OMF V8C211 Splitting Up

To be honest, the heavenly official didn’t even know who exactly this person was or why he wasn’t allowed to leave but when the God of Justice had just sent them out, he had made sure to make clear that this person could under no circumstances be allowed outside. And that, in the worst case, they were to apprehend him or — if necessary — kill him.

Just that alone told him that there had to be something very grave going on. In fact, seeing as this person had indeed tried to leave, he was tried to actually take him into custody right this instance.

Unfortunately, there were too many people around, and judging from the way this group was formed, they would try to protect him. Thus, he just kept an eye on him, making sure that he wouldn’t leave. Ah, maybe he should call for reinforcements …

The heavenly guards also caught on that there had to be a big issue going on. The two exchanged a glance and one of them hurriedly went to get some support and send a report to the God of War.

The others could only exchange awkward glances.

Jinde covered his lips with his hand before he turned to his husband. “Well, if he isn’t allowed to leave, it would be kind of rude of us to just leave ourselves, would it? At least until whatever is going on has been cleared up, we should probably stay here.”

Leng Jin Yu already wanted to nod when Jing Yi turned to the two of them. “Thank you but it’s not necessary. In any case, you wanted to return to the dragon realm. I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you off but I think it would still be better if you left.”

To be honest, he probably would’ve felt better if there was somebody with him but then again, he also knew that he would get the two of them into trouble. He knew that Jinde’s identity couldn’t be exposed. And since he would probably have a run-in with either the God of Justice, the God of War, or the Heavenly Emperor pretty soon, he was afraid that Jinde would be in danger. By that time, it would be best to not have him stay around.

Jinde looked at him and caught his gaze, realizing just what was going on. His gaze softened and he felt that he should really help this child out. His claws extended and he eyed the remaining guard and the heavenly official, wondering if maybe they should still go. Just then, his husband suddenly grabbed his hands and shook his head at him.

Leng Jin Yu knew how Jinde was feeling. To be honest, he had similar thoughts. But then again … Well, they couldn’t do anything without causing massive troubles. He didn’t think that that would be smart.

In any case, he trusted Qiu Ling. Contrary to him, Qiu Ling was suited to be king. He was sure of that. If he wasn’t, then Jinde wouldn’t have appointed him as his successor back then. He believed in Jinde’s vision so naturally, he believed in this choice as well. If anybody was able to figure out the situation, then it was Qiu Ling. And most likely, it would be best if they weren’t making trouble at the side. Thus, it was still best to leave.

Thinking of all this, he nodded at Jing Yi. “Thank you for your understanding. It’s really about time for us to return home. I hope everything will be sorted out on your end soon. If you do need help, you know that you can always contact us.”

Jing Yi nodded and then watched Jinde and his husband turn to leave.

Lan Ling hesitated for a moment and then looked at Jing Yi apologetically. “I hope you won’t mind if I go along with them?” He didn’t have anything against Jing Yi and he had promised to help him learn sword arts but he still felt that it was more important to go with the others.

Jing Yi wanted to shake his head but Duan Ming already reached out and grabbed Lan Ling by the shoulder. “How can you leave now? Brother Zhong really needs us right now. Who knows what exactly is going on?” He gave him an insistent look, and Lan Ling finally faltered.

He glanced at Leng Jin Yu and Jinde who were on their way out already and finally just called out to them. “I’ll be there a little later! I’ll definitely come to visit you!”

Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but give a wry smile and then waved at him. “We’ll see you then. Don’t rush things though. Take your time.” Then, they were really off.

Ai Hua and her family stayed behind to make sure Jinde’s cover wouldn’t be blown. The only one of the dragons to stay behind was Yi Zan. Knowing that the gods wouldn’t let His Majesty’s beloved’s reincarnation leave, he didn’t feel comfortable accompanying the others. In any case, it would be enough for his sister and her family to introduce Jinde to everyone. As for him, he could stay here and protect Jing Yi. That shouldn’t be a problem.

Jing Yi glanced at him and smiled wryly before he motioned back the way they had originally come from. “Well, I guess we won’t be able to leave today. We should probably go back and wait until somebody comes to explain to us. I wouldn’t want to run around outside while I don’t know if I’m going to overstep any bounds again.”

Duan Ming nodded, feeling that this was sensible. Thus, they finally left under the watchful eyes of the guard and the heavenly official.

They kept quiet until they were out of earshot and then, Lan Ling couldn’t help but speak up. “Is hooking up with the dragon king really such a big matter?”

Jing Yi’s face flushed again but what could he say? In any case, this was the excuse that he had used so he would have to live with the fact that it might be brought up in the future. Unfortunately, there was no way for him to change that now.

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