OMF V9C84 Not The Most Important Matter

Fu Min pursed his lips and then cupped his cheeks, propping his elbows up on the table. “Well, it’s pretty clear which parent he takes after so there’s nothing we have to worry about, right?”

Xiang Yong’s brows rose even further when he saw Fu Min’s flippant attitude. “Just like that?” He had thought that he might need to do some more convincing. While Fu Min hadn’t shown any negative feelings about this and hadn’t mentioned being uncomfortable with Qiu Ling as king because of this, this just seemed like a big enough thing for him to freak out over a little more. After all, compared to the others, Fu Min was a lot more emotional about things, if not to say dramatic.

He could have imagined another outcome. One where Fu Min would be hurt over being kept out of the loop for so long and would also feel betrayed by having a person sit on the throne that wasn’t actually of their race or at least not completely. But apparently, he had thought wrong.

While those feelings had clearly been there in the beginning, they already weren’t relevant anymore. He had gotten over it fast, not needing more than a little nudge if even that.

Fu Min indeed blinked his eyes and then shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t get what the big deal was. “I mean, we’ve seen how he acted when he met His Highness and how he has been ever since then. Tell me that this isn’t the kind of love that a dragon would feel when meeting their fated partner.

“And even though he didn’t tell me about that, I’m pretty sure he already bound his soul. I mean, otherwise, would we even be in the current mess? Clearly, part of the reason why this hit him so deeply is the curse.

“And if he is enough of a dragon to both be able to bind his soul and be hit by Tian’s curse, then he is also enough of a dragon to sit on our realm’s throne. I mean, I guess it is pretty awkward to have a half-demon on there but there could be worse things.” He shrugged his shoulders again, seeming like he wasn’t bothered at all.

Fu Heng nodded, feeling that what his husband said was true. Yes, it wasn’t a question at all whether their king should be their king. Of course, he should! He hadn’t given them a reason to doubt his ability — or, well, not much at least — and if they hadn’t realized that he wasn’t a full-blooded dragon until he actually mentioned it and only a deeply learned scholar like An Bai could detect some traces, then surely, his demon-side couldn’t be strong. Why should they worry about that?

No, the only worrisome thing was how to make sure that this would be kept a secret. Not that he thought that he would have any trouble. He wasn’t one to talk a lot so nothing would get past his lips. But overall, if An Bai had managed to figure it out, and there were clues, then that was a problem. It might not be a big one considering that there weren’t many people that knew as much as An Bai or might know their king well enough to figure this out but just a slight possibility was dangerous because they could never know how others would react to the news.

Also, that was just about their king’s parentage. Other than that, there was still the small problem that they also had a golden-haired, golden-eyed beauty running around the palace which was something he was pretty sure they would have trouble keeping a secret. And really, while people might not genuinely suspect that he was their king’s predecessor, there absolutely would be comparisons to that person.

Fu Min thought of the same problem as his husband and motioned over to the door to the garden. “Let’s not talk about that for a moment. What about these two? He just casually mentioned their identities but … why are they here? I mean, clearly, it’s not just to make up for An Bai not being here right now, is it?”

Xiang Yong shook his head. “From what I was told, they mostly have personal reasons.” He felt a little awkward saying this but then, since Fu Min and Fu Heng already knew the gist of it, it would be best to get them up-to-date about everything. This way, they could help with keeping things under wraps. “They want to have a child and that seemed the easiest in the dragon realm.”

Fu Min’s eyes widened. “A … child? You mean, like, His Majesty’s future sibling?”

Xiang Yong fell silent for a moment but then nodded. “Yes. There is a bit more to the story of the two. I will tell you but maybe not right now. There are other things that need to be taken care of.”

The two husbands exchanged yet another glance, not quite sure what might be more important than this. Then again, with everything going on, it wasn’t that strange either.

Xiang Yong sighed at their expressions, also feeling that this was a little ridiculous. “His Majesty intends to hold a wedding ceremony for himself and His Highness’s reincarnation. He tasked me with helping him prepare everything. Considering that this is something that might help with his current issue, I think we shouldn’t let too much time pass. It would be best to start preparing immediately and finish as fast as possible. If there is an auspicious day two or maybe three months from now, then I would say that would be a good time to hold the wedding. It should give us enough time to prepare while not dragging matters out for too long. In any case, I will need your help with this.”

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