IRL C91 Two People and Two Worlds

While they were clueless, they weren’t about to be discouraged just by that. Ao Jing tried to look at the question from a logical standpoint. These rings were supposed to be a symbol of their story: From the day they had met, to the half the year they had spent on the game, to their first date in the real world today, to the future they would hopefully have together. All that was important to them. Maybe the point that had started it all would be a good starting point for coming up with something for this ring as well?

Ao Jing slightly raised his brows, looking at his husband. “Well, we met in the Immortals’ peach blossom garden. What originally drew me in was your appearance. I still remember the way you turned around to me under those pink peach blossoms.”

Shangguan Yu smiled, feeling that he could agree with that. He also remembered that day very well even though his memory was probably quite a bit different from Ao Jing’s. After all, while that husband of his had more or less fallen in love, he had only felt confused. It probably wasn’t very romantic. Anyway, it was a precious memory and that was what had brought them together. “While I guess that is right, I don’t know if that is something that can be used for design?” He turned to look at Mo Ju An who didn’t really seem to have gotten any inspiration yet.

“Is there anything else that you can think of?” It was a little difficult without knowing more about the story of these two but she also didn’t want to ask too many invasive questions.

Ao Jing tried to come up with something else but he had a hard time. He could think of many things they had done together but as for something that would fit for a piece of jewelry … Well, he’d have to pass.

Shangguan Yu’s expression was thoughtful though. “I don’t know if it’s a good idea but I was thinking … We are two people and …” He paused, not quite sure how to say what he was actually thinking in front of Mo Ju An. In the end, he could only try to talk around the issue. “Sometimes, it seems as if we are from two different worlds that are slowly converging.”

Ao Jing smiled, feeling a little sweet at that description. It definitely rang true. Yes, they had met as characters in a game and then fallen in love with the players behind them. Then, finally, while doing this mission, they had met in the real world, leaving behind their characters and being just themselves. And over time, while these two worlds of the game and of real-life had come closer together, they, as people, had as well and finally even became an item.

Mo Ju An was ecstatic as well. “That is a great idea! In fact, I think we could combine the two of them. My idea would be that we could have one element representing each person and then one that would symbolize the union between the two of you.”

Whether it was Ao Jing or Shangguan Yu, both their lips twitched. Hadn’t they already clarified before that this was not a proposal? Why did she still make it sound as if the two of them would be getting married? Still, while it wasn’t a wedding, it was at least a relationship. That also counted for something, didn’t it? In that case, she wasn’t wrong. It was just that she had a strange way of saying it. Thus, after exchanging another glance, the two of them nodded.

“That sounds like a great idea.”

Mo Ju An was happy with that. “The two of you mentioned colors. What is one that you would associate with each other?”

Ao Jing looked at Shangguan Yu’s character, smiling faintly. The most notable was definitely that violet robe and the three thousand strands of white hair. White would probably look strange though which only left one option. “Violet, I’d say.”

Shangguan Yu looked at him, smiling as well while wondering to himself. His husband’s looks were a bit more simple than his own with long black hair and dark eyes which only left the dark blue robe as the only colorful part of his character. In fact, he had also worn it on that day. “Dark blue.”

Mo Ju An nodded and added a few notes, mumbling to herself. “I think I can work with that. Now, as for the style of the rings … do you have something in mind?”

The two of them were lost again but Shangguan Yu finally raised his brows and gave at least a vague suggestion: “Not too girlish?”

Hearing that, his husband nodded. “Yes, I think it would be good if it could be a bit simple instead of something fancy. Just the three elements that you spoke of and, otherwise, it could just be a plain ring.”

Mo Ju An nodded and then quickly sketched the first draft. “Does this look acceptable? I was thinking of either gold or silver as the material for the ring and then gems in the colors that you specified used as stones that we could embed in it. It’s the simplest way to go for sure.”

The two of them looked at the drawing, their expressions lighting up. The ring was slightly broader, allowing enough space for two small stones and a slightly bigger stone in the middle. It was simple indeed but it was what they had wanted and with having thought about why they wanted this, the ring seemed even more special.

Ao Jing turned to look at Shangguan Yu, giving him a questioning look. “I would be on board with this one.”

Shangguan Yu nodded, reaching over and taking his hand. “As would I.”

Mo Ju An was glad to hear that and got up from her seat. “Give me a moment then. I’ll tell them to make the two rings for you immediately. You can take them with you right after they’re done.”

The two of them nodded and then waited for her to leave.

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