SML V3C61 That Sounds Nice

Mo Fang seemed to want to take the kiss further right where they were.

Needless to say, Li Ming wasn’t quite on board. He pulled back, holding Mo Fang in his arms and glancing up at the sky that had turned dark by now, and sighed. “I guess we should go home.”

Mo Fang wrapped his arms around his waist, turning his head to hopefully get another kiss. “That sounds nice.”

Li Ming turned his face to him to see what he meant and was greeted by a soft pair of lips instead. He raised his brows and then leaned back again, holding up a hand to cover Mo Fang’s lips. “What sounds nice?”

“Home. I really feel at home with you.” He smiled behind Li Ming’s hand and then rested his head against his shoulder. “And it’s always nice to have a place to return to.” Even as drunk as he was, he knew that he hadn’t officially moved in yet but he was sure that that would still come and likely soon.

Li Ming held him, thinking about this for a moment. Yes, it really was a nice feeling. Even though they weren’t officially living together, Mo Fang had stayed over quite a lot in the last few weeks. And it really was nice to go home together after work in the evening, making dinner and eating together, going to bed and sleeping next to each other before they would get up the next morning and start a new day while still together.

Yes, save for the fact that Mo Fang didn’t have a key for his apartment yet and most of his things were probably still at his parents’ place, it pretty much was like they were a couple living together.

To be honest, he didn’t mind that at all. Still, it was good that they had their own places to return to as well. Just take today as an example: If things had gone wrong, then it would’ve been great if there had been a place that Mo Fang could leave for.

Dealing with each other when things were rough and they hadn’t really learned to solve conflicts in this specific relationship yet was difficult. Maybe too difficult for them considering that they hadn’t been together for that long. It hadn’t even been half a year after all.

After a moment, Li Ming pulled himself out of his thoughts and kissed Mo Fang’s temple before motioning down the road. “Well, since it sounds so nice, let’s go then. At this speed, we’re not going to make it there anytime soon and even though it’s evening already, I’m sure you would still like to stay up for a bit, right?” To be honest, he wasn’t completely sure about that considering Mo Fang’s current condition but so far, that was what he usually liked to do in the evening.

Yes, most of the time, it was about sex but there had also been moments where they would just sit together and cuddle. Not nearly enough if he was asked but there had been some moments. Especially around the time that he was making dinner. Most likely, for Mo Fang, that was a different time of intimacy.

Mo Fang was also in favor of the idea of returning home so he finally let go of Li Ming’s waist and just took his hand, following him to his apartment. Even though he was a little drunk, it wasn’t to the point where he had trouble walking yet. So when they came to the door, he cheerfully walked over to the couch and plopped himself down on the soft cushions with a smile.

“Well, we have now. What do you think we should do with the rest of the day?” He blinked his eyes at his boyfriend and pursed his lips a little, clearly making a suggestion with his gaze.

Li Ming looked at him and even though he had just thought of just cuddling, he couldn’t deny that Mo Fang was very good at distracting him from that. Still, they had been out and about the whole day. “I’d like to take a shower first. Maybe you want to just wait for a moment and give yourself some time to sober up a little?”

Mo Fang pulled a knee up and leaned over the backrest of the couch, giving him a faint smile. “We … could also go and shower together.”

Li Ming closed his eyes and then walked over, leaning down and kissing the top of his head. “We could but I don’t think we would get very far. Also, you’re still drunk. I don’t think you should get anywhere near the shower.”

“Even if my boyfriend is there to take care of me? I’m sure nothing would happen to me as long as you’re just one step beside me.” He reached out and tried to grab Li Ming but his boyfriend had already stepped back and marched into the kitchen.

Mo Fang pursed his lips, a little unhappy with this. Well, he couldn’t change it. Thus, we just continued to sit there, waiting until Li Ming would return.

Li Ming only needed a moment. When he returned, he was holding a glass of water and put it down in front of Mo Fang. “Have some water. There is also some food leftover from yesterday if you think you could eat a bit. Do you want me to get it for you or would you rather get some yourself if you feel like it?” In any case, they had eaten at Si Tao’s place as well so it wasn’t like Mo Fang had been drinking on an empty stomach all the time. In fact, he might already be pretty full right now. But still, he’d rather mention it.

Mo Fang didn’t seem interested in getting anything to eat. “Well, I guess this is enough for now. I can go and get something in a moment if I feel like it. Anyway, you probably won’t take long. And then, we can have some fun.” This time, he managed to grab onto the top of his pants and pulled him a little closer, craning his neck to get another kiss.

Li Ming actually sighed but leaned down and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “I’m not sleeping with you if you’re drunk so you’d better sober up some more.”

Mo Fang gave a hum but he didn’t really seem to take it seriously. He still let go of him and leaned back on the couch, watching Li Ming walk over to the door to the bathroom. There was a small smile playing around his lips as if he had some thoughts of his own in regard to what was going to happen tonight.

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