SML V3C59 How About Going Home?

The two of them continued to eat and Li Ming slowly calmed down. He still didn’t quite understand how everything had gone down but then, neither did Mo Fang as it seemed. He had really worried too much too soon. There was no dishonesty, no betrayal, no reason to doubt this relationship that had given him so much over the last weeks.

He was grateful for that. And at the same time, he wanted to repay Mo Fang. At the very least, he didn’t want to add to his troubles. In this case, it would probably be best to sit down with both Mo Fang and Bian Huan some other day and try and see if they could work something out.

Even though he didn’t things that it was alright that Bian Huan had made it sound to him as if he had directly told Mo Fang what was going on, at the end of the day, all of this had probably been a misunderstanding from the sounds of it. Nobody was really at fault save for making assumptions that shouldn’t be made.

Thus, he felt that it would be best if they talked things over in detail, making sure that they were all on the same page again and could find a solution that everyone could live with. After all, Bian Huan was Mo Fang’s friend. He didn’t think Mo Fang would want to lose him and he didn’t want to put his boyfriend’s friendship into jeopardy.

So it was best to slowly sort things out. He didn’t quite know how to go about it but they should probably arrange for a meeting next week. And he should read that contract first to see what exactly it even was that Bian Huan wanted from him. Also, he should talk this plan over with Mo Fang first. Clearly, their communication might be a bit lacking so far. Working on that couldn’t hurt.

Although … Glancing at his boyfriend, he felt like that part still had to wait. Mo Fang wasn’t really in the condition to have any serious discussion right now. He had continued drinking while they ate and against his reassurance before, he had slowly gone from a little tipsy to slightly drunk. That wasn’t the right state for deeper talks. In fact, he felt like it might be better to go home soon.

In this regard, Mo Fang was completely in agreement with his boyfriend. At this point, he didn’t feel like staying at the restaurant. He was getting a little uncomfortable there. After all, there were some things that couldn’t be done in public even at a place as open-minded as Si Tao’s establishments. At the very least, those things couldn’t be done with a partner like Li Ming who probably wouldn’t be up for that and feel that it was scandalous if he told him what he wanted.

Before Li Ming could bring up his plan, Mo Fang already reached over, grasping his boyfriend’s hand again, and lowered his voice. “It seems that we’ve both finished eating, Bro Li. How about going back home … and having dessert? It’s our free day tomorrow so I don’t think we need to go to sleep anytime soon.”

Li Ming faintly raised his brows at that. To be honest, he felt like even if it hadn’t been their free day, Mo Fang wouldn’t have had a problem with it. Usually, it was him who needed to remind his boyfriend that they had work early in the morning and should probably better stop and get a few hours of sleep at least. Otherwise, Mo Fang seemed like he would never stop.

Well, not that he was complaining. Li Ming licked his lips, thinking back to the night before. Or any, really. Even though he had been worried at first that things might be difficult between them because he lacked experience in comparison to Mo Fang, he had soon enough realized that that doubt was idiotic.

Mo Fang’s sex drive coupled with his adventurousness had resulted in them finding quite a few things they both liked very, very fast. He didn’t have a single shred of doubt that tonight would be just as amazing as each of the other ones.

When his boyfriend didn’t move, Mo Fang felt like he had to help the matter along. He glanced around and then got up, slipping around the table and onto his boyfriend’s lap. “Want to have a taste to convince yourself whether it’s worth it?”

Li Ming froze and then turned his head, trying to see whether anyone had noticed. Thankfully, nobody was sitting right behind them and everyone else seemed busy with their own company.

He hurriedly turned around and grabbed Mo Fang around the waist, wanting to make him get up. “We can’t —”

Mo Fang just gave a hum and leaned down, his lips brushing Li Ming’s. “How much do you want? Actually, there are some rooms in the back. I’m sure Si Tao wouldn’t mind if we use them. If somebody walks in, it’d just be the waiters.”

Li Ming gulped, feeling that some of Mo Fang’s ideas were really too adventurous. “That … No, let’s just go home.”

“Really? Ah, I suddenly feel like it’s so far home. Are you sure you don’t want to try it here?” He started to rub his boyfriend’s chest, chuckling while he did. Somehow, the idea didn’t seem so bad to him. Actually, they might as well stay here until tomorrow morning. He knew from experience that Si Tao’s office had a very comfortable couch at least.

Li Ming bit his lip and glanced up at Mo Fang. Most likely … his boyfriend was really drunk already. He probably shouldn’t have come here with him in the first place. It always ended like this. Still, since it couldn’t be changed anymore, he had to get him out now.

“I’m sure. At home … we don’t have to worry about anyone else. We can do anything you want.”

Mo Fang smiled at that even though he felt like they could do that here as well. Anyway, he’d humor Li Ming. A good guy like him was worth holding onto.

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