SML V3C58 Why Would He Lie?

“Bian Huan?” That bastard! Why had he gone to Li Ming after he told him a million times that he shouldn’t? What kind of friend was he?! Now, he’d somehow have to get out of this situation. “Now, that’s odd. Why would he come to you?”

Li Ming looked at him, not sure where to go from here. Mo Fang looked as if he had no idea what he was talking about. But if he assumed that Bian Huan was telling him the truth, then Mo Fang had to be lying.

Actually, maybe he shouldn’t trust Bian Huan just like that. After all, between the two of them, he knew Mo Fang much better. Who knew? Maybe he had some kind of reason to lie to him. He couldn’t think of one, considering that they really didn’t know each other well but it might be possible.

He lowered his gaze, actually feeling slightly better when he figured that this might also be a possible explanation. Maybe the one lying to him wasn’t Mo Fang but Bian Huan. Maybe this wouldn’t even be that strange considering that he wanted something from him. Maybe this was a way of getting his signature. He couldn’t quite get behind how that was supposed to play out but he shouldn’t outright reject the idea. “I felt that it was odd too so I figured I should talk it over with you.” He looked back up at Mo Fang, hoping that he would say something more to it.

Mo Fang blinked his eyes. Right now, the situation was dangerous. He didn’t know how much exactly Li Ming already knew. If it was everything … this would be hard to get out of. But if not … well, then he didn’t need to worry. He just couldn’t say anything that would contradict what Li Ming knew.

Li Ming waited but there still wasn’t any response. Now, he couldn’t help but feel once again that something was strange. If Bian Huan had come to him and lied, shouldn’t Mo Fang be … angry? Or the least trying to figure out what was going on? “Why do you think he did this?”

Mo Fang raised his brows, still trying to figure out what to say. “Well … Bian Huan has always been a little eccentric. I also think it would’ve been much better to come to me with this considering that we know each other better. Anyway, when did the two of you meet? Weren’t we together all day?”

“Well, he came to the train station while we were at work. He actually tried to sneak up on me. It was weird.”

Mo Fang laughed at that, feeling that he was getting to better territory now. He just needed to divert Li Ming’s attention and then this wouldn’t be a problem for the time being. He could check in with Bian Huan later on and figure out what exactly he had said.

“Oh, I’m really not surprised at that. He’s always like this. Whatever happens, he’ll totally over-dramatize it. One time when I was supposed to do a shoot with another group of guys, one of them was running late.

“There was still a lot of time until we should start and the other three of us needed to prepare anyway. Also, we were scheduled to do some shots just by ourselves and in pairs so it wasn’t like we couldn’t have done that part already.

“But Bian Huan just wouldn’t let the matter go. By the time the guy finally arrived, none of us were ready to go. Then Bian Huan got angry again because of that — even though it was his own fault — and everyone had to stay late.

“All that could have been prevented if he just hadn’t focused so much on that issue. I really don’t know what’s going on in his brain half the time.” He shrugged his shoulders and picked up the glass again, drinking some more while he glanced in the direction of the waiter. He really hoped that Li Ming would drop the subject now.

Unfortunately, Li Ming wasn’t ready to let it go yet. “He really never mentioned this to you before? Even though you were the one who asked him to do us this favor?”

Mo Fang raised his brows, wondering if he should at least partially admit that there had been something. That way, if it later came out that he lied, it wouldn’t seem as bad. Yes, most likely, that was a good idea. He just had to push the blame for this onto Bian Huan.

“Well … actually, when I think about it now, I guess he might have implied it? I mean he didn’t outright say that he finished them. But I remember that he texted me that he seemed to have some favorites? That must’ve meant that he finished all of them. I mean, he probably wouldn’t be able to pick any before he hasn’t edited everything. So maybe at that time, he was already done with everything. I’m afraid I didn’t quite catch his drift though.

“I’m sorry! If I had, he probably wouldn’t have come to bother you. That must’ve been really annoying while you were at work. I know how seriously you take your job. Being bothered was something private while on your working hours probably went against your beliefs. I really wish I could have prevented that from happening.” He reached over, stretching out his hand as if hoping that Li Ming would take it.

Seeing this, Li Ming’s heart throbbed and he reached out as well, taking Mo Fang’s hand. He still wasn’t sure what to think of all this. But the things that Mo Fang said … He hadn’t really thought long as if this really was something that happened exactly the way he told him.

And really, he should trust his own boyfriend more than some photographer that he only met once. Who knew? Even if it wasn’t because he wanted him to sign the document, maybe he had had an argument with Mo Fang about something else and wanted to get back at him. Things like that could happen.

Yes, it was his own fault to believe somebody else over Mo Fang. He shouldn’t let that happen in the future. In a relationship, he needed to be able to trust but that also meant that had to get over his suspicions. Mo Fang might have been a little dishonest in the beginning but that had all been because of his nervousness. Now that he didn’t need to be nervous anymore, why would he lie? There was no need to worry and he had to let go of his doubts.

Thinking of that, Li Ming smiled and then leaned over the table and gave Mo Fang a kiss. Not only did he feel like this matter was over now, he also felt that he should apologize for what he had thought. But he’d leave that for another time. He didn’t want to ruin Mo Fang’s evening even further.

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