OMF V9C19 He Owed Him That

All eyes suddenly turned to Hua Lin Rong, clearly expecting him to deal with this. His lips twitched, feeling that his family was really doing him dirty here.

Back when they had realized that Hua Lin Yu had vanished from their family’s estate as well and had gone to the Jian Yi Sect with Wu Ya, he was the one who had suggested going to the sect and bringing him back here or at least making sure that they somehow got a message to Xin Lan.

It shouldn’t have been that difficult. After all, he was a big name in the dragon realm. If they contacted any dragon in the mortal realm that they could find — or maybe even the spirit beast tribe if there was no other option — then surely, he would be informed.

But unfortunately, his parents and grandparents had thought that this wasn’t a good idea. Even though they probably hadn’t wanted to make trouble, they also felt that it might be better not to get involved too much.

They had said, that it might very well be that Hua Lin Yu returned home before Xin Lan would come back. Then, they would have informed him for nothing and just made it seem as if the trouble was bigger than it actually was. That argument was what had finally convinced Hua Lin Rong not to do anything. But now, it was somehow him who had to tell Xin Lan what was up.

He smiled wryly and then motioned outside. “Do you want to talk about that in private?”

Xin Lan glanced through the room and then raised his silvery brows at Hua Lin Rong. “I didn’t know that the rest of your family are considered outsiders. Honestly, you can just tell me straight out.”

Hua Lin Rong’s expression didn’t necessarily get better but he still motioned for Xin Lan to take the seat where his younger brother would usually sit.

Xin Lan looked at him for a moment but then went to sit down, giving him a long look. “No need to stall. I have a good guess where he might be. I just want to confirm before I waste my time going somewhere else in case he isn’t there either.”

Hua Lin Rong’s lips twitched. “Well, from what I know, he is currently at the Jian Yi Sect. He went there together with Wu Ya. We did not know before they had already left.”

Xin Lan nodded. “So it really was like that. But you’re not sure if he is still there either.”

Hua Lin Rong shook his head. “No, I’m not. And honestly, we thought he would stay here. So even though I think he has no reason to leave the Jian Yi Sect, I can’t say what exactly is going on either. His Master sent me a letter while after he went there but … Well, who knows for sure what happened in the meantime? The next letter might already be on the way here.”

Xin Lan nodded. “Well, I guess I’ll see when I get there.”

Hua Lin Rong nodded faintly and then glanced at his family who had all started to stare at them as if there was nothing better to do. He frowned at them but then just turned back to Xin Lan. “Do you want to go immediately or do you have time for a meal? I guess you’ve been traveling around for quite a bit.”

Xin Lan gave a hum but didn’t really answer either way. “I did travel for a bit. I needed some time. I’m not sure if I’ve made that clear enough to your brother though. Was he angry?” The way he looked at Hua Lin Rong this time was a little careful as if he was actually worried about that.

Not just Hua Lin Rong but the rest of the family was surprised at that as well. From what they knew, Hua Lin Yu had been worried that Xin Lan would be angry and now, the reverse was true as well? This was quite surprising.

At that, Fa Min Juan couldn’t help but speak up. “I wouldn’t worry about that. To be honest, he was worried that you might be angry.”

Xin Lan looked at her and smiled faintly. “Well, I admit that this matter was my fault so I can hardly get angry at him.”

Fa Min Juan and her husband exchanged a glance, and finally, she couldn’t help but speak up again. “Well, Xiao Yu told his brother what happened. Are you sure that you’re alright with that?” She couldn’t help but glance at his mask, but hurriedly retracted her gaze again, not wanting to pour salt into the wound. Clearly, he still had some hangups if he left over that and for such a long time as well.

Xin Lan grimaced and couldn’t help but reach up, faintly touching the mask as well. “I won’t lie, it’s hard to bear. If you love somebody, you don’t want to be anything less than perfect for them. Unfortunately, I’m clearly not. But in any case, I found somebody who might be able to heal me. I’m just not sure how long it will take. So knowing this, I’m not as worried anymore.”

Fa Min Juan heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that instead of just running off because the emotions had boiled too high, Xin Lan had actually been searching for a solution to the problem. “You know, I think that even if you didn’t, Xiao Yu wouldn’t mind. He does love you.”

Xin Lan gave a hum and couldn’t help but think back to the night that could have been their wedding night if he hadn’t been an idiot. “I don’t think I regret not showing him. It is … more than just a bit of a mood killer to see. But I do have some things to make up to him in regard to how I did it. I guess that will have to wait until I see him again though.

“But anyway, I’m glad that you think so. When I do see him, we will have a calm talk about it. I still owe him a better explanation.” After all, back then, he didn’t really explain anything. And he sure owed it to his partner to get more than that. So as soon as he saw him, the first step was to apologize and the second was to explain. Only that way did they still have a shot at a future together.

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