SML V3C70 Not Without a Note

The three of them stayed awake for several more hours until the couple went to bed while Li Ming settled down on the couch. He couldn’t fall asleep though.

In his mind, he just couldn’t help but think of all the things he had done with Mo Fang. And just like it had been the whole evening since he heard that phone call, he couldn’t help but wonder how much of it had been real. Even those feelings … had Mo Fang only acted those out as well? Or had he truly loved him?

That thought alone made him unable to get any rest. He just couldn’t take it. Despite everything, he had been happy with Mo Fang. If at least a small part of it had been real, he would maybe be able to live with it. But to think that really everything had been a lie … he just didn’t know how to recover from that.

While Li Ming had trouble sleeping, Mo Fang had trouble staying awake. Originally, he had wanted to wait for Li Ming to come back so they could have some fun but he was already drunk and his boyfriend was really taking forever so, in the end, he drifted off into sleep.

It was only in the middle of the night that he finally woke up again. He stretched, his head hurting a bit but he was otherwise fine. He reached out to pat the spot next to him, wanting to cuddle up to Li Ming. Then, he realized that the other side of the bed was completely cold.

His eyes snapped open and he stared into the dark, furrowing his brows.

He patted around some more, even going so far as to turn around and check behind him but there was nothing. In fact, it seemed that Li Ming hadn’t come to bed at all.

Mo Fang reached out for his phone, switching on the screen to get some light, and then looked around the room but nothing could be seen of Li Ming.

“Bro Li?”

He couldn’t understand this. Was Li Ming really trying to be a good guy to the degree that he didn’t even dare to sleep in the same bed as him after realizing that he had trouble holding back? That seemed to be going a little too far.

In any case, he wouldn’t have minded at all. And it wasn’t like they hadn’t slept together before. So this was really being a little too careful. But anyway, it was also a bit sweet that Li Ming was worried about him. No wonder he had chosen him as his boyfriend. He was really just that perfect.

He slowly sat up, trying not to aggravate his headache, and then swung his legs over the edge of the bed, slowly getting up and walking to the door.

He poked his head out into the darkness of the living room and then tiptoed to the couch, wanting to surprise his boyfriend by cuddling up. When he reached it though, he realized that Li Ming wasn’t there either. No, it was as if his boyfriend had completely vanished.

Mo Fang took out his phone again, trying to get some light, but on second thought just walked over to turn on the light in the living room, blinking against it. Yes, Li Ming really wasn’t there. And he couldn’t hear anything from the bathroom nor the kitchen.

“Bro Li?” He couldn’t help himself from calling out again but once more, there wasn’t a reaction. At this point, he had to admit that he was getting slightly scared. This just wasn’t normal. Li Ming wasn’t the kind of guy who would just leave without telling him. Not to mention that this was his apartment. Even if he had to do something — which shouldn’t be the case in the middle of the night — he would at least leave a note.

Speaking of which … Mo Fang looked at the coffee table but there was nothing and then went back to the bedroom, turning on the light there as well. But no, there wasn’t a note either. He even crouched down to check below the bed in case he had accidentally knocked it down while patting around for his boyfriend. But no, there was no note at all.

Mo Fang furrowed his brows and then went to the bathroom, turning on the light there without much hope and, of course, there wasn’t anyone there either. Then, he went to the kitchen, still half-expecting Li Ming to be sitting at the table, having fallen asleep there because he didn’t dare to come any closer. But no, the kitchen was empty as well.

Well, save for one thing: There was a big bowl on the table, the top wrapped in clingfilm with a post-it note in the middle.

Mo Fang’s heart suddenly started to race and there was a bad feeling in his gut. His mouth was dry when he finally walked over and picked up the note, feeling like he didn’t even want to know what was on there. Still, his eyes couldn’t help but take the note in at once:

[I made breakfast for you. I also heard your phone call with Bian Huan. We shouldn’t see each other anymore. I’m sorry.]

Mo Fang stared at the note, unable to comprehend just what this was supposed to mean. Had his boyfriend just … broken up via post-it note?

The longer he thought about it, the less sense it made. Li Ming wasn’t the type of guy who would break up with you just like that. He wouldn’t even do it over text, not to mention a post-it note.

No, he was the type of guy who would first try to work on things and then break up with you in a lengthy discussion where he would apologize but tell you that he didn’t see another way. He definitely wouldn’t leave some kind of shabby note like this. He refused to believe that.

Also, he had made him breakfast. No matter what, this had to mean that there was still a chance, right? Even though it seemed that he had involuntarily given away the truth because he had been drunk and hadn’t really thought things through when he talked with Bian Huan on the phone, this was not the end. He wouldn’t let it be.

Deciding on this, Mo Fang sat down and had an early breakfast. In any case, he would need the next few hours to make a plan. He definitely wouldn’t let Li Ming get away.

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