RMN C303 Some Additional Details

“Thank you.” Mei Chao Bing was indeed grateful that the Elders were taking his opinion into consideration. In general, that wasn’t necessarily something that he could expect.

If it had been anybody else, they probably would’ve made sure that he stayed put in the camp where he couldn’t make any trouble. After all, for many of the Elders in the sect, he was still the disciple of a traitor or maybe even worse, a traitor himself. But whether it was Elder Baili or Elder Xing, they were both willing to believe in him. That meant a lot to him.

The Elders smiled, also knowing how much this meant to him. They didn’t try to tell him that he had nothing to thank them for either since they knew that if it wasn’t them, he wouldn’t have these opportunities. So no matter how unfair it was that he usually wasn’t treated well, his feelings toward what they were doing were logical and they wouldn’t pretend that it was any different. That would just be refusing to admit to the circumstances of his life. And doing so would be disrespectful of them.

Elder Xing cleared his throat and got back to the original topic. “Well, we should make a plan then. You should join in the tasks first. In any case, Young Shen and the other disciples will certainly return soon enough. We can send you back together then. That way, you can first help with the preparations here in the camp. That’ll make things easier on the youngsters.”

Mei Chao Bing inclined his head. “Whatever the Elders need me for.” He would’ve liked to go back immediately but he also knew that right now wasn’t the best time for that. Sending only one or two disciples was always a risk. And even though he didn’t mind taking a risk by himself, it still wasn’t a good idea for the Elders to allow him. Thus, he didn’t try to convince them otherwise. Also, in his case, other than the general risk, there was always also the matter that if something happened while he was outside alone, people might suspect that something more was going on. That was something that he would rather not be confronted with.

He finally got up and cupped his fists. “I’m sure the Elders have a lot to discuss. And I’ve already said what I should. So I will return first.”

Baili Chao raised his brows at him. “Just say that you can’t be without your lover. I certainly won’t say anything about it.”

Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but smile as well. “You must be kidding, Elder Baili. You just did.”

Elder Baili blanked. Well … he wasn’t wrong. He cleared his throat and then just waved. “Just go off. Nobody wants to argue with you youngsters about who you like or not.”

Mei Chao Bing chuckled and then indeed turned around and left the room. He immediately wanted to go back to the courtyard but just before he entered, Da Hei came strolling out. Mei Chao Bing stopped in his tracks and looked at the midnight wolf who sat down in front of him. He raised his brows, not quite sure what to make of this. “Is there a reason why you left Fen’er and Xiao Hui alone there?”

The midnight wolf tilted his head and then looked around before his form suddenly shifted. The black fur turned into long black hair and a set of simple black robes while the dark eyes seemed to be staring in exactly the same way they had done before.

Mei Chao Bing gave a hum, not that surprised. A spiritual beast at the nascent soul stage was absolutely able to change its form. In fact, this guy had probably just been too lazy to do so before so he couldn’t help but wonder just what exactly he was trying to do now.

The man crossed his arms in front of his chest, his brows furrowing together tightly. For a moment, both of them stayed silent. Then, Da Hei finally clicked his tongue. “There is something that you should know.”

Mei Chao Bing gave another hum and just continued to look at him. In any case, he didn’t know in which direction this would go.

Not getting any reaction, Da Hei’s brows seemed to furrow further. “There was a person in that underground palace.”

“The other disciples mentioned that. They also said to that you confronted that person.” With a hint as to what exactly was going on, Mei Chao Bing actually calmed down. It seemed that Da Hei wanted to give him some additional information. “Why didn’t you say anything sooner?”

Da Hei glanced at him and then scoffed. “Because when exactly were you alone? Do you think I want to parade around like this in front of your Teng Yong Sect’s disciples?” In any case, he looked more like a demonic practitioner than a righteous disciple. Some of those trigger-happy youngsters might actually want to attack if they spotted him. He’d rather not risk that.

When it came to Mei Chao Bing, things were different though. He was a rather calm person so he would at least take a moment to understand. Not to mention that the two of them had a kind of bond through the contract. Thus, no matter what happened, Mei Chao Bing would always be able to recognize him. He didn’t need to worry about those things with him.

Mei Chao Bing could only sigh. “Well, I guess that is true.” In fact, he should thank Da Hei for thinking about that. If he had been seen with a person looking like that, his own reputation also would have regressed to what it originally had been. There was no amount of explanations that would be able to wash it white again. “Now, what was it that you wanted to say?

Da Hei hesitated for a moment longer and then started to recount the strange encounter he had had in detail, making Mei Chao Bing slowly narrow his eyes. This matter … he was afraid that it didn’t mean anything good.

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