RMN C305 His Master Was Bullying Him

Having two new directions to work in, the Elders didn’t lose any time. They wrote a message to the sect once again, mentioning what Da Hei had told Mei Chao Bing. Originally, Elder Xing had wanted to leave out that this information had been provided by Mei Chao Bing and his spiritual beast. After all, there was a chance that the other Elders would make trouble. Elder Baili convinced him to include it though.

For one, this would definitely turn out to be true later on. Even if the other Elders didn’t believe it right now, they would have no other chance than to admit that Mei Chao Bing had been right later on.

Also, this would be a big merit. Thus, when they returned after this time in the border region, Mei Chao Bing might as well have been rehabilitated thanks to everything he had done here. How could they take something like that from him?

And while he couldn’t tell Elder Xing about it, there was still the matter that Sect Master Zhang had told him privately. Since Zhang Guan Yu was putting a lot of hope on Mei Chao Bing staying on their side but was also worried that he wouldn’t, it would be best to mention every now and then that there really was no reason to panic.

Mei Chao Bing hadn’t done a single thing in all this time that indicated that there was any chance of him betraying their sect. To be honest, Elder Baili felt that just the thought of Mei Chao Bing turning to the other side was laughable. Still, the thought might still be there for the Sect Master so it was time to do something for Mei Chao Bing and convince Zhang Guan Yu that he could drop that worry once and for all.

Elder Xing might not know about this specific story behind Elder Baili’s motivation but he also didn’t want to shortchange Mei Chao Bing. Especially not after he had once again helped them out. Thus, he finally agreed and the two of them mentioned it in the letter. Then, they attached the plan for the younger disciples since it was a major change and had also had to do with Mei Chao Bing.

They weren’t going to send the letter over immediately considering that they had just sent out a group but they would do so in a few days when they had gotten the first results of how the younger disciples would be doing. In that time, maybe the older disciples would also send new information from the cavern. Then, they could send everything over together.

Having taken care of that, the two of them called the disciples in the camp together. At this point in time, there was really no reason to waste time with anything else. Everything was prepared so it would be best to work on it immediately.

When the disciples had gathered on the square, they were looking at the others in confusion. They weren’t going out as much these days but now, the Elders had called them together here at an odd time. Something big had to be going on.

Elder Xing stepped forward, giving those youngsters a look. “In the last few days, we’ve gained more information about the places that were found by you. Right now, they are still being investigated by the older disciples. As it turns out, things are even direr than we thought and also much more dangerous. As such, it is not advisable for anyone below the core formation stage to venture out any longer.”

The disciples couldn’t help but murmur to themselves, feeling that this had to mean that they would definitely all be sent back. That wasn’t something that they wanted to see happening. While there were a few that were a bit more on the timid side, most disciples in the cultivation sects were curious and always up for doing another mission. After all, one didn’t become a cultivator by doing nothing. Experience was key. To be sent back after having the opportunity to take part in this kind of mission … they were reluctant to accept this.

Elder Xing raised a hand to make them quiet down. “We’re not going to force you back to the sect. If you are worried, you may go back after we have organized a team of older disciples to accompany you. Alternatively, you will be given a new task here at the border region that will allow you to still make yourselves useful while not being as dangerous.”

Some of the disciples heaved a sigh of relief while others weren’t quite sure what to expect and didn’t dare to hope yet.

Elder Xing smiled when he saw their reactions. “We will be sorting you into new teams again with the disciples of a higher level being the ones leading you as usual. Each group will have a different task but some of them will be working together.

“Now, I will announce the disciples that will be leading the different groups. And then I will tell you who will be part of which group. Now, listen closely!”

He listed the disciples and the older ones stepped forward while the others hurriedly rushed over to line up behind them whenever they heard their names. Soon enough, quite a few new groups had formed. Some of them had acquaintances though.

Yun Bei Fen looked at Kui Min and Tan Xin and blinked his eyes. Then, he turned to Mei Chao Bing who still stood at the back with Kang Mu. His eyes immediately teared up. He was definitely happy to be together with some other people that he knew but why wasn’t Mei Chao Bing with him? Clearly, his Master was bullying him! How could he plan something like this?

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