RMN C320 Not a Common Potion

The first thing they saw when they go to the scene was Elder Baili standing awkwardly to the side. He was looking toward them, but seeing that they were of the Teng Yong and the Zhen Yan Sect, he merely nodded.

The group turned to the slender youth on the ground behind him who was curled over the body next to him.

Zhi Guan’s eyes widened and he rushed forward, grabbing Luo Lin by the shoulders and pulling him up while taking a look at Shen Lei on the ground. “How is he?”

Luo Lin just quietly cried. To be honest, he didn’t need to say anything. It was obvious just how bad his condition was. Despite slowly using the things that he and Elder Baili had managed to gather, there hadn’t been any progress that was big enough to change that fact. In fact, they had barely managed to keep him alive but it wouldn’t for long anymore. Luo Lin had already used up everything they had.

Zhi Guan scrambled to take out what they had gathered but Taishu Min already rushed over and grabbed his hand before he could give it to Luo Lin. “Don’t!”

The two disciples of Elder Baili looked at her and before she could say anything, Luo Lin reached over and grabbed the things, wanting to apply them to Shen Lei.

Taishu Min cursed but instead of trying to take them back, she just jumped over Shen Lei’s body and tackled Luo Lin to the ground. “Are you crazy? This is never going to be enough to save him!”

Luo Lin tried to push her off, not even wanting to argue. He also knew that what he was doing didn’t make much sense. He had tried everything he could to heal Shen Lei but it hadn’t really changed anything. Now, what they had managed to gather was more than they had had before but it still wouldn’t be enough. Not in the condition that Shen Lei was in.

Even if he managed to save his life, he knew that Shen Lei would be severely disabled. But right now, he couldn’t care less. Even if he lost a limb or whatever, he could live with that as long as Shen Lei didn’t leave him.

Zhi Guan stared at the two of them, not sure what to do. To him, Shen Lei meant almost as much as his own junior martial brothers. He definitely didn’t want to let him die. But at the same time, he could also see that Taishu Min was right. Shen Lei wouldn’t make it.

Meanwhile, Mei Chao Bing closed his eyes and then went over as well. “Senior martial brother Zhi, please hold your third junior martial brother back for a moment. I feel like there is still some solution to be had here. Just give sister Taishu a moment to explain.”

Zhi Guan wasn’t sure if he was right but everything was better than just watching their own people fighting like this. Thus, he indeed grabbed Luo Lin, holding him securely and nodding at the disciple of the Zhen Yan Sect to explain herself.

Taishu Min heaved a sigh of relief when things seemed to get resolved and then motioned over at Shen Lei. “His situation is too serious as that these common pills and potions would be able to change it for the better. Rather than that, I have something that will be able to help him more.”

Luo Lin went limp in Zhi Guan’s arms when he heard that. “What are you waiting for then? Just take it out!” Right now, he really didn’t want to have any long-winded discussions. He just wanted his lover to be saved!

Taishu Min looked at him, feeling sympathetic. Clearly, he loved Shen Lei very much, and having to see him like this and not knowing whether he would make it for several hours had to be agonizing. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be rushed. She needed him to understand what she had to say.

She took out a small vial from her bag that was filled with bright red liquid. “This is a vial with the blood of the Zhen Yan Sect’s red priest. It has healing capabilities much stronger than common cures. Even bringing someone back from the brink of death won’t be a problem.”

Luo Lin wanted to interrupt her again but Taishu Min raised a hand.

“I know. But there is one problem: It can’t be used like a potion or pill where you can just dribble it on the wounds in the worst case. For this to work, it has to be suffused with spiritual energy and swallowed. If he can’t do that …” She shook her head. “It wouldn’t work. And right now, brother Shen is unconscious. Even worse, I’m afraid that even if we used all the gathered resources on him, he still wouldn’t regain consciousness.”

Luo Lin shook his head, not wanting to hear that. “There has to be a way!” He didn’t want to believe that they had what they needed to heal him, just for it to fail at the last moment. He couldn’t accept it!

Taishu Min looked at him, her gaze complicated. “Listen to me first. There might be a way. Namely, that you suffuse this with your spiritual energy instead, wrap it inside it afterward, and then guide it into his body that way.”

“I’ll do it!” Luo Lin didn’t even hesitate. His eyes had long gone wide and he was just staring at that vial. Why wasn’t she handing it over already?

Taishu Min still held onto it though. “Brother Luo, you have to understand that this is not some kind of simple potion. This is strong. And I’m honestly not sure what this would do it came in contact with a healthy person’s body. We’ve never tried that and I, personally, would never dare to do that. Even good things can turn into poison in the wrong amount. You could —”

Luo Lin pushed Zhi Guan off and snatched the vial from her hands. “As if I’d care!” Before Taishu Min could say anything else, he flicked off the lid and poured the whole thing into his mouth.

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