SML V3C57 He Wanted to Be Reassured

Mo Fang smiled when he heard his boyfriend say that he was worried about him and squeezed his hand. “Aw, you’re so cute! You don’t have to worry though. Look, we already have some food here. As long as I eat a few bites with the drinks, it won’t be a problem at all.” Saying so, he picked up his chopsticks and took a few bites for Li Ming to see.

Li Ming nodded but he himself couldn’t start eating even though the dishes looked really appetizing. He was just feeling queasy because of the conversation he knew he would need to have. He didn’t think he could get anything down right now whether that was the drinks or the food.

Actually, when he saw Mo Fang drink, he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe it had been a bad idea to come here. If he got drunk, how could they have a real conversation about this? He wanted to talk things out, not just make trouble. So it was important that they could really talk about this.

Thinking of that, he realized that he had to act fast. If Mo Fang realized that there was something more going on, he would probably be of a similar opinion and not drink any longer. He believed that their relationship meant that much to Mo Fang.

Li Ming cleared his throat and then picked up his own glass, taking a sip as well to moisten his throat before he put it down again and looked at Mo Fang with a serious look. “Mo Fang …”

Mo Fang put down his chopsticks and looked at him with a sweet smile.

Immediately, Li Ming felt bad. Clearly, Mo Fang didn’t expect any bad news at all. Just starting like this … maybe that wasn’t right either. Maybe he should’ve given him some kind of warning beforehand. But then again, if he did, he himself wouldn’t be sure if whatever he got as an answer would be true. And he wanted to know that this was the case. Otherwise, it would make even more trouble down the road. He needed reassurance.

Thinking of that, he rubbed his thighs and then clenched his hands into fists, telling himself that he had to do this. “There’s something that I want to talk to you about.”

Mo Fang’s smile turned even sweeter. “Oh? It has to be something good if you’ve even invited me out to a special place for that. Don’t tell me it’s something worth a celebration.”

Li Ming froze at that. He never would’ve thought that his intentions could be misconstrued to this point but it seemed that he really hadn’t thought things through enough. Now, Mo Fang had a completely different expectation of what was about to happen. In that case, the real reason would probably hit him even harder.

He gulped and then actually shook his head. “That’s not quite it.”

At this, Mo Fang actually blanked. He had been sure that it was about moving in but that was definitely something that could be called worth a celebration, right? If it wasn’t that then … what could it be?

He looked at Li Ming and still felt that he seemed incredibly nervous. Well, could it be that he just wasn’t sure about how he would take the suggestion? So maybe he wasn’t sure if it was worth celebrating since that still depended on his answer. In that case, he shouldn’t pressure him too much.

His smile returned and he leaned over the table, cupping Li Ming’s cheek and then giving him a quick kiss on the lips. “Ah, don’t mind it. It seems I got it wrong. It doesn’t matter though. Whatever it is, I’m just happy to have a nice evening with you.”

Li Ming nodded although he felt even worse now. A nice evening … he was afraid that wouldn’t be it. Then again, if there really was a harmless explanation for everything, then who said that it couldn’t be a nice evening? In any case, maybe it was he that had gotten things wrong. Maybe he was needlessly getting worked up. Right, that had to be it.

He gave a faint smile when he thought of that and nodded. “Yes, a nice evening is everything that I want as well. Actually, it’s nothing much either, just something that I was wondering about and wanted to talk to you about.”

Mo Fang happily smiled when Li Ming’s words seemed to suggest that this really was something he wanted to get his opinion on. So it probably was like he had thought. Or maybe there was something else that he hadn’t considered. But knowing Li Ming, this should be about their relationship and some kind of step toward their future together for sure.

“Well, I’m all ears.” Saying so, he picked up his glass again, and took another sip, emptying the rest of the drink before he waved over the waiter to get him a new one.

Seeing this, Li Ming once again paused, not quite sure how to continue. He really didn’t want to draw this out until Mo Fang had gotten drunk but he also didn’t want to talk about this while they waited for somebody else to come over to bring a new drink.

He awkwardly watched on as the girl took the glass away and then just gave Mo Fang a reassuring smile while they waited for her to come back with a new one. When she finally left, Li Ming actually heaved an audible sigh of relief.

“Anyway, what I wanted to say is that today, Bian Huan approached me. He told me that he had actually finished our photos already.” He wanted to say more but then realized that the more he said, the less Mo Fang’s answer would mean.

He wanted him to explain himself. So instead of making any kind of accusation, he should give him the opportunity to explain it all by himself. That way, he would be much more reassured.

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