SML V3C60 Another Talk Was in Order

Li Ming looked up into Mo Fang’s eyes and his heart stirred at the gaze he found there. Ah, he really was completely smitten with him. He smiled and kissed his cheek before motioning over to the counter. “I’ll go pay. Wait here for a moment.”

Mo Fang nodded and slipped off Li Ming’s lap, sitting down again as soon as his boyfriend got off the chair. He looked after him and then waved for the waiter to bring him another glass before Li Ming reached the counter. Anyway, they didn’t go out that often. He should take advantage before they had to leave again.

Li Ming paid and then turned around only to find Mo Fang with a freshly-delivered drink in hand. He stared at him, his lips opening before he sighed and then turned back to Yao Chen. He smiled wryly and motioned over to their table. “Was that one on the tab already?”

Yao Chen nodded. “He got it right when you left the table.”

Li Ming’s smile got even worse but he still nodded and said his thanks before he returned to Mo Fang’s side. “Didn’t we want to leave?”

Mo Fang nodded and looked up at him with the sweetest of smiles. “Yeah! Aren’t we doing that now? I just got one more drink to make sure I’d have something to tide me over until you get back. Sometimes, it’ll take so long.”

Li Ming sighed but nodded. In any case, this kind of thing could take long. “Well, just make sure you don’t overdo it.” After all, Mo Fang had seemed quite drunk by now.

Mo Fang just blinked his eyes at him though, smiling even more cutely, and tugging at Li Ming’s heartstrings. He downed the rest of the drink and then got up, immediately leaning against his boyfriend’s chest. “How about carrying me home?”

Li Ming’s brows raised faintly. “How drunk are you? Do I need to call a cab?” He rubbed his arm, only to have Mo Fang wrap his arms around his neck in response.

“Not that drunk. But if you’re worried, there’s still the option to stay here like I suggested.”

Li Ming’s lips twitched at that. “No, no, I think a short stroll outside will do wonders for you.” He put an arm around Mo Fang’s waist and helped him over to the door and outside.

The wind wasn’t cool. Even though it wasn’t the height of summer any longer, autumn had just started and the days could still be quite warm. This evening was the same. Even with just a shirt, it was sufficiently warm.

He gently tugged at Mo Fang and the two of them made their way toward his apartment on food. It would have been much faster if they just took the metro but he felt like it couldn’t hurt with Mo Fang’s current condition. Also, he was afraid of what might happen if Mo Fang misbehaved. Especially with them working at a train station, that might come back to bite them. And right now … the chances of misbehavior were high.

He glanced to the side and immediately caught Mo Fang’s gaze. His boyfriend was looking at him as if he was about to jump on him and was just waiting for the right chance. Realizing this, Li Ming actually felt a headache incoming.

He definitely loved to roll around in bed with him but sometimes, he also wished that Mo Fang wasn’t this much into it. Since their first time, there were evenings where he felt like they started much too soon and that it would have been nice to do something else again for a change. But then again, everything was still new. Most likely, things would change a bit after the novelty wore off.

Li Ming glanced up at the sky that had slightly darkened and squinted. Actually, if he thought like this, he should bring it up instead of just waiting. While he didn’t want to hurt Mo Fang, there were some things that needed to be shared if he wanted both of them to be happy for a long time. And god, how much he wanted that!

He had had relationships in the past but somehow, none of them had been like this. Things with Mo Fang … they just seemed perfect. Apart from a few small issues cropping up here and there that could be solved with just a talk though, there was nothing to complain about. And well, even the things that he might complain about were things that other men would probably find ridiculous. There were probably a lot out there who would love to be in a situation where they could start to wonder if maybe they were having too much sex.

Li Ming cleared his throat, actually a bit embarrassed at his own thoughts. Seriously, it wasn’t like he was a vegetarian. He enjoyed every single second of the things he did with Mo Fang. He just … wanted more. More of everything else. That wasn’t wrong. Yes, it really wasn’t and he should bring that up tomorrow right when he brought that talk with Bian Huan up again. The sooner they made things clear, the better for them after all.

He nodded to himself and then glanced at Mo Fang only to find him still staring back. His lips couldn’t help but curve up as did his eyes. “Is there something on my face?” He was sure there wasn’t but he felt like Mo Fang would appreciate the opportunity.

Indeed. Mo Fang looked at him and then leaned closer, his breath that carried more than just a faint hint of alcohol brushing over Li Ming’s skin. “Well … for one, I see a very nice pair of lips. But it’s a little too far away to see well. How about coming a little closer?” He wiggled a finger at him, making Li Ming chuckle in amusement.

He really leaned closer and — just as expected — got a kiss in return. Well, not that he wanted to complain.

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