SML V4C10 You Too?

While Li Ming was trapped in his own thoughts once again, there was suddenly a commotion from down the corridor. He perked up, trying to figure out what was going on. If he wasn’t wrong, this was the direction that he had just come from.

There was the sound of somebody speaking, the tone sounding as if this was some kind of lecture going on. It had the kind of pace that people usually wouldn’t use in everyday life. Then, there was a young-sounding female voice, apologizing profusely.

Li Ming faintly raised his brows, having a faint guess just what had happened.

Considering the people that had just arrived on this floor together with him, this was probably the girl that had been on the elevator with him. She should have gone to the room that the course material for whatever she had signed up for indicated. Then when she heard sounds from inside, she might have feared that she was running late and just opened the door only to realize that there was already somebody in the room and not the ones she had expected.

This kind of thing really didn’t seem that surprising. Most courses would go over several weeks, some just for two like the one he had chosen while others would run for a quarter of the year, even though those might be just a few hours every day. But either way, today was probably the day when quite a few new people started. And not everybody would always know how to behave in that situation. So things like that would happen often.

Steps came closer, and then somebody sat down right next to him, stretching out her legs and sighing deeply. Before he could even turn to look, she had already revived though and was turning to him herself. “This is so embarrassing! I just opened the door to where I’m supposed to have my course, and there was already somebody in there but it wasn’t the people for my course. I really hope that the guy teaching it isn’t the same one I’ll have.”

Li Ming turned to face her and found out that she was indeed the girl he had thought of. He smiled at that and shook his head. “Even if it was, if he’s been teaching for a while, he should have experienced things like that quite a few times. I wouldn’t be too worried about that.”

The girl beamed when he reassured her, already looking as if it wasn’t that much of a problem anymore. “Well, I guess you’re right. Anyway, if it was such a big problem, they could also have some kind of system in place to signal that the room is occupied, right?”

“I supposed so.”

“Anyway, I am Yao Ai. I’m here to take a communication course.”

Li Ming smiled even more at that. “Really? That wouldn’t be the one in room thirteen, would it? That’s the one I registered for. I’m Li Ming.”

Yao Ai immediately became excited. “Really? That’s awesome! That’s exactly the one I picked. So I guess we’ll be seeing each other every day from now on!”

Li Ming nodded, happy that he had already managed to meet one of the other participants. That would definitely make it less awkward. Not that he really needed to worry about that. In any case, they would be studying most of the time and it was only two weeks after all. How awkward could it get? But currently, he just really wanted to have contact with anyone he didn’t know yet. He just felt like it would make things so much better.

While the two of them had started to talk, the person next to the window had also turned around and after thinking for a bit, he finally came over and sat down on Li Ming’s other side. “Hey, I’m sorry to jump in on your conversation. I wasn’t eavesdropping or anything but I heard that you were talking about the communication course from down the hall. Is that the one you’re currently taking?”

Li Ming turned around and gave him a smile as well. “No problem at all. That’s indeed the one we registered for it. Did you register as well?”

The guy nodded excitedly. “Yes, I did! I’ve taken some other courses here before and I heard quite a few good things about it. I heard the teacher is really nice.”

Yao Ai heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness! I just barged into the room because I didn’t know they were still doing the previous one. Do you have any idea if he is currently teaching as well? Because I really wouldn’t want to get into anyone’s bad book.”

The other guy looked embarrassed and shook his head. “I’m afraid not. I guess the schedules online though so you could go and check.”

Yao Ai’s eyes went wide and she immediately pulled out her phone, really checking for the schedule.

Meanwhile, Li Ming turned back to the other guy. “I’m Li Ming and this is Yao Ai. What’s your name?” Even though he might not see this group of people again after the course was over, he still figured that having a good relationship was for the best.

He should make the most out of this. And especially this guy, if he had taken part in more courses previously, then maybe they would also see each other in other courses in the future. In fact, this was probably something that he should ask about. If he had experience, then maybe he could recommend him some other things to pick up.

He was just afraid that right now, they didn’t have enough time anymore to talk about that. After all, the previous course would end in no minute or two and then, they should probably go and move into the room so they would be prepared when everything started. He didn’t think that Yao Ai would be able to take it if she was late after being too early previously.

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