RMN C310 How to Find a Body

Luo Lin continued to sit there for a while before he finally stood up in a swift motion. He took a last glance at the room and then left the house, going over to one of the others in the valley and knocking on the door.

Yan Hong Min emerged, not looking as if he was too happy about being woken up. “What’s going on?”

“How to find a body?”

Yan Hong Min blinked and suddenly, the tiredness vanished from his eyes. “This wouldn’t be about little junior’s spiritual beast again, would it?”

Luo Lin just stared at him, not explaining himself.

Yan Hong Min retracted his gaze, feeling that he had a rough guess what this really was about. He gulped and then nodded slowly. “Give me a moment.”

He vanished back into the house and Luo Lin heard him rummaging around. A couple of minutes passed by, making Luo Lin clench his fists. He really hoped that Yan Hong Min would have a way for him to find Shen Lei faster. Considering that there were still the demonic practitioners around, he also didn’t want to take too many chances. He had to go there, find him as fast as possible, and then bring him back. That was all that he wanted.

Finally, Yan Hong Min came back, holding a small box in his hands. “Here. It’s … well, it works with spiritual energy. To make a long story short: Our sect’s cultivation techniques leave a trace in our bodies. It’s still there even after our death. So as long as somebody is from our sect, this should allow you to find them.”

Luo Lin nodded and took the box from him, looking at it gravely. “So I could find anyone from our sect, whether they are dead or alive?”

Yan Hong Min nodded. “Yes.”

Luo Lin nodded and turned around but then reconsidered. “Do you also have some signal flares?” He usually didn’t go out so he didn’t have anything like that. As for his second senior martial brother … he usually wouldn’t go out either but knowing him, he had some self-made ones for sure.

Yan Hong Min indeed nodded immediately and then rubbed his neck. “Anything else that you need?”

Luo Lin pondered but then shook his head. “Just the signal flares.” In the meantime, he already put away the small box before he looked up at his second senior martial brother again.

Yan Hong Min nodded and then vanished into his house, this time not staying in there for long before he returned with half a dozen of them. “This is all that I have right now.” He hesitated for a moment and then pulled out a small ribbon, handing it to Luo Lin as well. “Put that in your hair or something. It can keep you safe in case something happens. At least for a bit.”

Luo Lin nodded, put the flares away, and then immediately tied the ribbon into his hair without saying anything else. “Thank you.”

“You … Do you need me to come along?” To be honest, he really didn’t want to but if it was for his third junior martial brother, he would still do it.

Luo Lin shook his head though. “No, it won’t take long anyway. Thank you for the offer though but you’ve helped me enough.” With that, he turned around and left the sect.

Yan Hong Min leaned in his doorway and watched Luo Lin’s figure disappear, sighing deeply. “Ah, sheesh, I really liked that Shen Lei. Most of the time at least.” He shook his head and then went back inside, looking around his workroom.

Something told him that things really weren’t going well at the border region. Ah, he wondered if there was something that he could do to help out. Most likely, he should make some protective charms for his senior martial brother and especially that little junior of theirs.

No, in fact, he should mostly focus on the little junior. Zhi Guan definitely didn’t need his protection and Luo Lin would probably return as soon as he had done what he wanted to. But that little junior of theirs … he was one hundred percent staying there until Mei Chao Bing was willing to leave. But he didn’t have any defensive capabilities to speak of. So, yes, it would be much better if he took some time to prepare a little something for him. He really wouldn’t want to see him get injured.

While Yan Hong Min got to work, Luo Lin rushed to the border region. His level wasn’t quite as high as that of Shen Lei or Zhi Guan. He had still managed to make it to the late stage of the core formation stage though. Thus, he was able to make it over there in just a few hours since he flew at his fastest speed.

As soon as he reached the part where he figured there was a chance to find Shen Lei, he took out the small box that Yan Hong Min had given him and activated it with his spiritual energy.

His senior martial brother hadn’t really told him how this worked in detail but he figured that it would be pretty self-explanatory after it started. In any case, he had had a lot to do with Yan Hong Min’s inventions over the years. He should be able to figure it out.

As it turned out, he was exactly right: When he imbued his spiritual energy, nothing seemed to happen at first but when he started to move again and flew further south, there was suddenly a faint light being emitted at one of the sides.

Luo Lin raised his brows and then turned to that place, flying in that direction. The light seemed to become brighter and then started to blink as if it wanted to tell him something. He also saw that the other side had lit up as well, either indicating that there was something else in that direction as well or that maybe he was supposed to go to the southwest instead. He wasn’t completely sure but he just followed the direction had originally flown in for some time more before the light slowly receded to the other side, giving him a clearer signal.

Seeing this, Luo Lin rushed further, and finally, he saw somebody lying on the ground. His heart seemed to stop and he put the box back before he rushed over, falling to the ground next to the person. Turning him around … it wasn’t Shen Lei though.

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