarily appreciate being told what to do in his own place, especially not by Xiang Yong, but he still did as he had said, also wanting to know what exactly was going on here.

Xiang Yong took a deep breath when Fu Heng complied with his request, feeling that he probably wasn’t the right person to do this. He knew that Fu Heng didn’t necessarily like him thanks to his husband’s previous behavior but currently, it couldn’t be changed. No, they would have to discuss this among the three of them. Anyway, the only other person who was completely up-to-date on all of this was An Bai and he definitely didn’t have time for this.

Xiang Yong folded his hands on the table, and then looked at the two of them. “This matter, I’ve known for a while. Originally, An Bai was the one who figured it out.”

Fu Min’s eyes widened. “An Bai also knows? Are we the only ones who weren’t in the loop?”

Xiang Yong shook his head. “No, Qiang Wei and Yi Zan don’t know either. Well, Yi Zan does know about that person since his sister is helping with hiding that information but he doesn’t know about His Majesty’s parentage yet. Meanwhile, Qiang Wei hasn’t been told anything.”

Fu Min wasn’t really sure if this was actually making him feel better but at the very least, he wasn’t the only clueless one. That should count for something, right? He drummed on the table with his fingers, his brows slowly drawing together. “Alright, so you’ve known for some time. So, what’s your take on this? What should we do now?”

Xiang Yong raised his brows in response to that. “What should we do? Should we do anything? In these years, has he been a bad king?”

Fu Min was startled and scratched his head, not sure how to answer that. “I mean, he has been a bit flaky.”

Xiang Yong’s gaze roamed about, feeling that he really hadn’t done himself a favor with asking that question. Yes, their king hadn’t necessarily done well in the last few years.

Don’t mention the time of the trial where he had been pretty exclusively down the mortal realm or the ten years with His Highness in the Nine Heavens before that, even earlier, he had usually pushed his work off onto them, running off to who knows where. It had often been difficult enough to get a hold of him to have him take care of matters. That wasn’t necessarily the definition of a good king.

He sighed but also relaxed a little. At the very least, Fu Min’s view on the king didn’t seem to have changed at all if he still gave that kind of response. “Yes, but consider this: At that time, nobody knew. He was alone with this knowledge and with the constant fear of what would happen if people found out.

“A big reason for why he acted the way he did was that he was afraid. I still don’t think that justifies his behavior but I feel like he has calmed down recently in that regard. Now that he isn’t alone with this anymore, he is willing to focus on his work. I guess we owe this to that person’s reappearance.”

Fu Min had been pretty indignant before about being one of the last people to find out, but hearing Xiang Yong say this, he had a sobering feeling. Actually, being told about something like this late, could he really complain about that? Clearly, their king hadn’t been ready before. Now, he finally was. In fact … “You said that An Bai figured it out originally. Did you two … confront him?”

Xiang Yong shook his head at that. “No, back then, we didn’t know for sure. There were some signs that pointed to it being true and we were pretty sure but we didn’t think it would be a good idea.

“Also, our feelings were pretty similar to what the two of you are going through right now: We weren’t sure if we should do something. But then, we figured that no matter what, he isn’t bad as a king. We’ve had a long period of peace. And even though he is flaky as you said, that is in part thanks to him.

“He has stabilized the realm to a degree that I’m not sure any other king would’ve been able to achieve. And, to be honest, I can’t imagine anyone else sitting on the throne other than him and still doing this good of a job despite bearing such a huge secret alone. I think that matters would deteriorate if someone else was to take over. That isn’t something that I want to risk.

“Also …” His gaze softened a little and there was even a faint smile on his lips. “I don’t know about the two of you but His Majesty himself was the reason why I came to the capital city and tried to become an adviser. He might not have lived up to my full expectations but I know that he can be that person. We only need to weather this storm. Then, I am sure that he will achieve new heights. We just need to let him.”

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