OMF V8C209 The Only Explanation

Naturally, Duan Ming wasn’t happy with just that explanation. He wanted to ask but Lan Ling already jumped in.

“Duan Ming, don’t be like this! Don’t you trust brother Leng?”

Duan Ming looked at him, feeling exasperated. Trusting somebody was one thing. Trusting them blindly was another. Right now, they hadn’t seen Leng Jin Yu for several years even in their time. In his, it had been over a thousand years that he was now married to somebody from another race. Even though his spouse’s race had an alliance with their people, the dragon king had sounded quite urgent when he told him to leave immediately. No matter what, Duan Ming was alarmed. And he really felt that we should tell somebody about this who would be able to judge the situation better than him.

Next to Lan Ling, Jing Yi’s gaze darted around. He knew that he could solve this situation with just one sentence but he also didn’t know Lan Ling and Duan Ming well enough to know whether they would be able to take the news. After all, it wasn’t every day that you heard that somebody was the reincarnation of their crown prince for his trial in the mortal realm but had somehow ascended and was now being kept alive because of his relationship with the dragon king.

That kind of thing … he had seen too many people be on Jing He’s side before. He just couldn’t trust that they would be on his. But still, an explanation needed to be given. His mind raced and finally, he just blurted out the first thing that he could think of that was still the truth but somehow doubled as an explanation. “I hooked up with the dragon king.”

Everyone turned to him and his face flushed crimson.

Jinde’s brows behind the veil raised and he couldn’t help but inwardly praise this son-in-law of his. To be honest, he really liked this straightforward way of telling people things. It reminded him a bit of himself. Still, this probably wasn’t enough. “You should probably mention as well how the Heavenly Emperor knows about this and isn’t happy about it.”

Duan Ming stared at Jing Yi for a moment before he turned to Jinde, not sure what to say. Still, understanding was slowly dawning on him. From what he knew, the dragon king had always proclaimed his love for the Son of Heaven. He had made it clear that he had intentions to marry him.

His mother had mentioned once or twice that the Heavenly Emperor didn’t seem too thrilled about that idea but it still seemed that things would be going forward in that direction. Now though, he hadn’t heard about things regarding the Son of Heaven for quite some time. And the other day when he had seen Jing Yi and the dragon king together, he had felt that things were a bit odd. So this kind of made sense.

Well, to be honest, he still couldn’t understand. He felt that Jing Yi was completely out of Jing He’s league. He couldn’t understand what the dragon king would find in Jing Yi if he could have Jing He.

But still, even though he couldn’t understand, the proof seemed to be directly in front of his eyes. And, well, this also fit the bill of what Jin Leng Jin Yu’s husband had told him just now.

Even though it might sound a little over-dramatic, the Son of Heaven was the Heavenly Emperor’s only child and the crown prince of their race. Needless to say, his marriage was a serious issue. To have the dragon king cheat on him while they were engaged … that kind of embarrassment would be hard to bear.

Duan Ming could imagine that the Heavenly Emperor would rage when he found out. So maybe when the dragon king contacted Jiang Li it had been because the Heavenly Emperor just found out. And maybe now, he was actually after Jing Yi to get justice for his son. in that case, leaving was the only thing he could do.

Duan Ming sighed and then stepped onto Jing Yi’s other side, motioning for Xian Li and the family of dragons behind them to bring up the rear. “If the gods won’t let you out, I’ll try to influence them a bit. I don’t think that what you did was right but I’m sure there were some circumstances.”

Jing Yi nodded but lowered his head, hoping that nobody would look at his expression too closely. “I didn’t know that there … was somebody else.”

Duan Ming sighed, feeling that the dragon king was really too irresponsible. In fact, his impression of him had really gone down. But still, this wasn’t the moment to think about that. Right now, they should get Jing Yi out of here first.

In any case, the Heavenly Emperor was infamous for his irascible temper. Who knew what he would do to some newly ascended deity after something like this came out? And Duan Ming didn’t think that all the blame should be laid at Jing Yi’s feet, especially if he hadn’t known.

The one who should get into trouble was clearly the dragon king. It was just that he realized that this would be difficult for the Heavenly Emperor to do because of the alliance so it was a sure thing that he would go after Jing Yi. To prevent this kind of thing from happening, naturally, having Jing Yi flee for now was the best idea. After the Heavenly Emperor calmed down, they could still try to mend things somehow.

Thus, the group finally made their way over to the gate trying to seem casual as they approached the guards to be let outside.

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