OMF V9C20 A Good Plan

With Xin Lan being like this, not even Helian Nuan could be angry at him. Clearly, someone who had this kind of attitude wasn’t somebody who would make too much trouble for her grandson.

It seemed she had treated him unfairly when she accused him of it having been his fault when they broke up for the first time back then. Maybe her older grandson had been right all along and it had been Hua Lin Yu who made trouble back then. After all, Xin Lan clearly had no problem with owning up to his actual mistakes. Why would he lie about any part he had had in it back then?

Thinking of that, she couldn’t help but want to help out a little. “Xin Lan, when you go to the Jian Yi Sect, it might be best to go to his Master first and have her call him over.

“Xiao Yu has gotten away with a lot over the years, including not confronting his own problems. He might try to run away again if he thinks you came and will argue with him. If there is somebody else around, he will have an easier time opening up. And you also wouldn’t have as much trouble finding him.”

Xin Lan nodded. “Thank you very much, Madam Hua. I will do that then.” Even though Hua Lin Yu hadn’t grown up around the Hua family for most of his childhood, they still knew him rather well. After all, they had always made it a point to come and visit him. Now, that really came in handy.

He glanced at the others and finally stopped on Hua Lin Rong’s face, his gaze a little inquisitive. “Speaking of having somebody else around … you wouldn’t want to come along, would you?”

Hua Lin Rong raised his brows, surprised that he was suddenly asked such a question. He definitely hadn’t expected this. “Me?”

Xin Lan lightly tilted his head, his expression thoughtful. “Ah, I do believe in what Madam Hua said. And while Sect Master Fei is somebody I do trust and who is surely close to Xiao Yu, I think the same is true even more so for you. Also, since he talked about things in detail with you, I feel like he might be more comfortable having you around. And for this matter, I really don’t want anything to go wrong.

“We’ve had several problems in the past. Some of that was probably also my own doing. But no matter what, I do love your brother and I want to spend my future with him. Since that is the case, I don’t want anything to weigh on our relationship, especially not this kind of thing that only amounts to a small matter at the end of the day. I think it would be best if we got this out of the world soon and also as easily as possible. That way, we can look toward the future together again. So, if you were willing to help me, it would mean a lot to me.”

Hua Lin Rong stared at him and the thought that maybe his brother really didn’t deserve this man crossed his mind for a fleeting moment. His gaze turned complicated but finally, he just nodded. “Alright, I’ll come with you. If you ever need my help, I’m there.” Really, he would’ve liked to have Xin Lan as his brother-in-law but by now, he really didn’t believe anymore that it would happen.

Even though that was the case, he was willing to give it a last try. Maybe his younger brother would surprise him. Maybe because of how prudent Xin Lan was in dealing with this matter, he would be able to get over what had happened and start to appreciate him more. Then maybe, these two could really be happy in the future.

Xin Lan sure looked as if that was still something he wanted. And as long as that was the case, Hua Lin Yu might be able to realize that this was really the best choice he could make.

Xin Lan inclined his head, happy that he had managed to enlist his help. He knew that Hua Lin Yu could be difficult to deal with. He felt like he would probably be able to deal with that himself but it couldn’t hurt to have somebody at his side who was willing to advocate for him just in case.

Also, if things went south, there would be somebody to go after Xiao Yu. After all, if he was the cause of his upset, he could hardly do that himself, could he? And somehow, he had trouble imagining Fei Bai Mu as the kind of motherly type who was able to comfort a crying child.

No, that really wasn’t something he saw her as. That woman was rather the type who would go and break the bones of whoever dared to make the child cry in the first place. Not that she would have an easy time with him in that regard. But he could imagine that she would have some choice words to say to him if it happened. So in that case, he could stay around and listen to that while Hua Lin Rong dealt with the problem on the other hand. It sure sounded like a good plan to him.

Having decided on everything, Xin Lan silently waited for Hua Lin Rong to finish his meal before the two of them bid their farewell to the rest of the Hua family and then made their way over to the Jian Yi Sect, going straight to Sect Master Fei’s palace.

Now, it seemed that his reunion with Hua Lin Yu was just one step away. Thinking of finally seeing him him again, Xin Lan couldn’t help but smile.

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