SML V4C6 The First Thing He Needed to Do

When Li Ming finished his workout and went to the locker room later on, he realized that he actually really hadn’t seen Mo Fang a single time while he was in there. Could it be that Mo Fang had actually taken his words just now to heart? Would he really leave him alone now? Thinking of that, he had mixed feelings. But in any case, it would be better if Mo Fang really did.

He went to take a quick shower and then changed, putting on his street clothes again. When he looked around, he still couldn’t see Mo Fang. It seemed that wherever he had gone, whether it was to actually work out or to leave again, he was really leaving him alone.

Well, that was great. He could finally focus on himself again. And he knew what the first thing was that he needed to do when he got back home. Li Ming grabbed his bag and left, waving at Yu Qiang before he made his way back home.

When he arrived, he wasn’t quite ready yet to do what he thought of and instead went to make himself something to eat. Sitting down with a bowl of steaming food, he felt a little better. In any case, there was nothing as comforting as cooking and then having some nice food. Even heartbreak didn’t seem as bad over this kind of thing.

He smiled to himself and slowly ate before he got up to get his laptop. Even though this might be a little harsh, it was still the right thing to do. Opening a document, he finally started to type.

Li Ming only needed a couple of minutes until he was finished and saved the finished file on a card, putting it into the case of his phone before he got up and picked up his jacket. He didn’t have a printer at home so he’d have to take care of that somewhere else.

Looking up and the address of a copy shop not too far from his apartment, he finally walked over, getting two copies. Looking at the printed copy of his resignation letter, he still had a strange feeling.

He had spent years at the railroad station and he liked the job. But it was time to do something new. There was probably something better out there, something that he could do and grow with. He owed himself that chance.

Sighing to himself, Li Ming carried the paper back home and signed it, and then sat at the table, wondering what to do.

After a moment, he took out his phone again, and scrolled through the numbers in his contact list, finally stopping on Boss Mo’s. He didn’t want to make trouble but this was just the right step for him. Still, it was something that would also impact the others. He was very much aware of that.

After hesitating for a moment longer, he finally gave him a call.

At this time, Boss Mo was at home. When his phone ring, he took it out and then raised his brows when he saw that it was Li Ming. He couldn’t help but have a faint hope in his heart that maybe his son had been right and they were getting back together. Thus, he hurriedly accepted, his voice cheerful. “Li Ming! It’s so nice of you to call me.”

Li Ming felt a little awkward when that was the greeting he got. “Ah, Boss Mo … I’m afraid you won’t be as happy after I tell you why I called.”

Boss Mo couldn’t help but freeze up at that. “I … I guess you’re not getting back together with my son after all? Ah, I should’ve known.”

Li Ming really wasn’t sure what to make of that. Had Mo Fang said something like that? Well, it wouldn’t be strange. He didn’t want to have that conversation though so he finally just cleared his throat, ignoring what Boss Mo had said. “I’ll be handing in my resignation letter tomorrow. I just figured I should give you a heads up.”

For a moment, silence stretched between them. Boss Mo really wasn’t sure what he should make of this. Li Ming had been with them for years. To suddenly resign … he was afraid of what the reason for that might be. After another moment, he cleared his throat as well. “Is this because of my son? Because, you know, maybe the situation can still be solved. Resigning isn’t the only choice.”

Li Ming sighed at that. “This is also because of your son but not just. Boss Mo, I’ve been with the railroad station for a long time. I genuinely like the job. But I think that I need to do something else. For a while at least.

“This matter with Mo Fang … it has certainly contributed to me figuring that out but it’s not the sole reason. I probably should’ve left after that matter with Su Yan back then. In any case, I guess it’s just not my place anymore.”

Boss Mo sighed at that. To be honest, he couldn’t refute a single thing that Li Ming had just said. Even if it had only been because of Mo Fang, he still would have needed to admit defeat. Now, he especially didn’t have a reason to tell him to stay if there were several things going on.

“Well, should you change your mind or should you want to return in the future, just give me another call. You’ve done really good work these few years. It’s a pity that we will have to lose you but I understand.

“In any case, you’re young. You’re bound to want to try some new things. And I guess you can really make more out of yourself than being a security guard at a railroad station. Well, I wish you good luck.”

“Thank you, Boss Mo. Well, there’s still 30 days counting from tomorrow. I hope you’ll be able to find a replacement in that time.”

Boss Mo sighed, once again being reminded just how good Li Ming was. To actually worry about his colleagues and his boss like this … how many employees were there that were like this? “Don’t worry about that. In any case, we currently have a full team. One person … we’ll be able to cover that for a bit if things get difficult and I guess it shouldn’t be that hard to find somebody else.”

“Well, thank you then. In any case, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The two of them bid farewell and Li Ming lowered his phone, staring into empty space.

Maybe he was getting a bit ahead of himself by resigning from his job before he had anything else lined up but, to be honest, this was the only way he could think of doing things. The longer he stayed around, the more difficult it would get.

Now, he would be free of this obligation soon and he could focus on building the future anew. Maybe he would manage to figure something out faster than he actually thought.

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