SML V4C24 Please Don’t.

Since they had come in especially early, there was still almost half an hour until the course would start. With nobody else there yet, Yao Ai couldn’t help but feel bored. Thinking for a moment, she turned to Li Ming, propping her chin up on her hands and giving him a deep look.

Li Ming turned to her, raising his brows. “Is something the matter?” He couldn’t help but feel wary of that type of gaze. Sometimes, the women at work had looked at him like this when they were about to ask him the kind of intrusive question that he actually didn’t want to answer but felt a bit too polite to just brush off completely. Yao Ai … wouldn’t d the same, would she?

Of course, that was precisely what she wanted to do.

After giving a hum, she tilted her head a little. “Say, what I’ve been wondering since yesterday: What actually attracted you to your girlfriend in the first place? I mean, if she was so horrible, that you still don’t even want to talk about the breakup, then why did you even get together?”

Li Ming sighed when his uneasy feeling turned out to be right. Well, so much for that. He should’ve known that she wouldn’t just let it go. He should probably count himself lucky that she hadn’t already quizzed him about this yesterday. “Well, I just didn’t realize how he was.”

On the other side, Duan Zhi Hao gave a hum of his own. “You know, I find that difficult to believe. I mean, you’ve been so … observant this whole time. How come you didn’t realize when it was about your own girlfriend?”

Li Ming really didn’t want to talk about this. Not just because he didn’t want to speak about Mo Fang and his relationship with him, but also because it was always a bit strange to talk with people who clearly assumed that his ex had been a woman.

The things he said wouldn’t necessarily tip them off as long as he didn’t directly mention a boyfriend, but he felt like he was lying to them if he didn’t put the record straight. In fact, if he had to do with them for a longer amount of time, like back at his work, he would definitely come clean. But he didn’t feel comfortable after just a few days and definitely not in front of the teacher currently leading the course.

Thinking about all of that, he figured that he should probably just give a short excuse and then not talk about it anymore. That would be the best way to stop this and then maybe find a better opportunity to tell them the truth in the future if they really stayed in touch.

“Well, I was in love. It just happened. And when something happened that seemed odd to me, I found explanations for him. He didn’t need to say much. I did most of that on my own.” He sighed, having realized that this was also part of the problem he and Mo Fang had had. “Really, do we need to talk about this?”

Duan Zhi Hao immediately indicated zipping his mouth, and then went to look at his phone, going through the website had been looking at before when they waited outside. Anyway, while he wanted to help, he knew that this kind of talk probably wasn’t something that Li Ming wanted to do. A new girlfriend for him would be better in helping him heal.

Meanwhile, Yao Ai didn’t really seem to share that thought. “You know, we’re not trying to force you but clearly, you have some pent-up emotions about this. Don’t you feel it would be better to talk about this with some friends?”

Li Ming smiled wryly. “You know, I did that right after we broke up. And by now, a lot of time has passed and I’m just happy it’s over as I said yesterday. So really, you don’t need to do this.”

Yao Ai gave a hum, not quite happy about it but she also realized that she wouldn’t get any further in that regard. Anyway, she just wanted to know some more information so it would be easier to find somebody new for him. But it seemed that this approach was the wrong one. In that case … she just needed to change tactics!

She nodded to herself and then furrowed her brows, her gaze turning even more inquisitive. “Well, if you don’t want to talk about her, then let’s not talk about her. So, in general, what’s your type?”

Li Ming raised his brows, staring at her in disbelief. “My … type?”

“Yes! The type of girl you like. What would that be?”

“Uh …” Li Ming didn’t get any further. There were times when you could talk around the kind of person you were into, and then there were questions like this. Sure, he could give some general qualities but at a certain point, he wouldn’t be able to pretend anymore. And he was afraid that Yao Ai was currently trying to get to the bottom of this.

He frowned and finally leaned a little closer. “Sister Yao, you aren’t trying to set me up with a friend of yours, are you? Because if you are, please don’t. You are quite a few years younger than me and I’m also not looking to date right now.”

Yao Ai looked at him and blinked her eyes. “What? Aiya, I wasn’t thinking of anything like that! But you shouldn’t give up on dating just because you had one bad experience. Anyway, not all women are like that!”

Li Ming leaned back and sighed deeply. “I know that. You know, I’ve had a few relationships in my life. And save for that one, we usually broke up quite amicably. So really, you don’t need to tell me. It’s just that, right now, I want to focus on other things. I just feel that that is the right thing for me to do. So really, you need to try and convince me.”

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