OMF V9C82 This Won’t Stay a Secret

When Xiang Yong knocked on the door, there wasn’t a response at first. He waited, wondering if maybe they just needed a moment but when nothing had happened after about half a minute, he knocked again.

Inside, Fu Min was pretty much freaking out. He had been struck frozen when their king dropped that bomb on them and hadn’t really recovered until after Qiu Ling had already left. Actually, his husband hadn’t done that much better. But Fu Min really didn’t know what to make of this.

He prided himself on being able to gather information. That was the task he had among Qiu Ling’s advisers. But now, he had to find out that such an important piece of information, and he hadn’t even had an inkling of it. That was a huge blow to his ego.

And, well, there was the added complication of suddenly knowing that their king, who was reigning over the dragon race, wasn’t even a full-blooded dragon. That was quite … well, surprising. It was also something that made him think that they absolutely couldn’t let this knowledge get out.

He was pacing up and down, very much like he had done last night. When there was a knock, he couldn’t help but freeze up again, giving his husband a worried look. Could it be that this was the king? Did he want to see if they had processed the news?

Fu Heng also had no idea but he did get up to make his way over to the door and open it.

Fu Min grabbed his arm before he was even halfway over there though. “No! You can’t! What if it’s His Majesty?”

Fu Heng furrowed his brows, not sure how to answer that. If it was the king … could they let him stand outside?

Fu Min also wasn’t sure what to do otherwise and paced around his husband. “Oh, this is such a mess!”

By then, there was already the second knock, and the two of them turned to look over there once again.

“It might be somebody else. Anyway, isn’t Xiang Yong back? And what about that couple from next door?” Even though Fu Heng had understood what their king had said about their actual identities, he couldn’t bring himself to address them like that. It just … it seemed strange. ‘The couple next door’ was much easier to mention.

Fu Min’s expression lit up and he already wanted to rush over when he suddenly stopped in his tracks. “If one of them is the reincarnation of His Majesty’s father, and the other is clearly his lover and was also His Majesty’s predecessor, then doesn’t that mean that these two also know about this?”

Fu Heng nodded, feeling that this sounded about right. At the very least, he couldn’t imagine how there was another way. Unless … His Majesty’s father had died before His Majesty discovered what his mother actually was. But he wasn’t too sure about that. And it wasn’t like they could just ask. He definitely wouldn’t dare to ask the king, and they couldn’t ask that couple in case they didn’t know. Otherwise, they would expose the secret and they couldn’t allow for that to happen.

Fu Min also didn’t know what to do but he figured that if it was anybody else, they couldn’t just pretend not to be in. Well, they could for some time but they couldn’t forever. Thus, it was better to confront this head-on. And even if it was His Majesty, they would also find a way to deal with it!

He marched over to the door and opened it, his expression looking incredibly stiff.

Xiang Yong raised his brows, not all that surprised, before he glanced at Fu Heng. Usually, that guy wasn’t looking all that happy around him, so he wasn’t surprised to see him with a grim expression either. It was just that this time, he was afraid that this had much less to do with him and more with what their king had done.

Ah, sometimes, he really wondered what their king was thinking. This matter … had it really been a smart idea to expose it just like that? Maybe he should’ve at least waited until they made some kind of plan for the scenario. But then, it couldn’t be changed anymore so what was the use in thinking about it?

The three dragons stared at each other, neither of them knowing what to say.

Fu Min turned to look over his shoulder at his husband before slowly turning back to Xiang Yong. He wasn’t sure what he thought of this whole matter for the time being but, at the very least, he knew that this was something that they couldn’t just tell anyone. No, not just not anyone. Even if it was one of the other advisers, they also couldn’t say it. After all, this was a big secret. They would first need to make sure of what this actually meant before they could decide on any further actions.

Realizing this, he forced himself to give a smile, trying to seem natural. “Xiang Yong, what a surprise! We haven’t seen each other in a while. How are things in the Nine Heavens?”

Xiang Yong raised his brows and then stepped past Fu Min, going to sit down at the table. Clearly, these two were trying to pretend as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately, they weren’t very good at it.

Well, he could probably be happy that he was the one who went to see them first instead of some unrelated person. If someone realized what was going on because of their strange behavior, they would be in an even worse situation. He couldn’t let that happen.

He waited for Fu Min to close the door so the sound was cut off before he immediately spoke up. “We saw each other once already after I returned from the Nine Heavens so you should know that. But I guess what His Majesty told you shocked you more than enough so I’ll give you a pass. You have to get your act together though. Otherwise, this won’t stay a secret for long.”

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