OMF V9C17 Who Is Going to Have That Conversation?

Qiu Ling and Jing Yi definitely weren’t the only couple that was at a bit of a standstill when it came to their meeting where one side wanted to meet up and talk while the other was pulling away. Yes, the same could be said of Xin Lan and Hua Lin Yu as well.

The latter was currently holed up in the Jian Yi Sect and even though a couple of days had gone by already since he said that he wanted to contact Xin Lan, it still hadn’t happened.

Fei Bai Mu was already having a headache over her youngest disciple’s behavior. “You talk to him. Just talk some sense into him.”

The two older disciples that were currently in her study couldn’t help but exchange a glance. “Master, not to question your command but maybe we shouldn’t get involved? I mean, if he is in so much trouble with his fiance, then maybe it’s just not the right thing for him.”

Fei Bai Mu lowered the hand that she had used to massage her forehead, and looked at her disciple. “She Fen, are you still angry that Xin Lan managed to steal your junior martial brother from right under your nose?”

His senior martial sister chuckled at that. “It seems you hit the nail right on the head, Master! Although I have to agree with junior martial brother She in this case. I know you just want to help but maybe that relationship has just run its course. If I remember correctly, this isn’t the first time they’ve argued to this degree. And I don’t know, but that junior martial brother Xiao seems quite alright. Maybe they would make a nice couple. Little junior seems to like him a lot at least.”

Fei Bai Mu looked at them, feeling like she was getting even more of a headache. Even if what they were saying was true and it might be better for Hua Lin Yu to split up with Xin Lan and get together with that Xiao Li — which honestly, she wasn’t sure about — he should at least have the decency to break up with his fiance first. “Well, which one of you is going to tell Xin Lan then?”

The disciples straightened up, suddenly not seeming as if they had an opinion about this matter anymore.

Fei Bai Mu nodded slowly. “That’s what I thought. Currently, what your junior martial brother is doing, is running away from a difficult conversation. But no matter what, it is one that he has to have.

“He almost got married to Xin Lan, that is something he can’t just forget about. And he can’t hide forever. So either, he contacts him and tells him that things are over or he contacts him and the two of them make up.

“I don’t care either way but he has to contact him. He can’t just leave things up in the air and do whatever he wants. That is not the kind of behavior I want to see from my disciple. For now, the two of you can ponder whether you want me to tell him again or if you want to do it. In any case, he can’t push this off any longer. He has to do something.”

The two of them exchanged yet another glance, not quite sure what they should do about this. They also knew that their Master was technically right. In any case, it really wasn’t a nice thing to leave his fiance hanging like that.

But at the same time, this was their little junior. They had always pampered him all these years. He had still been so small when he came to the sect and they just couldn’t help but think that he was lovable no matter what he did.

They would’ve been able to forgive him anything. And if that fiance of his wasn’t of the same opinion, they kind of felt that he wasn’t worthy. Although, looking at this without the rose-tinted glasses of their attachment to Hua Lin Yu, they also knew that he was currently doing Xin Lan dirty.

“Can’t we talk to Xin Lan?”

Fei Bai Mu all glanced at her oldest disciple, her gaze emotionless. “Well, if you do have a way to contact him, then please go ahead. But even I don’t so I don’t think it will be any different for you.”

Her disciple winced and then lowered her head.

Her junior martial brother glanced at her, not quite sure what to say either, and then finally sighed. “Alright, then we’ll go and talk to little junior. In any case, it can’t be that difficult to talk some sense into him.”

At that, both his Master and his senior martial sister looked at him as if he was an idiot. He gnashed his teeth but there really wasn’t something that he could say. In any case, they had spoiled Hua Lin Yu to the point where he would really do whatever he wanted.

Then again, She Fen felt like he couldn’t really be held responsible for that. In any case, it had been all of them and also the Hua family and it wasn’t like this fiance of his was any better. In all time they had been together, he had done whatever Xiao Yu had wanted.

So really, where would their little junior have ever learned to do something he didn’t want to? No, it seemed that even though it was rather ugly, Xin Lan would have to deal with the fact that he wouldn’t get that conversation.

In fact, if he didn’t turn up soon, he would have to follow his fiance through half the mortal realm, only to find out that he had already been snatched away by another man. She Fen definitely sympathized with him when it came to that part but he didn’t think that there was anything he could do.

Still, he was willing to at least give it a try. In any case, that much couldn’t hurt, right? And at the very least, he could tell himself that he had tried to do Xin Lan a solid one.

Ah, he did wonder when that guy would be coming back though. He had been staying away for rather long. It really made one wonder if he hadn’t been worried about his fiance running away at all.

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